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Wentworth Season 6 Episode 10 Recap

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As the 10th episode begins, Vera, Will and Jake meet in the elevator. Vera wants to put last night behind her. However, Jake is worried about the gloves found in Vera’s house. When Jake leaves, Vera admits she cannot get the image out of her head. Liz continues seeing Cherry being beaten. Marie approaches her and asks her what the problem is. Liz tells her about the beating and the attacker saying her name. Marie (Susie Porter) tells Drago about the witness. She refuses to tell her who the witness is. Outside, Kaz asks Boomer if she was responsible for the attack.

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Boomer denies everything. Liz asks Boomer what the conversation was about. Marie gets drugs from her smuggler. Then, she speaks with Liz. Marie tries to convince Liz that she is mistaken. Liz explains that she is sick and doesn’t know what happened. Liz spots Boomer and begins to believe that she could be responsible. Rita (Leah Purcell) asks Miles about Cherry. She learns that Cherry probably won’t walk again. Then, she gets a visit from Ray. He has been beaten by the Butchers. He wants an explanation. Ray is no longer happy with the idea of marrying Rita.

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Liz is now awkward around Boomer. Boomer receives a visitor. Ruby spots Rita crying. She tries to comfort her. Liz continues seeing the attack throughout the night. She seems convinced that Boomer was indeed responsible. Vera locks up her house. She receives a text message while in bed. The message explains that the sender knows what she did. In the morning, she shows the message to Jake and Will. They all freak out. Vera insists that they need to wait and see what the sender believes they know.

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Will (Robbie Magasiva) asks Kaz who she told. Jake (Bernard Curry) asks Allie (Kate Jenkinson). Boomer speaks with Michael Armstrong, who represented Sonia. He explains that Sonia asked him what he could do about Boomer’s sentence. He believes that he can help and Sonia has already paid for his services. Marie watches Liz and Kaz as they get food. When Kaz steps away, Marie again offers Liz help. Drago knows that Liz is the witness. Marie tells her to stay away from Liz. Boomer enters and tells everyone about her potential future and Sonia. She tells Kaz that she was wrong about Sonia.

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Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) criticizes Kaz’s status as top dog too. Liz sees herself attacking Cherry now. Kaz follows her back to her cell. She finally tells Kaz about being there when Cherry was bashed. She admits she doesn’t know what she saw or heard. However, she thinks it might have been Boomer. Ruby (Rarriwuy Hick) gets a visit from a woman. Allie watches from a distance. Ruby tells her about Marie’s son being killed. Ruby’s friend insists she’ll tell the police about the rape. She is told that Marie could have her killed. Allie confronts Ruby afterwards. Ruby promises that she is just a mate.

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Vera continues getting more messages. The sender wants big money to stay silent. She tells the others. She doesn’t believe that they’ll stop even if they can pay up. Jake believes that Vera can sort it out since she has money. Marie’s smuggler friend is obviously high at work. Kaz (Tammy Macintosh) confronts Boomer about Cherry’s attack. She believes that Boomer could be lying. The smuggler gets ill and is forced into medical. Will tells Vera that they’ve gotten a lead and should toss Boomer’s cell. Her cell is searched and the weapon is found. Marie watches as Boomer is escorted out. Liz (Celia Ireland) begins seeing Drago in her memories now.

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Liz confronts Marie and wants to know the truth. Marie insists she is confused again. Drago admits that she framed Boomer. Marie isn’t happy. Drago (Natalia Novikova) explains that she would do anything for Marie. She professes her love for Marie. Marie tells her not to touch Liz. Drago doesn’t listen to that order. Liz visits Boomer in isolation. She gives her some treats. Boomer admits she thought she was getting out. Liz believes that she still can. She suggests she can tell the screws the truth.

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Kaz speaks with the smuggler. She tries to get her to reveal the location of the drugs. Kaz gets nothing. Drago finds Liz in the shower. Before Drago can kill her, Marie enters and stops her. Drago threatens Liz and leaves. Maire and Liz speak alone. Jake and Will chat about their next move. Jake believes that Vera should pay up. Kaz speaks with Liz. Liz insists that it wasn’t Boomer. She denies knowing anything this time. Kaz gives her advice about writing notes to herself. Will interrupts. Will tells Kaz that the smuggler had rat poison in her system.

Allie visits Marie. She tells her that Taylor is okay. Allie finds the drugs. She returns the pictures. She notices the girl that visited Ruby in a picture on Marie’s wall. When Allie leaves, Marie goes back to the drugs. Ruby and Allie chat about Boomer. Allie tells Ruby about the picture of the girl. Allie admits that she told Marie nothing. Ruby pleads with her not to tell Marie. Allie promises not to. Marie visits Liz’s cell. She gives her the syringe with heroin. She tells her that she can shoot it all at once and not wake up. She tells Liz that she should choose how it all ends.

Liz asks her to show her how to do it. Later that night, Liz contemplates her future in her cell. She tries to shoot the heroin, but is stopped by Kaz. Kaz tries to talk her out of it. Liz agrees to let her get rid of it. Kaz overhears Marie and Drago talk about it. Kaz confronts Taylor again. Kaz gets the information she needs. She visits Marie’s cell. She finds the drugs and swaps them out. Jake bombards Will with questions. He continues to insist that Vera needs to pay. Will headbutts him and drives off. Jake visits Vera.

He admits he doesn’t know why he came there. He explains that he doesn’t want to go to prison. He suggests that Vera might need someone someday. She doesn’t believe so. Vera says that she doesn’t know what to do. Jake has an idea. They believe that Channing might be responsible. Ruby speaks with Rita. She tells Rita about her visitor. She believes that Allie bought her lie. Marie gets ill on the drugs. The panic button is pushed and Rita performs CPR. Kaz tells Liz that someone likely overdosed.

Wentworth Review

This season of Wentworth has been mostly disappointing. This episode was somewhat better. The series follows the old one very well since it is a major tease. We always get these near brutal killings and they never happen. Marie stopped Liz from being shanked. Boomer nearly gets out and is slotted for Cherry’s assault. Still, the episode wasn’t horrible. It was just okay.

I still feel that Kaz isn’t great as top dog. The Rita and Ruby storylines don’t interest me either. Marie is far too weak when compared to the old one. It was a slight improvement over the rest of the season though. A 6.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Wentworth now.

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Wentworth Season 6 Episode 10 Recap


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