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Les Norton Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

At the start of the episode, we see that Les Norton (Alexander Bertrand) has been locked away in prison. He gets smart with the man in charge almost immediately. Then, Les is put into a cell with an older gentleman named Mousey (Danny Adcock). It appears that they’re going to get along just fine. The others know about Les and the Bowen Lager commercials. It is believed that this will create trouble for him on the inside. Les begins telling Mousey what he is locked up for. We jump back in time. Les gets dressed while being harassed by Lozza (Kate Box). Les leaves and meets up with Chenille (Susan Prior) at her sex pad.

eddie les norton

Les doesn’t want to be used like an object but he cannot say no. He sleeps with her and loses his wallet in the process. Mousey believes that Les was set up by her and arrested for sexual assault. He is forced to explain things a little better. On the way back to his place in the morning, Les was pulled over by a cop. He receives a ticket for the broken windshield and not having his license. His car is impounded as well. At work, Billy Dunne (Hunter Page-Lochard) tries to convince Les to pay the bill. Les believes that the cop was only trying to hit his quota.

les norton emily gold

Les is adamant that he isn’t going to pay the $35 fine. Inside the club, Price (David Wenham) learns from Georgie (Pallavi Sharda) that they do not have any money. They’re in big trouble. She explains that they’re spending more than they’re making. Price doesn’t want to give away his muskets. Georgie lets Les and Billy know that they cannot have drinks anymore. They’re also shutting up shop for a week. Price makes a call and arranges for a race to be rigged. The following day, Les goes to the police station and lets them know that he isn’t going to pay.

les norton series 1 episode 6

Constable Gold (Syd Zygier) shows up and offers to pay it for him. Les turns down her offer in a rude way and that angers her. Mousey agrees with Gold that Les was being a jerk. Price, Billy, and Eddie (Justin Rosniak) arrive at the race track. Billy and Eddie speak about Les’ predicament. Price speaks with the minister (Rhys Muldoon). He gives him a hot tip on the upcoming race. The Minister goes with Ray ‘Thumper’ Burrell (Steve Le Marquand) to place his bet. Georgie learns that Price has been spending more money than he should. She tells him that they might come after his art collection now.

les norton alexander bertrand

He isn’t worried about it. Les and Mousey head out into the yard. They spot Bulldog (JR Laveta). Les learns that he is top dog. Then, Mousey takes Les to his garden. They begin speaking about Mousey’s reason for being in prison. He alludes to the fact that he robbed a mint. He says that they never got the man responsible and never found the money. Soon, Bulldog and his flunkies join them. Bulldog tries to pick a fight with Les and he soon regrets that decision. Bulldog slaps Mousey so Les gives him a proper beating. Back in his cell, Les learns that he is in trouble. Mousey explains that the others will be coming after him now.

actress kate box les norton

The Minister places his bet. Ray is skeptical and does not. Dolores Bognor (Rebel Wilson) shows up and gets flirty with Ray. She tries to convince him that Price is on his way out. She tells Ray that he’ll need to make a choice between her and Price soon enough. The race does not go Price’s way. Everyone who listened to him loses money and this includes the Minister. Eddie and Billy head outside to start the car so Price can get away quickly. Dolores and Arthit (Benhur Helwend) run into Price and Georgie. Georgie heads on without Price. Dolores shows Price that she won a lot of money on the race. He tells Dolores that he isn’t going to be nice to her next time. He says that he will be old school gangster when he sees her next.

les norton prison mousey

Georgie finds Eddie and Billy struggling to get the car started. Eddie confesses that he never planned to tell Price about the keys. Arthit and Dolores celebrate with a drink. Dolores tells him that she doesn’t want to kill Price. She wants to become him and watch him suffer all the while. Price is dropped off at home. Georgie tells the others that he is in trouble. Les manages to get in touch with Eddie in hopes he can get him released. Price’s wife Chenille speaks with him about old times. She says that Price used to be a bad boy but not anymore. Les tells Mousey that he is sorry if he screwed things up for him.

chenille les norton episode 6

Mousey gives Les a piece of paper before Les is escorted out by a screw. He is taken to the warden’s office. Eddie is there and Les is released a short time later. Eddie tells Les all about Mousey. He learns that Mousey was telling the truth about the robbery. Les returns home and convinces Lozza to take him for a drive. Mousey gave him a map so he is trying to track down the hidden money. Lozza is skeptical but they eventually make their way to the Central Coast Human Actualization Centre. The map suggests that the loot is buried in the cellar. Les goes inside and is confronted by Guru Daniel (Nico Cortez). The group looks like a cult of sorts.

les norton guru daniel episode 6

Daniel agrees to let Les go down into the crypt. Les agrees to get changed into the purple outfit he is given. He gets nude and changes clothes. He holds Daniel’s hand as they head through the nearby door. One of the others identifies Les from the commercial. Lozza begins laughing as Les emerges with a little box. He tells Lozza that it is not a meditation center. It is a sex cult. Lozza decides to stay and experience the cult for herself. Emily goes through paperwork and finds a document regarding a Rolls Royce. She makes and takes a copy of it. Eddie begins interrogating someone about Dolores Bognor.

the minister les norton episode 6

Emily visits Georgie. She asks her about the Rolls Royce. Emily gives her the paper and tells her that she can take care of things for her in the future too. Ray pays another visit to Dolores while Les tries to break into the box. He hurts himself but Lozza suggests getting an angle grinder. Price finds out that Georgie is getting an evaluation on the muskets. Price doesn’t seem to care. He tells her to sell the bloody lot because they do not work anyway. He pulls out the brass knuckles and kids another. Eddie opens the box for Les. Billy says it is somewhat money.

Les went through everything for nothing. Billy tells him to cheer up. It’ll make a good chapter in his book later. Price enters and spots the money. The antique collector seems interested in it too. Back at home, Les tells Lozza that the boss bought it all for 300 big ones and he got to keep his 35 bucks. Lozza asks for her cut. He tells her that she got a robe out of it. Les is wearing his too.

Les Norton Review

I love Les Norton. I find the show to be very humorous. All of the characters are interesting. This episode was very funny. There were plenty of twists and turns to keep things interesting. It might not be the most realistic show out there but it is charming in its own right. Despite the craziness of it all, Les Norton is fairly relatable and that makes the show very easy to like. I would recommend it to anyone. This episode scores a solid 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Les Norton right now!

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Les Norton Season 1 Episode 6 Recap


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