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Strangers Episode 5 Recap

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As the episode begins, Jonah (John Simm) remembers his wedding day. Megan is a late arrival. Megan looks at pictures of David (Antohny Chau-Sang Wong) and Lau (Katie Leung). She wonders if she is doing the right thing. We jump back to Macau. Police arrive at the boatyard. Jonah finally comes around. He is asked about calling the police. The police help him up. The police do not find the body. It has already been moved and the scene has been cleaned. After the intro, Jonah speaks with a detective at the station. He tells the officer about David Chen. Jonah is asked if he has been drinking. It is clear that the officer doesn’t believe him. Jonah is asked why he isn’t dead and why he was allowed to call the police. He tells the officer to find David.

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The boat is leased to Kai (Jason Wong), who did two years in prison. The officer learns about David Chen. Jonah is asked why he was on Kai’s boat. He seems stunned by the question. Mr. Huang is confronted and told that an alleged crime occurred on his son’s rental boat. Kai is asked about Jonah. Kai is reminded that his brother is getting married tomorrow. His father doesn’t want that ruined. Sally arrives and shows the officer emergency travel papers. She wants to take Jonah back to Hong Kong. She escorts him out as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, a worker finds the dead body. Lau returns to her apartment. She finds a bloody towel in the bathroom.

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She wakes up her father and asks him what is going on. A knock at the door disturbs him. David seems concerned. Lau is told to go back to her room. Felix (Thomas Chaanhing) and the other detective are outside. David is shown a picture of the murder victim. David speaks with the men inside. David learns that Jonah named him as a suspect. He denies everything and reminds them that Jonah was sleeping with his wife. Felix tells him to be careful. Once the detectives leave, Lau wants to know more. David promises that it is nothing to worry about. Jonah is checked out at the hospital. Jonah tries to explain things to Sally. She tells him that the investigation could take months, if not years. Jonah wants to track down Kai.

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He admits he doesn’t know what he’ll do when he does find him. Sally tells Jonah to go home before he makes things even worse. Jonah seems willing to accept her advice. Sally calls a number that is no longer in service. She tries to track down Reza. She is asked to leave. Bach speaks with Sally in her office. He wants her to bring in Jonah, because they’ve found a body. Jonah works to track down Kai. He eventually gets an address. He finds out that the address belongs to Kai’s father Choi. Jonah learns about the wedding. Sally calls him moments later. He learns that the police are looking for him. Jonah gets a suit and prepares to attend the wedding. In a flashback, Megan finally arrives for her own wedding. She tells Jonah that she is alright and wants to go through with the wedding.

kai strangers episode 5

Jonah finally spots Kai. Jonah follows him. In a flashback, we see Jonah gives a speech at his wedding. Jonah stalks Kai during the wedding. He follows Kai into the bathroom. He hides in a stall while Choi speaks with his son. Jonah confronts Kai and accuses him of killing his wife. Kai beats him up a bit. The family discusses everything with Jonah in the kitchen. Before Kai can deny the accusation, he is taken away by police officers. Jonah is arrested as well. Tsui is surprised to see Kai. He calls someone and tells them that they have a problem. Jonah is questioned about the boat incident. He is shown pictures of Reza. Tsui continues denying that Megan was killed. Tsui tries to convince Jonah to claim self-defense.

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He insists that the jury will understand. Sally interrupts and stops the interrogation. He tells Jonah to never talk to anyone without a lawyer. Jonah learns that he is a prisoner and could be charged with murder. Jonah is told he has one phone call. He is given a list of lawyers too. Jonah calls David and encourages him to tell the truth about what happened. David pulls a knife out of the drawer and begins writing. He has a gun nearby too. Lau tracks down Felix and asks him what he did. Felix tells Lau all about the murder. He tells her that Jonah is throwing around accusations about David. David goes to the police station with the gun in a plastic bag. He is put into cuffs. Lau returns home to a letter from her father.

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Arthur receives a call requesting to meet. David is locked up with Jonah. David explains he gave Kai the hard drive, because he wanted to know if he killed Megan due to him. He explains that frightening Kai with the evidence was the only way to get him to talk. Kai asked to meet at the boat. It was too late. Kai forced David to clean up the scene. David told Tsui that Jonah had nothing to do with it. David is being charged with accessory to murder. He promises that he would never have hurt Megan. Jonah wants to know what Kai said. David says that Kai was paid to kill her. Tsui speaks with Kai alone. Tsui reminds him that killing Reza wasn’t a part of the plan.

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Kai laughs before being confronted with the evidence. Tsui admits he cannot cover this one up. Kai is told to confess and keep his mouth shut about Ben Torres and Megan Harris. If he does that, he will be looked after. The detectives are allowed in and they’re told that Kai is ready to confess. Sally meets with Arthur. She tells him about Reza. Sally admits that Reza’s death is a setback. Arthur claims it is over and was over the moment that Megan was killed. Sally promises to clean up her mess.

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Strangers Review

Strangers isn’t the best thing I’ve ever watched. It isn’t totally horrible either. It is really just mediocre. Nevertheless, I still find myself intrigued and eager to find out what actually happened. The acting isn’t bad at all. John Simm, Katie Leung, Anthony Wong and the rest of the cast are really good. The episode was fairly decent. It was fun to see Jonah become the suspect in a murder. The flashback scenes were moderately entertaining as well.

I cannot put my finger on it, but something keeps me coming back. The episode scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Strangers now!

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Strangers Episode 5 Recap


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