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Harrow Series 1 Episode 8 Recap

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As the episode begins, we see someone rowing on the river. The woman notices a dead body nearby. After the intro, Daniel (Ioan Gruffudd) wakes up. He looks at pictures of his family. When Daniel heads to work, he finds Maxine (Robyn Malcolm) performing an autopsy. Daniel is surprised. Before too long. Fairly (Darren Gilshenan) enters and argues with Maxine. We learn that Fairly has already tried to get Maxine’s job. Bryan (Damien Garvey) tries to get in touch with Maxine, but she doesn’t answer. Then, he learns about Quinn’s car. One of the front tires was brand new, but the other one is worn out. Jesse (Uli Latukefu) finds Steph (Anna Lise Phillips) on the computer. They get into an argument and Jesse leaves. Next, Daniel meets with Soroya (Mirrah Foulkes). He learns about the dead high school student. 17-year-old Rhys Weir was a member of the rowing team.

stephanie harrow episode 8The boy has been dead for five hours or so. They speak with the woman in charge. She tells them that Rhys recently lost the school a rowing competition. She also shows them his Instagram activity. Rhys was gay. Some of the students weren’t happy with Rhys. Luke Chambers was one of them. The body is taken back to the lab. A CT scan is taken. Simon (Remy Hii) wonders whether it was indeed an accident. They discover that the boy’s throat is swelled up and the windpipe is nearly blocked. Dass and Daniel try to figure out what could cause the allergic reaction. They visit the rowing club and check out the boy’s locker. They find a note saying Leave him alone. A call from Simon reveals that the boy has been drinking a little. They speak with the other rowing boys. They admit that they were drinking. They explain that Rhys was the first one to leave. The boys deny knowing anything about the note.

soroya harrowOutside, Daniel learns that Luke (Jack Stratton-Smith) is indeed angry with Rhys for losing. He admits it could cost him his scholarship. At the office, Fairly asks Daniel about Maxine and the Geneva job. Fairly insists he will get the head job, if anyone does. Simon enters and reveals that Rhys was allergic to semen. He was giving oral sex before his death. They plan on testing the semen for DNA. Next, they speak with Julian (Ben Wood) and Sean (Joe Klocek). They try to get Sean to give his DNA. His father won’t let that happen. A skull is uncovered. Nichols speaks with a mechanic about Quinn (Ditch Davey). The mechanic admits someone hacked into the sidewall with a screwdriver. Nichols learns about the skull. Fairly is put in charge of it. Maxine tells him to keep it from Harrow. Steph finds Quinn’s ring. She notices debt collectors outside. She calls Dass and complains about them. During the visit, Dass finds Quinn’s ring.

harrow stephanieBack at the office, Dass learns that Steph has been under surveillance. She learns that Steph has become a person of interest. She hears the voicemail of Steph threatening him. Daniel learns that Sean’s father is appealing the decision to take Sean’s DNA. All of the boys are refusing to give up samples. Daniel visits Sean and pleads with him to give up his DNA anyway. Soroya runs into Fern (Ella Newton) on Daniel’s boat. Fern learns that they believe Steph killed Quinn. She contacts Daniel and tells him right away. Steph’s home is searched and Nichols questions her. Steph denies everything. When Daniel gets in touch with her, Steph tells him to ask his girlfriend. Daniel chats with Dass and tells her about the police raid. Daniel forces Dass out of his boat. At work, Simon tries to comfort Daniel. Simon reveals he got the DNA markings from the semen. Daniel things it is weird that the boy didn’t have algae on his scalp. They take a cast of the boy’s head and visit the murder scene.

daniel simon harrowThe wound doesn’t match the edge of the step. They find fountain at Sean’s home that perfectly matches the head wound. They speak with Sean. They believe that the two were lovers. They encourage Sean to tell the truth. His dad exits and gets angry with him. Julian knew, because he caught the boys together. Sean admits that it is all true. Julian pushed him and he cracked his skull. Julian tries to attack Sean. Instead, Simon gives him a punch in the stomach. Daniel gets him bailed out of jail. Rhys’s father is allowed to see his son’s body. Daniel encourages Simon to take the night off. He gives him the keys to the Fiat. Steph runs into Dass. Steph doesn’t want to talk with her. Dass tells her to be truthful with the police, because they’re trying to pin it on her. Nichols tells Dass that Steph was in the hospital that day. They’re back to square one. Daniel gets a visit from Dass.

dass harrow episode 8Dass tells him about the alibi. Daniel learns that Quinn’s skull has been found. Nichols tries to visit Maxine. Fairly mentions the Geneva gig. Nichols confronts Maxine about it. She admits she hasn’t made a decision yet. Nichols suggests getting married. Daniel tells Dass about Jack Twine, who saved his life. He tells her that the antique surgeon’s kit was a gift from Jack. Dass tries to look in the kit, but Daniel distracts her. Dass gets up in the middle of the night and thinks about checking it out. She doesn’t open it. Nichols watches a press conference featuring Quinn. Then, he learns that video has been found of the night Quinn’s tires were stabbed. They zoom in on the suspect. It is Fern.

Harrow Review

This episode of Harrow was pretty good. It was interesting from start to finish. Simon is becoming one of the better characters in the show. I wish they would use him more often. Steph has been cleared. Now, it seems that Fern is the primary suspect. I figured that would eventually happen. It seems that Fern and Daniel are somehow involved. The episode scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Harrow now!

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Harrow Series 1 Episode 8 Recap


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