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Jamestown Series 2 Episode 7 Recap

As the episode begins, a cross is erected outside of Jamestown. Meredith Rutter (Dean Lennox Kelly) is mesmerized by it. When he stares at it, he hears “Know thyself”. George Yeardley (Jason Flemyng) encourages Pedro (Abubakar Salim) to breed with Maria (Abiola Ogunbiyi). Silas (Stuart Martin) and Henry (Max Beesley) take Massinger’s slaves as repayment. Redwick (Steven Waddington) and Nicholas Farlow (Burn Gorman) warn them against doing so, but they refuse to listen. George encourages Jocelyn (Naomi Battrick) to accept Christopher’s proposal. She flirts with him, until Redwick and Farlow interrupt. George learns about the slaves. He insists that they should leave it for the time being. Back at the farm, Pepper (Luke Roskell) and Alice (Sophie Rundle) learn about the slaves. Pepper insists that they’ll have a better life with the Sharrows.

pedro george jamestownThat night, Maria wakes up Pedro with a kiss. They go outside and have intercourse. In the morning, Jocelyn speaks with Redwick. She makes it clear that she believes she is entitled to Massinger’s land. Christopher (Ben Starr) approaches, so Jocelyn faints. Back at the farm, Henry becomes upset with one of the slaves. He pushes the man to the ground. Alice lashes out at him. Alice makes it clear that she will never forgive Henry. Meanwhile, Temperance (Claire Cox) tells Maria about George’s order. Maria becomes enraged. She stabs Pedro in the stomach and makes a run for it. George quickly orders his men to search for her. Christopher tells Temperance that Pedro will likely die. George tells Henry and Silas to find Maria. He agrees to solve the slave issue afterwards. Farlow finds Verity (Niamh Walsh) hiding food in the forest.

jocelyn jamestown series 2Verity explains that she hoped the offering would convince Maria to give herself up to authorities. Maria watches from a distance. Meredith confronts Temperance in the chapel. He wants to know what the phrase meant. He admits he doesn’t want to know himself. She repeats the same. She tells Meredith to look for answers in God’s book. Christopher visits Jocelyn’s house. Mercy (Patsy Ferran) tries to keep him out. When Christopher gets inside, he discovers that Jocelyn has escaped through the window. Meanwhile, Jocelyn tries to convince Farlow to help her secure the rights to Massinger’s land. She offers him half of the profits. Meredith continues looking through the bible for answers, despite being unable to read. Silas and Henry search for Maria. Henry admits he doesn’t blame Alice for not forgiving him.

henry sharrow jamestownMaria watches as Pepper and Mercy enjoy themselves in the woods. She nearly falls from the tree. Chacrow (Kalani Queypo) tries to save her, but she crashes to the ground anyway. She is taken back to Alice’s place. Alice tells Chacrow that she owes him now. Pedro overhears Farlow and Redwick talking about Maria. He tries to go outside, but can’t stand for long. Temperance shuts the door on him, so nobody sees. Maria tells Alice about her situation. She also learns that Pedro isn’t dead just yet. When Silas returns, Alice makes it clear that she wants to protect Maria. That night, Meredith asks Farlow about the bible. Farlow says “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it?” Meredith seems confused. That night, George asks Temperance, if she told Maria about his order to Pedro. She denies it.

rutter jamestownThen, Farlow visits Jocelyn. He agrees to help. He explains that Massinger’s land was sold to him by the previous governor, without the company knowing. He explains that George would like to buy it from Massinger. If the Virginia Company found out, they would reclaim it all. Henry returns home and learns about Maria. Before he can get to her, she escapes through the window. Temperance tries to smother Pedro with the pillow. Meredith arrives and stops her. He doesn’t catch her in the act. He asks her about what Farlow said. Temperance thanks him for coming to speak with her. She says that they should not set their course by their own terrible wishes. When they leave, Pedro makes his escape. Maria visits Verity at the pub. James Read (Matt Stokoe) arrives. He is instructed to hunt for Pedro. He manages to find him, but runs into Henry. Read continues after a brief chat with Henry.

temperance jamestownPedro is returned to Maria. They agree to turn themselves in. When they attempt to return to town, they run into Henry. He puts them in chains and returns them to town. George agrees to let the Sharrow brothers have the slaves as a reward. Pedro lies and tells George that he and Maria were playing around when he was stabbed. Temperance agrees and admits she was a good distance away. Nevertheless, George decides to punish Maria for running away from her master. Henry tells Alice that it is impossible to live in Jamestown without being corrupted. Maria is branded. Pedro returns the pillow to Temperance and asks her to be good to them. Pepper and Mercy agree to meet again. At the end of the episode, Jocelyn is bullied in the streets for not remarrying. When she returns home, James Read comes to her comfort. She insists that she will not be tamed.

Jamestown Review

This was a pretty good episode of Jamestown. Temperance double crossed George and it nearly led to the death of Pedro. Nevertheless, Temperance managed to hide it with a little help from Pedro and Maria. Nevertheless, George severely punished Maria for running away from Jamestown. Jocelyn has gotten enough ammunition to fight back against George. Will she be able to gain the rights to Massinger’s land? Will she regret teaming up with Nicholas Farlow?

The episode as good. It scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Jamestown now!

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Jamestown Series 2 Episode 7 Recap


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