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800 Words Series 2 Episode 3 Recap

As the 3rd episode beings, Tracey (Emma Leonard) goes for a stroll. She spots a new billboard outside of the newspaper office. It prominently features a picture of George (Erik Thomson). Meanwhile, George speaks with Shay (Melina Vidler) and Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony) about their plans. Arlo discusses his school exams. Lindsay (Manon Blackman) interrupts, before Shay is reminded of her upcoming meeting with Big Mac and Constable Tom. George heads to the office. He quickly begins compiling potential new stories. Gloria (Jackie van Beek) insists that he focus only on the editorials. Meanwhile, a local road worker dances around, until he falls down an embankment. When he gets back up, he finds a car with a skeleton inside.

tracey 800 words s02e03Constable Tom (John Leigh) speaks with Big Mac (Peter Elliott), Ike and Shay about their prior troubles. He admits the paperwork has been lost, so no charges will be filed. Fiona (Michelle Langstone) receives a call about the vehicle. She informs Tom and both rush to the scene. George follows closely behind. George learns about the vehicle and the body found inside. Monty (Jonny Brugh) and Tom realize that the car belongs to Trina. They pay Billy Jr. (Paul Glover) a visit right away. Meanwhile, George runs the story past Jan (Bridie Carter). She too believes it would make a great story. Gloria interrupts and shuts down the idea. She also tells him all about Trina. George rushes him to speak with Trina’s daughter, Lindsay.

fiona 800 words s02e03Lindsay forces George to tell her the truth. Surprisingly, Lindsay doesn’t seem emotional at all. Billy Jr. arrives moments later with Big Mac by his side. George meets with Big Mac outside and apologizes for telling Lindsay. Big Mac encourages him to shut down the story. Ike (Alex Tarrant) speaks with Shay at Katie’s (Anna Jullienne) art shop. Ike fixes the computer and flirts with Shay. George offers Lindsay support, but she remains emotionless. She also reveals that her mother kept sending her letters from all around the world, despite never leaving Weld. George immediately becomes suspicious. Tom and Gloria begin putting together a story about Trina’s discovery. Tom tells George that Trina disappeared eight years ago on a stormy night. He admits that Bill and Trina often had arguments. Meanwhile, the locals begin spreading rumors about Trina’s death.

lindsay 800 words season 2George tells Gloria and Tom about the post cards. Meanwhile, Katie learns that Shay has rearranged the shop. She has placed some of Katie’s paintings on the walls. Arlo returns home and tries to comfort Lindsay. He too is surprised that she shows no emotions at all. The gossip continues at home. As Woody prepares to leave, Tracey stops him. She wants to make sure that they’re okay. Woody promises that they’re fine. Billy Jr. begins to believe that everyone is out to get him. Later that night, Shay and Arlo try to speak with Lindsay about her mother. She explains that she disappeared many years ago, so she has already considered her gone. In the morning, Lindsay chats about school and her last exams. She admits she is totally ready for party time. George visits Monty with the intention of apologizing to Bill Jr. Monty and Siouxsie (Olivia Tennet) lead him in the right direction.

katie 800 words episode 3George apologizes to Bill. He also learns that Bill was the one that was sending the post cards out to his daughter. He sent them to his plumber buddies online and they posted them from all around the world. They seem to smooth over their relationship during the conversation. Shay receives another visit from Ike. Again, she deflects his advances. After Ike leaves, she asks to use Katie’s place to paint. The request is granted. Katie reminds her that Ike isn’t going to go away easy. In the morning, Woody (Rick Donald) speaks with George about watching two dolphins mate. When George returns home, he finds that Lindsay has thrown a party. Ike arrives, so Shay encourages her father to break up the party. He is unable to do so. Eventually, he has no choice, but to end it. Arlo finds Lindsay preparing for the funeral. He promises that she looks great in her dress. She thanks him for his support.

actress melina vidlerDuring the funeral, George attends a press conference. It is only him and Tom. He learns that the incident was an accident. Tom insists that Trina was returning to Weld when the accident happened. At the funeral, Lindsay finally begins to cry. She is comforted by her father. During the after ceremony, Woody admits he is still in pain, due to his rejection. Katie notices that Shay continues eyeballing Ike. Shay promises that it has been sorted out. Gloria praises George’s piece for the newspaper. Lindsay returns home with the family that night. When they return home, George is introduced to Daniel Cooper (James Dyke), Shay’s boyfriend.

800 Words Review

This episode was 800 Words as lighthearted and fun. The emotions were definitely lacking for an episode about death. Nevertheless, this is a frequent trend with 800 Words. It never takes itself too serious. At the end, we were given a cliffhanger. Is Daniel really Shay’s boyfriend? Or, is she attempting to keep Ike at bay? The episode was entertaining enough. It scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of 800 Words now!

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800 Words Series 2 Episode 3 Recap


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