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800 Words Series 3 Episode 6 Recap

As the episode begins, we see that George (Erik Thomson) is becoming tired with his guests. He encourages Woody (Rick Donald) to fix Monty’s roof. Woody isn’t interested. George pulls Shay (Melina Vidler) and Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony) aside. He encourages them to help him get rid of the guests. After the intro, George speaks with Tracey (Emma Leonard) at the school. Tracey has no interest in talking about Woody. She eventually manages to get rid of George. On his way out, he runs into Katie (Anna Jullienne). They come up with a plan to get Woody to speak with Tracy. It involves Poppy (Jessica Redmayne). Monty (Jonny Brugh) tells Siouxsie (Olivia Tennet) and Shay about a client who is afraid a criminal is near her home. He convinces them to check it out.

tracey 800 words series 3 episode 6George speaks with Woody and Poppy. He encourages them to visit the school to get Poppy enrolled. George heads to the office. He tries to write his article, but is interrupted by Sean (Jesse Griffin). Sean reveals that Brenda (Renee Lyons) is pregnant. Big Mac (Peter Elliott) enters and George leaves. At school, Arlo tries to convince Lindsay (Manon Blackman) to return home for a little bit. It is clear that she is jealous of Poppy. George tells Fiona (Michelle Langstone) about his plan to get Tracey and Woody to speak. Tracey speaks with Poppy and Woody. Their conversation is short and mainly about Poppy. Ngahuia (Miriama Smith) and Big Mac speak with George at the boat house. He learns that the local paper will be going digital. Ngahuia will be in charge of the transition for the time being. Back at the office, Zac (Rob Kipa-Williams) and Ike (Alex Tarrant) reveal that their business is going to be involved.

poppy 800 wordsIke promises to get George a computer that will suit him. Zac wants the town to do something to help Woody and Tracey. Shay and Siouxsie check out the client’s house. Tracey is found crying in the school’s bathroom. Lindsay comes up with a plan so she and Arlo can leave George’s house, but stay together. They decide to move in with Big Mac. He likes the idea. George finds Poppy cleaning up at home. She blames herself for the mess. George tells her not to blame herself. Woody takes shelter in George’s bed and he isn’t showing any signs of moving. Monty continues coming up with excuses so he doesn’t have to return home. Instead, Monty wants to cook for George as a thanks. Tom (John Leigh) joins the women at the book club. Katie admits it was her plan to get Wood to speak with Tracey at the school. George gets a call from Arlo. He learns about his decision to stay at Big Mac’s for a little while.

george 800 wordsPoppy tries to cheer up Woody, but he refuses to leave bed. Jan (Bridie Carter) tells him to stop being a wuss. Shay returns home. She tells George and she and Siouxsie are going to move into the woman’s home and mind it for the time being. Bill Jnr (Paul Glover) complains to George about Lindsay moving out. George and Poppy decide to do something about Woody. They force him to go to the book club meeting and speak with Tracey. George manages to get everyone out except for Tracey. Then, he tells them about actually losing love. When he leaves, Woody and Tracey embrace. They both apologize. Sean finally admits he is happy to be having a baby. Everyone learns that Woody and Tracey are back together. Monty and Smiler (David Fane) get sick on the fondue.

monty smiler 800 wordsGeorge has Monty’s vehicle towed, so he’ll finally go home. He tells him that it is tough love. Monty just seems happy to be loved. The following day, George is left alone when Arlo and Shay leave. Poppy and Woody also return to Tracey’s. Bill Jnr and Big Mac immediately start planning a Groomspiel for Woody.

800 Words Review

This episode of 800 Words wasn’t too bad. It was mostly entertaining. The Monty stuff was pretty interesting. It was nice to see Woody and Tracey back together even though it was a little easy. Now, George is going to be living all alone. I suppose they’ll throw him back into another romantic relationship soon enough. The episode scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of 800 Words now!

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800 Words Series 3 Episode 6 Recap


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