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Harrow Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

As the episode begins, Daniel Harrow (Ioan Grudd) digs up the grave. Francis Chester (Grant Bowler) sneaks up behind him and injects him with drugs. After the intro, we are introduced to Nenet Botro (Maha Wilson) and Ufa Sabry (Simon Elrahi). The mining magnate Howard Hobson (Robin Royce Queree) has helped the Egyptian government get their mummy back. Clayton Pike (John Batchelor) is Hobson’s lawyer. He believes that Hobson was happy to help. The authorities find out that the body has titanium hip joints. It can’t be an ancient’s body.

damien garvey harrow

The body arrives at the morgue where Bryan (Damien Garvey), Lyle (Darren Gilshenan), and Grace (Jolene Anderson) wait for it. Bryan identifies the body. He tells Maxine (Robyn Malcolm) and the others about Howard and his wealth. Lyle begins rattling off facts about the Egyptians. He seems repulsed when he is told he sounds like Daniel. Ufa is from the Egyptian Office of Antiquities and he is eager to find out where the real body is. Nenet is his translator. They’ve been helping Hobson prepare his Egyptian collection for transport. Bryan asks about Harrow.

clayton pike harrow s02e08

We see that Harrow has been buried alive. Chester left a cellphone with him. The phone is locked and cannot call out or send messages. Chester is using it to toy with him. Bryan tries to get Maxine to tell him why he suspended Harrow. She won’t. Edwina Gharam (Faustina Agolley) enters. It appears she will be taking Simon’s place. Grace speaks with Lyle about Harrow. She admits to sleeping with him once. She calls says he is irritating. Lyle tells her about the suspension. Edwina is introduced to Grace a few seconds later. Harrow receives a call from Francis.

harrow season 2 episode 8 recap

He lets Daniel know that he is in big trouble. Francis is confident that Daniel will die before he is ever found. Francis confesses that he took care of Simon after he found out the truth. Lyle and Edwina speak about leaving Euralla. Edwina makes a comment about something going wrong for Grace in Euralla. She seems a little too noisy. The work begins. They believe that Howard might have been alive when he was wrapped up and put in the coffin. All three agree that foul play is involved. Lyle explains that Howard would have died quicker if he was panicking and did not conserve oxygen.

harrow s02e08 edwina grace lyle

Daniel gets another call from Francis. Francis tells him to sit back and enjoy the movies. Daniel is shown a live video of Fern being released from jail. She meets up with Callan (Hunter Page-Lochard). Jill McCloud (Tasneem Roc) keeps a close eye on Fern. Stephanie (Anna Lise Phillips) arrives and gets Fern before she can get into trouble. At home, Fern tries to convince her mother that Daniel was right. Stephanie says that Daniel is wrong about people but right about many other things. Meanwhile, Grace the others chat about Howard’s wealth and mistresses. Strangulation is quickly ruled out. They discover that something is wrong with Howard’s tongue. He must have been dehydrated.

nenet harrow season 2

They flip the body over and discover cuts all over his back. Grace goes to the house with Bryan. Grace is introduced to Clayton. He has given the department his will. Nenet says that Clayton is stalling. She wants things moved along quickly. Grace and Bryan discover that Howard was into bondage and BDSM type stuff. They find an 18th century wheat threshing sled in his bed. He obviously used it for sexual gratification. Grace calls Lyle to find out about the blood testing. Edwina annoys everyone for a little bit before Grace gets her answer. The blood contained HS troponin. Grace asks if Sildenafil was found in the blood. Lyle says there was a lot in there. It just happens to be Viagra.

fern francis chester harrow season 2

Grace tells Bryan that he had more than 4 times the recommended maximum in his body. They believe he was preparing for kinky sex before he died. Next, they interview the wife and ex-wife. Isabella (Allison Cratchley) admits that Alice (Tina Bursill) visited and she wouldn’t let her in. She says she was shocked by her husband’s death. They don’t sleep in the same room or have sex. She says she only gets half of Howard’s estate. Next, Alice is interviewed. She claims she did not know about her receiving the second half of the estate.

