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Newton’s Law Series 1 Episode 1 Recap

As the series begins, we see a young mother in her home. She is watching television and feeding her toddler. She looks outside of her window and sees a man fall from the rooftop’s edge. After the intro, Josephine Newton (Claudia Karvan) and Helena (Georgina Naidu) arrive at their law firm. They’re in a hurry, because they’re nearly late for their upcoming case. Patty (Kay Keighery) arrives on her scooter. Patty is ignored. Johnny (Sean Keenan) helps Josephine into her car, before they rush off towards the courthouse. Once they arrive, the women greet Ian Ludlow (Brian Nankervis). They begin discussing their current client, Nikos (Jason Agius). The man has been accused of setting fire to his workplace. They do not believe that arson fits Nikos’ MO.

newtons law episode 1 recapInside, Josephine runs into Lewis (Toby Schmitz). Lewis reveals that his firm is opposing. In the courtroom, things quickly go awry. Ian isn’t helpful in the least. Nikos is not given bail and is forced to return to jail. He makes a run for it. Everyone rushes outside to see Nikos fleeing on a bicycle. Then, Lewis invites Josephine to join his current law firm. She isn’t interested. Instead, he offers her out for a drink. Then, the girls return to their law office. Before they can step through the door, a bomb explodes. Everyone is fine, but the law office is ruined. Josephine returns home and shares a drink with her friend. Then, Josephine gives her a daughter a ride. After a run in with her ex, Josephine meets up with Lewis at The Oasis on King Street. A young woman in the background constantly looks in Josephine’s direction.

newton's law episode 1 recapLewis continues urging Josephine to join the law firm. The following day, she meets up with Johnny and Helena. She tells them that she has gotten them jobs elsewhere. She insists she has no choice, but to join Lewis. Josephine makes it clear that she intends to keep her current car. After arriving, Josephine gets into the elevator with the young woman once again. She isn’t friendly in the least. Helena calls and admits she cannot work at the new firm. Josephine is soon shown to her new office. It still contains belongings from the previous inhabitant. Then, Lewis introduced Josephine to Eric Whitley (Andrew McFarlane). She soon learns that she will be working on a case that strikes close to home. The guy, who previously used Josephine’s office, fell off of the building. Now, the firm is defending the guy accused of pushing him off.

claudia karvan newton's lawThe defendant, Craig Allen, just happens to be Mr. Whitley’s godson. Josephine is in a bind and really needs to win the case. They soon meet with Craig (William Ewing). He tells them that he was invited to Knox to look around. They insist that the victim was not in a good mental state at the time. Later, Josephine and Lewis carefully research the woman, who saw the victim fall from the rooftop. She is now claiming that the man was pushed by Craig. Before too long, the trial gets underway. Lewis blames everyone on Mr. Buckley. He insists that Craig is simply a victim. Josephine takes over, because the jury seem to despise Lewis. Josephine questions the nanny and gets her to admit that she was busy and distracted at the time of the incident. She remains adamant that the man was pushed. Things continue going badly for Craig.

toby schmitz newton's lawAfterwards, Craig makes it clear that he wants to take the stand. Lewis tries to convince him otherwise, but Craig has made up his mind. Craig takes the stand. He tells everyone about the victim’s recent bad luck. He believes that the victim might have intentionally stepped off of the edge. When the prosecutor begins up the victim’s son, things go even worse for Craig. Afterwards, Josephine is ridiculed for letting Craig on the stand. Nevertheless, Lewis takes up for her. He keeps her on the case. While scouring through her office, Josephine finds a notebook with a comment about Voltaire. She meets with the victim’s son, Gabe Buckley (Chris Van Ingen). Gabe tells Josephine about his father’s love of Voltaire. She returns to the office and finds a letter from an insurance company to Patrick (Roy Barker).

gabe newton's lawThat night, she heads to a local restaurant and finds that Helena has taken a job there. She admits that the law firm was not for her. She also tells Josephine that Johnny saw the car and said it needed a good cleaning. When Josephine parks in the parking garage the following day, she finds an empty car washing station. Then, she is forced to rush to the police station to bail out Johnny. Luckily, he doesn’t get into any trouble thanks to her. Once Josephine arrives at the courtroom, she questions the victim’s brother, Gordon. Gordon tells the jury about Alexander disease. It can impact the muscles in the body. Josephine uses that condition to convince the jury that the victim fell by accident. Craig is declared innocent of murder. After striking a deal for the victim’s family with Whitley, Josephine learns that she will be mentoring Craig. Then, Josephine meets with Helena and Johnny. She makes arrangements for them to run a firm out of the old car washing place.

Newton’s Law Review

In the beginning, Newton’s Law was a little too fast and slightly hectic. Thankfully, it slowed down in the middle of the episode. While the episode was slightly cliché and cheesy, it wasn’t terrible. The show isn’t great by any means, but it isn’t bad either. It might wind up being forgettable. Nevertheless, it proved to be a good time killer. For that, the opener scores a 6.5 out of 10.

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Newton’s Law Series 1 Episode 1 Recap


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