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Vanity Fair Episode 5 Recap

As the episode starts, we see that the battle has already gotten started. George (Charlie Rowe) and William Dobbin (Johnny Flynn) ride towards the battle. William tries to keep the others calm and confident. Jos Sedley (David Fynn) runs through the streets. It is pure chaos around him. Becky Sharp (Olivia Cooke) emerges and learns about the statistics of the battle. Becky is asked about unused horses. She lies and visits her horse a short time later. A young boy enters and learns about the horse. Becky believes the horse will make her a fortune. Jos visits a sick Amelia (Claudia Jessie). Jos encourages her to eat something. Meanwhile, Becky begins getting offers for her horse.

amelia vanity fair series 1 episode 5

She continues turning people away. The army continues its march towards battle. Something is heard in the distance. Chaos ensues as the French race towards them. Dobbin’s friend is struck down in action. Becky negotiates. She sends an older woman distraught running from the motel. Rawdon (Tom Bateman) waits in the rain as the army complains about the status of the battle. William and George chat about the French on the other side of the battlefield. Becky meets with Joseph. He tells her that he needs horses. Her words convince Jos to shave and change his wardrobe. Becky tells Jos about her horses. She walks away with a big bundle of money and Jos gets the horses.

vanity fair episode 5 becky

Jos tells Amelia about his decision to flee. He encourages her to flee with him. He is scolded for his cowardice. She refuses to leave without her husband. Some of the soldiers return. Amelia looks for George. The sight of the other soldiers brings her to tears. She learns that George lives. Amelia cares for George and Dobbin’s friend. Becky goes shopping. Jos rides away with his servant. Amelia learns that George and Dobbin are heroes. She is told that the soldiers are waiting for the ground to dry before the battle resumes. George and Dobbin’s regiment prepares for battle. Rawdon watches. The regiment is scattered with cannons. The cannon balls stop and the French approach. Dobbin tries to save one of the fallen.

jos vanity fair episode 5

He manages to bring him back into the regiment. The shots fire. The French begin retreating. Rawdon doesn’t believe they’ll be gone for long. The major is killed in action. Becky packs her belongings. The army prepares to ambush the French. George is shot in the chest. He falls to the ground and the others continue onward. The chaos ends. George’s father looks around. Matilda (Frances de la Tour) receives a gift from Becky. She isn’t impressed but is happy that the Battle of Waterloo has been won. Dobbin checks on Amelia. She is out of it. Dobbin runs into George’s father. George’s father ridicules Dobbin. Then, they chat a little long. Dobbin encourages him to forgive Amelia and care for the child. He doesn’t seem eager to do that. He says that Amelia is dead to him.

vanity fair george

Rawdon and Becky get off of the boat. They care for the baby. Becky wants to return to London. She explains that the money is all gone. Dobbin checks on Amelia in the baby. He has brought toys for the baby. Dobbin tells her that he is going to India with the regiment. Amelia kisses him on the cheek. Becky and Rawdon arrive. Matilda has gotten much worse. Becky admits she doesn’t want to be a mother. She pleads with Matilda to forgive them. Seconds later, the doctor enters and confirms that Matilda is dead. She tells Rawdon that they can move in. He refuses and insists it would cause chaos in the family. Becky manages to find them a place to stay. The family learns about Matilda’s will. Rawdon is given souvenirs and 100 pounds. Sir Pitt Crawley (Martin Clunes) laughs at the gift.

william george vanity fair episode 5

He rubs it in Becky’s face too. Rawdon complains about it outside. Becky insists that they need to remain friends with Rawdon’s brother. Becky comes up with a plan to make money. Dobbin receives a letter from Amelia. She tells him about the baby. He tries to write back but cannot. Instead, he writes to Jane Osborne (Ellie Kendrick) encouraging her to forgive Amelia. She spies on them from a distance. She tells her father about it. She tells him all about little George. She eventually visits them in person. John (Robert Pugh) watches from a distance. Jane asks Amelia to let the boy see his grandfather. She lets him go with them. John speaks with the boy. He tells him who he is. Amelia is given an offer for money in exchange for the boy. She doesn’t want that to happen. She refuses to give up her son to the Osbornes.

vanity fair episode 5 war

Rawdon’s gambling starts. Becky sings and plays piano in the distance. Rawdon is forced to put their son back to bed. A man in a black coat arrives outside. He is let in. Lord Steyne (Anthony Head) speaks with Rawdon and Becky before the episode begins.

Vanity Fair Review

This episode of Vanity Fair was better than some of the previous ones. It was a lot more serious with the war and such. The series is a tad bit predictable. The Amelia, George and Dobbin storyline is very good. It is tough to like the Becky character at all. The series is worth a watch, but it is nowhere near the best thing I’ve watched. This episode was okay. It scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Vanity Fair now!

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Vanity Fair Episode 5 Recap


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