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Strangers Episode 3 Recap

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As the episode begins, Jonah (John Simm) speaks with Megan (Dervla Kirwan) over Skype. Megan shows off her dwelling. In the present, Jonah stares at the North Lights World Tour poster on Megan’s wall. After the intro, Jonah hears someone outside. David (Anthony Chau-Sang Wong) surprises him. Jonah admits Megan used to call him from this building. He also tells David that police manipulated the voicemail. David tells him all about his conversation with the pathologist. He reveals that Megan was shot in the heart. David is shown the American passports. Jonah wonders what Megan could have been running from. Jonah asks David why there wasn’t a passport for him.

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David tries to gain access to Megan’s computer. He tells Jonah not to accuse him again. Felix Chong (Thomas Chaanhing) goes through paperwork. He speaks with Daniel Tsui (Tom Wu). Felix says that he heard Chow found something. He explains that the garbage truck that hit Megan wasn’t on its usual route. Felix reveals that David was his partner and Megan was his friend. He explains that he owes this to them. Tsui reminds Felix of the damage David did to the department. He insists that they owe him nothing. Tsui remains adamant that Megan died in the crash. David and Jonah cannot get into the computer. David wonders how many more secrets will be revealed.

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The computer password is finally cracked. They look at pictures uploaded from Megan’s phone. A photo half an hour before the crash shows the rubbish truck behind Megan’s vehicle. A banner on the vehicle says Sha Tin Refuse Depot. They agree to search for the truck. Jonah decides to sleep at the restaurant. Faraz Reza (Ryan McKen) is given orders to speak with a woman and find out what she knows. He is sent a picture of Sally Porter (Emilia Fox). Lau Chen (Katie Leung) returns home. David tells her about the two passports. David denies knowing anything about Megan’s intentions. Lau insists her mother knew something was going to happen. Lau seems suspicious of her father. Jonah tries to sleep.

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He continues thinking about the poster on the wall. He takes it down and throws it to the ground. Michael Cohen (Anthony Hayes) meets with Sally. Michael explains he just wants to know what is going on. He shows her a picture of Ben and Megan Harris. Michael doesn’t believe Ben killed himself. Sally doesn’t recall Ben mentioning Megan. Sally tells Michael about Megan’s body going missing. Michael admits that Ben sold him information from time to time. Sally gives Michael her number and leaves in a hurry. Faraz begins following Sally. She notices him and tries to avoid him. He eventually grabs her. Faraz asks for her help. He suggests that she can get him to England. He explains that he knows about Ben. He gives her a location and time for their next meeting. Jonah returns to the hotel.

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He receives a message. Then, Jonah meets with Arthur Bach (Tim McInnerny). Bach tells him about the local police corruption. He tells Jonah to go to someone higher up who can do something about it. He encourages Jonah to speak out and tell people what happened. The XO candidate has dropped out. He tells his friend that he is too old for this. Jonah visits David. David admits he found out where the truck came from. They go on the hunt right away. They find the truck that has been smashed. A worker begins screaming at them. The manager confirms that the truck was in an accident. Jonah begins having stomach pains. He requests to use the bathroom. He uses the stunt to sneak into the offices. He steals the security footage hard drive.

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David gives the manager money. The manager gives it back and insists the truck was never there. Jonah returns and the couple leaves in a hurry. Jonah tells David about the hard drive. Michael visits his daughter. He speaks with his ex about giving their daughter fast food. They speak about custody of their daughter. Meanwhile, Lau meets with Becky (Kae Alexander). Becky asks Lau to join her in the protest. When Lau steps away, Becky gets a call. It is a picture of herself kidding Lau. She is told to keep the phone. Becky says nothing to Lau about the message. David and Jonah watch the security footage. They spot the truck in the building on the day of the incident. A man walks nearby it.

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Jonah suggests going to the consulate. Instead, David takes the information to Felix. Jonah joins them. Felix is shown a picture of the man. Felix tells them that the man is Kai Haung (Jason Wong). He is low level in the Yee Wo Xing. Jonah learns that the Yee Wo Xing is bad news. Felix suggests that Kai isn’t someone you’d want to find. Felix asks David if Jonah has no idea. Kai enjoys a little gambling. An older man harasses him. Kai repays the man, but he is still not impressed. Michael returns home with his daughter. He asks his ex about Megan Harris. She promises that she hadn’t seen her for years. She refuses to make contact with Megan’s friends. She explains that she did ask about Ben. He was working with the Triads. She tells Michael to be careful.

Becky and Lau prepare to cause some trouble. They hang up the poster in protest. Then, they make out a little more. David promises to call Jonah when he hears from Felix. Jonah offers to buy him a drank. David accepts the offer. Becky and Lau take their relationship one step further. They speak about Lau’s father. Becky gets another text message. She is told to do what they want or she’ll go back to jail. Becky prepares to tell Lau, but someone knocks at the door and interrupts. It is Robin Liu a solicitor. Robin explains he has something from Megan. Jonah tries to get David to chat with him. David admits he has never been a talker. They speak about Megan and their relationships with her.

Several off-duty cops harass David. He decides to leave. Jonah is told that they were calling David a traitor. Jonah calls Sally and explains that he has figured everything out. Jonah finds out that David was corrupt and involved with the Triads. He tells Sally that Megan might have neem afraid of David.

Strangers Review

This episode of Strangers was pretty good. The story is definitely starting to pick up. However, it feels like we’re getting the runaround a little bit. After all, the show is like 8 episodes long. There is a good chance that we’re going to be led astray before we get to the truth of the matter. Is the show perfect? Not even close. Still, I don’t mind it too much. The acting is pretty good and there is plenty going on to keep me intrigued.

This episode scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of White Dragon or Strangers right now!

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Strangers Episode 3 Recap


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