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Jamestown Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

As the episode begins, James Read (Matt Stokoe) and Verity (Niamh Walsh) continue their journey. They discover Jocelyn (Naomi Battrick) on land. Jocelyn has been hit with an arrow. James begins tending to her wound right away. He is forced to cut the arrow out with a knife. Jocelyn screams in agony all the while. Henry Sharrow (Max Beesley) spots Jack the Feather in the woods. He tells Yeardley (Jason Flemyng) and the others. They try to obtain answers from Chacrow (Kalani Queypo). They want to know why the Indian was dressed for war. Chacrow tells them that he was likely trying to seek revenge for an Indian woman being killed.

jamestown s03e07 chacrow

Henry wants Jack to visit him. Chacrow becomes angry. He believes that Henry doesn’t trust him. Christopher (Ben Starr) speaks with Crabtree. He gives him a medicine of sorts and a spoon. The governor enters and interrupts their conversation. Crabtree wonders why the governor hasn’t gone after Jocelyn and the others. Redwick (Steven Waddington) enters and threatens Crabtree with rats. Pedro (Abubakar Salim) returns to Jocelyn and the others. It is revealed that a white man shot arrows at them. He got away. Maria (Abiola Ogunbiyi) continues to haunt Yeardley during his sleep. James wants to take everyone back home. Jocelyn and the others convince him otherwise.

matt stokoe jamestown season 3

Mercy (Patsy Ferran) uses an old folk tale to determine whether or not she is pregnant. In the morning, she goes looking for Pepper (Luke Roskell). Winganuske (Rachel Colwell) explains that he is gone. When Mercy leaves, she is stalked by the Indian in feathers. Pepper chases him down and puts a bullet in him. Henry and Silas (Stuart Martin) arrive. James wants to make sure that Pedro isn’t going to murder the mariners. Verity speaks with Jocelyn about James Read. They both agree that he loves Jocelyn. However, Jocelyn isn’t willing to accept it just yet. Temperance (Claire Cox) joins Maria in messing with George’s mind while he sleeps. Temperance believes they can convince him to step down as governor.

jocelyn shot jamestown

Pedro tells everyone that he doesn’t know how he will behave when he finds the mariners. Redwick and George discover that the rats are dead. George’s paranoia worsens. James and Pedro sneak into the cave. They watch as the men work. Pedro does not spot any of them. Chacrow is forced to make a decision regarding the dead Indian. Silas tells him that the Indian didn’t want it known how he died. Otherwise, the others may not believe the myth about the feathers protecting them from bullets. Maria and Temperance continue brainwashing George. Verity wonders if Jocelyn will ever love again. Jocelyn admits she isn’t willing to risk it.

jamestown season 3 episode 7 chacrow kalani queypo

Verity tries to convince her that James Read would be kind to her. Jocelyn thanks Read. They walk together. When they’re in private, she tells James not to fall in love with her. In the morning, Redwick tells the governor that they’re playing games with his mind. James enters the cave and asks for work. One of the men gives him Tam’s hat and tells him that he left ten days ago. He was caught stealing food and was forced to leave. Chacrow buries the Indian despite knowing it could cause him trouble. George believes Christopher gave Crabtree poison and his wife sleeping medicine. Christopher denies everything. James and the others head to the location where the mariners might be. Meanwhile, two of them arrive in Jamestown.

Maria watches as they meet with the governor. During this time, Meredith (Dean Lennox Kelly) becomes concerned for his wife. George gives the mariner a pass that will get him to England. They spot Maria. George wants her taken care of. The mariner goes after her. James and Pedro approach a cabin. They find dead bodies inside. Henry kills the mariner before he can harm Maria. The cabin contained items belonging to the mariners, but they’re already gone. The dead mariner is returned to Jamestown. The governor pretends he knows nothing about it. Henry speaks with Meredith. He tells him that he should stop worrying about himself and do something for Verity.

Jocelyn becomes suspicious that the mariners are still alive. A shot rings out. The gang is pinned down. James Read goes after the gunman. He becomes enraged that he is shooting at Jocelyn. He stabs and kills the mariner. Crabtree has escaped. George and Redwick are not happy. Mercy tells Pepper that they’re going to be parents. They celebrate together. James takes the crew back towards Jamestown. Along the way, James and Jocelyn speak about their feelings for one another.

Jamestown Review

This was likely the best episode of Jamestown in a very long time. This season has been great, but this episode definitely stands out. It was intense with James, Verity, Jocelyn, and Pedro going after the mariners. Back in Jamestown, George was being brainwashed. That was very interesting. Sadly, it seems that he has come to his sense. That is too bad. I can’t wait for George to get what is coming to him. He makes a great villain.

Now, we have Chacrow. What will happen when the Pamunkey and other Indians attack Jamestown? I am very eager to find out. The episode scores an 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of Jamestown right now.

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Jamestown Season 3 Episode 7 Recap


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