darren gilshenan harrow

After the interviews, Grace tells Bryan that she doesn’t understand why either woman would want to hide Hobson’s death. Then, they discuss the reason behind Harrow’s suspension. Bryan takes up for Maxine. Grace tries to call Daniel. Fern meets up with Callan. Callan admits he wants a normal life. He also tells Fern that he needs her too. She refuses to go to with Callan to his uncle’s place. Francis continues taunting Daniel. He is stalking Fern. Next, Fern speaks with Bryan. She tells him about her dad’s theory. Bryan doesn’t tell her about Francis. Fern tells him that he needs to make a decision. He returns to the office and looks through the evidence photos again.

edwina harrow s02e08

He tries to call Laurie (Geoff Morrell). Rhonda (Neveen Hanna) answers and covers for Laurie who is drunk. Nenet and Ufa speak with Maxine and Lyle. It is important to get the artifacts to Egypt with the elections coming. Grace wants to hold onto the body a bit longer. She isn’t sure why just yet. She consults with Edwina about it. Grace isn’t sure one of the wives did it. She finds something new. Howard left behind a message on the coffin. It says “WIL”. Lipstick is found on his lips too. Grace believes it belongs to Nenet. She is interviewed. Nenet admits she convinced Howard to give his fortune to the Youth for Democracy Movement. She is sick of the way the Egyptians treat women.

darren gilshenan harrow s02e08

Some of the money was set to go to Howard’s grandson. Nenet says she rewarded him after he signed the will. Once Howard was dead, she left. She didn’t put him in the casket. Clayton did. Clayton admits he hid the body so they wouldn’t see what Howard was doing. He also didn’t want Nenet to get away with it. Clayton didn’t want Isabella to be left penniless either. He loved her. She doesn’t care for him though. Daniel uses his watch to try to cut through the wood. He receives another call from Francis. Francis wonders why he became a killer in the first place. He believes the wiring was changed by circumstance. Daniel gets another video. Francis lures Fern to Daniel’s boat.

tina bursill harrow

He goes after her but she gets away. Grace is forced to speak with Will Hobson (Fraser Anderson) about Howard’s death. She does poorly. Edwina steps in and helps. Bryan calls the deputy corner Doug and learns about Daniel’s attempt to get Francis exhumed. Grace tells Edwina what went wrong in her past. She had a young patient and worked on his brain tumor. She saved him but left him with brain damage. He suggests it would have been better to give the boy the 3 months with his family instead of operating on him. After the surgery, Christopher lost speech, movement, and couldn’t feed himself. She tries calling Daniel again. Meanwhile, Daniel is getting weaker and the phone’s battery is getting low.

Daniel does it. The coffin crashes through. Fern makes it back to her mother. Stephanie is adamant that they need to tell Nichols. Fern has Daniel’s computer. Bryan arrives at the cemetery. Daniel wakes up with Nichols above him. Fern finds a picture of Francis. She recognizes him. She calls Callan and sends him a photo of Francis. Chester shows up at work. He asks Callan what is wrong. Callan checks the picture while Chester cleans a knife. Chester goes after him. Callan makes it outside but gets run over by a motorcycle.

Harrow Review

I’ve said it many times, Harrow has plenty of flaws. Still, it can be pretty entertaining from time to time. This episode was good. I enjoyed the back and forth between Daniel and Francis. I wish the show would focus on that more. If they did though, they probably wouldn’t be getting 10 episodes a season. Callan is in big trouble but I don’t think he’ll die. I hope they do not try to replace Simon with Edwina. I can’t get into that character at all.

She comes off as arrogant and the actress looks bored with the role. Other than that, everything was pretty interesting. The episode scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Harrow before you go!

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Harrow Season 2 Episode 8 Recap


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