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800 Words Series 2 Episode 13 Recap

As the episode begins, George (Erik Thomson) starts writing a column about interruptions. George speaks with Fiona (Michelle Langstone) about Jan’s pregnancy. George admits that Jan wants to do everything on her own. The conversation is interrupted when Shay (Melina Vidler) and Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony) enter. Fiona leaves. Meanwhile, Zac (Rob Kipa-Williams) talks himself up at the boat club. He makes it clear that intends to be father for his children, if they are indeed his. Fiona arrives moments later. Robbie (Millen Baird) makes a comment about Fiona having her own kids. She immediately shuts down the party and sends everyone home. In the morning, Arlo gets in touch with Emma (Jamaica Vaughan). He wants to know what she wanted to ask before.

george 800 words series 2Emma asks if it would be okay if they saw other people. She doesn’t elaborate, before the phone call ends. George calls Fiona and asks her to meet with him. Meanwhile, Katie (Anna Jullienne) tells Shay about the artist Dennis. She often paints his paintings. Dennis has gotten himself into a bind and he needs Katie’s help once again. At school, Arlo speaks with Billy (Reon Bell) about Emma. After Lindsay (Manon Blackman) enters, Billy suggests Emma has given Arlo a license to hunt. Fiona and George are interrupted by Woody (Rick Donald). George is forced to listen to Woody’s dilemma with Tracey (Emma Leonard). Woody admits that Tracey spoke about pregnancy and kids. He seems shaken to the core. After George encourages Woody to go surfing, Zac enters and interrupts the conversation.

arlo 800 wordsZac calls Jan (Bridie Carter). He explains that he has rights and wants to have something to do with the kids. After a brief argument between Taylor-Rose (Rachel Nicholls) and Jan, Jan ends the conversation. Shay convinces Katie to help Dennis with the paintings. They begin painting them together. Eventually, Ike (Alex Tarrant) arrives and admits he doesn’t like what Shay is doing. After a brief argument, Ike leaves. Shay continues with the paintings against Ike’s wishes. Fiona visits George again. Tracey interrupts this time. She wants to know where Woody has gone. Arlo enters. George and Fiona’s conversation is abruptly ended again. George tells Tracey about finding out that Laura was pregnant. They eventually discover that Woody left his phone in Arlo’s room. A strange guest arrives at the boat club and takes over the kitchen.

jan 800 wordsFiona agrees to head there right away. Arlo becomes convinced that Emma is trying to test his commitment. He calls her and learns the truth. Emma was with a guy before Arlo. However, they broke up before she visited Weld. Arlo agrees to let her see this other guy. Tracey manages to get in touch with Woody. They agree to have a conversation about pregnancy. Fiona tests the food at the club and admits it is delicious. George arrives and does the same. He immediately realizes that the guest is his brother Terry (Ditch Davey). George isn’t happy to see his brother. Tracey and Woody talk through their differences. George tells Hannah (Cian Elyse White) all about Terry’s problems. She doesn’t seem to mind. George and Terry speak outside. Terry promises to behave and not cause trouble. In return, George agrees to let him use his couch.

george and terry 800 wordsShay meets with Ike. They do not manage to sort out their differences. Instead, it appears that their relationship has been cut short. The locals seem to love Terry. Meanwhile, Terry gives Arlo advice about Emma. He tells him not to call her back. George visits Fiona. She admits that she would like to have kids of her own. George doesn’t have an answer. He just doesn’t know. Hannah and Terry flirt with one another at the boat club. Then, Robbie enters and hauls Terry away. Terry meets with Big Mac (Peter Elliott). Big Mac agrees to allow Terry to run the local restaurant, which recently shut down. At the end of the episode, Shay, Arlo and George share their sorrows together.

800 Words Review

I figured it was just a matter of time before they introduced George’s brother. This episode finally did that. It appears that Terry could be a pretty interesting character. He will likely stir up a lot of trouble for George and the others. Now, George has found himself in a bind with Jan and Fiona. I wish the show would hurry up and tell us who the father is. I am convinced that it isn’t Zac or George. Only time will tell.

The episode wasn’t bad. It scores a 6.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of 800 Words right now!

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800 Words Series 2 Episode 13 Recap


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