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Anne with an E Series 1 Episode 7 Recap

As the finale begins, the girls at school talk about Anne’s new situation. They say that she is now poor. Anne (Amybeth McNulty) steps in and tells them to be quiet. The girls break the bad news to Anne. She storms out of class and Diana (Dalila Bela) follows close behind. Anne becomes concerned that Marilla and Matthew (R.H. Thomson) will send her back. Diana tries to convince her otherwise. Meanwhile, Marilla (Geraldine James) argues with Matthew about his decision to take out a loan against Green Gables. Matthew seems convinced that he’ll be able to make the money back by working a little harder. Anne watches from the hallway as Matthew falls to the ground. She rushes to his side immediately. After the intro, the doctor tells Marilla and Anne that Matthew will need a long time to heal.

diana and anne with an eThen, Anne and Marilla scour through the loan paperwork. Marilla insists she will need to go to the bank. Anne makes it clear that she will be coming, because she doesn’t want to be kicked out. Marilla tells her that she is a Cuthbert for better or worse. Rachel Lynde (Corrine Koslo) agrees to watch Matthew, while the girls go into town. After the bank officer learns about Matthew’s condition, he explains that he’ll need to recall the loan. He is worried that the family will not be able to repay the money without Matthew working. They’re given a very short time to repay the money. Next, Marilla puts an advertisement in the paper about Green Gables. They return home moments later. Rachel learns the bad news. Rachel offers to get help from the locals, but Marilla insists the Cuthbert family will not accept charity.

marilla and anne cuthbertMarilla and Anne put together a plan to sell their belongings for the money. Marilla insists she will need to stay with Matthew. She plans to send Anne into town with Jerry (Aymeric Jett Montaz). Before they can leave, Diana arrives and gives Anne an item to sell for extra money. Once they arrive in town, Jerry works to sell a horse. Anne returns the dress to Jeannie (Brenda Bazinet). Anne admits that the dress is her best possession, but she needs the money. Jeannie gives her far too much in return. Then, Anne visits the general store. She tries to tell the clerk a tall tale to convince him to pay more for her belongings. Jerry sells the horse, but he is attacked by two men a short time later. They leave with his money. In town, Rachel works with the others to help raise money as well. Anne runs into Gilbert (Lucas Jade Zumann). She learns that he is working at the dock.

anne with an e finale gilbertGilbert and Anne head inside. Anne apologizes for her behavior. She admits that she did not fully understand how much Gilbert suffered from his father’s passing. The thieves enter seconds later. They listen as Anne tells Gilbert about her family’s troubles. They step outside and Anne learns that Gilbert doesn’t know whether he is going to return. Then, Jerry emerges. Jerry will recover, but he shows the signs of a beating. That night, Jerry and Anne spend the night with Josephine (Deborah Grover). She invites them in and gives them a room of their own. Anne speaks with Josephine and tells her about their financial troubles. Josephine offers help, but Anne refuses charity. Meanwhile, Matthew tells Marilla that she shouldn’t have let Anne go. Marilla insists that Anne and Jerry will be fine together. Matthew suggests they would have been better off, if he would have went. Then, they would have gotten his life insurance.

amybeth mcnulty anne with an eMarilla suggests otherwise. Jerry cannot sleep alone. He tells Anne that he has never had his own bed. They decide to sleep together. In the morning, Josephine offers to pay Jerry’s wages, so he can stay at Green Gables. He agrees to the arrangement. She also gives Anne a little something. Marilla goes to work. Matthew heads downstairs and begins loading his pistol. He cannot finish, before Jeannie arrives. Jeannie tells Matthew that he knows how difficult an untimely death can be on the survivors. She explains that Anne finally belongs and his death would hurt her severely. After Jeannie leaves, Marilla argues with Matthew over his decision. She tells him that they still need him. Then, Marilla promises to forgive him. Anne returns. That night, Anne and Marilla begin counting their money. Marilla insists she will not take charity. Anne explains that love is far different than charity. Marilla relents and agrees to take it.

anne and marilla anne with an eThe family still needs a little extra money. They contemplate selling farm equipment. Then, Anne comes up with an idea. She visits the locals and offers her cleaning services for extra money. Later, Marilla tells Anne that she has put a notice in the paper to take in boarders. They have already found two and that should give them enough money to save Green Gables. Anne and Matthew go for a walk in the morning. That night, the family meets the boarders. They just happen to be the two thieves.

Anne with an E Review

Anne with an E has been great all season long. I’ve enjoyed each episode equally. The only thing I didn’t like was the abrupt ending in this episode. Nevertheless, we already know that the series has been renewed for another season. I just wish the second season was already out. The finale was good. Marilla and Anne managed to work together to collect enough money to get the family out of debt. Jerry’s future with the family seems to be secure.

Gilbert and Anne reunited shortly, but Gilbert’s future remains unknown. And finally, we were introduced to two troublemakers. The finale was great, but the ending was very abrupt. The finale scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Anne with an E now!

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Anne with an E Series 1 Episode 7 Recap


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