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Anne with an E Series 1 Episode 6 Recap

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As the episode begins, Anne Shirley (Amybeth McNulty) rushes to the Barry house. She is forced to care for Minnie May (Ryan Kiera Armstrong), who is suffering from croup. Josephine (Deborah Grover) comes downstairs and believes that Anne is crazy. Nevertheless, she helps Diana (Dalila Bela) and Anne care for the girl. With a little luck, Anne’s efforts pay off. Minnie’s condition begins to improve. Eventually, Matthew (R.H. Thomson) arrives with the doctor. Josephine tells him all about Anne’s heroic deed. Matthew takes Anne home in the morning. Marilla (Geraldine James) returns home and finds Matthew snoozing on a chair. She wakes him up right away.

minnie may anne with an eHe tells Marilla that Anne will likely sleep in as well. Then, he agrees to tell Marilla all about it over coffee. Meanwhile, Gilbert (Lucas Jade Zumann) sits with his father, John (Wayne Best). John admits he enjoyed traveling back west with his son. He professes his love for the train and the Rocky Mountains. Eliza (Helen Johns) pays a visit to the Cuthbert home. She apologizes and agrees to let Diana hang out with Anne once again. Anne finally wakes up and enjoys a short breakfast. Once Marilla tells her about Eliza’s visit, she rushes out of the home right away. Seconds later, Gilbert learns that his father has passed away. Anne meets with Diana and they celebrate Eliza’s change of heart. Anne and Diana speak about Gilbert. Anne explains that Gilbert will be an orphan once his father passes.

matthew and anne with an eMoments later, a funeral is held for John. Anne seems sad for Gilbert, but she doesn’t speak with him. Then, Marilla has a flashback about her relationship with John. He gives her the blue ribbon, which Anne now wears in her hair. Gilbert arrives outside. Anne rushes out to speak with him. She manages to turn the conversation to herself and her own past experiences. Gilbert asks why it has to be about her. He tells her goodbye and continues on his way. Later, Josephine goes on the hunt for Anne. She finds her in her makeshift hideout. Josephine listens as Anne speaks about Gilbert. Anne promises that she doesn’t have romantic feelings for the boy. Josephine is allowed inside. Josephine tells Anne that she can always get married later. Or, she can buy a white dress at any time and pretend.

josephine anne with an eThat night, Anne tells Matthew and Marilla about Josephine and her hopes for the future. She admits that she wants to choose for herself, so she will never be disappointed. Marilla heads upstairs and cries alone. She also looks through old letters from John. The following day, Anne, Diana and Ruby (Kyla Matthews) decide to make a shepherd’s pie for Gilbert. Minnie manages to ignore the girls. They speak about marriage. Anne admits she wants someone that cares about her and her personality more than her cooking. Josephine emerges and hurries them along. Out of nowhere, Anne breaks down and begins to sob. She admits she cannot imagine how it would feel to lose someone. Anne tries to break away from Diana and Ruby. However, they force her to go with them to Gilbert’s place.

anne with an e funeralDuring the visit, Anne tells the group that she would not be a good wife. Then, she makes a run for it. Gilbert thanks Ruby and Diana before they leave. At home, Anne asks Marilla about her own romantic experiences. She tells Anne that she thought he would get married, but obligations got in the way. Matthew heads into town and spots Gilbert. He offers Gilbert help on his fields. Gilbert tells Matthew that he never wanted to be a farmer. Then, Matthew learns about a vessel sinking. He learns that the vendor had no insurance and will not be able to recoup the losses. Matthew seems surprised to learn that the ship was named Dal Marie. Gilbert runs into Billy (Christian Martyn) on the road. They get into an argument about Anne and other things. After a few punches, Gilbert goes on his way. Then, Gilbert heads to the cemetery and finds Marilla there. They speak about John.

lucas zumann anne with an eMarilla tells Gilbert about John asking her to leave the area. She explains that she didn’t have the courage to leave. During this time, Anne tries to write a letter to Gilbert. She tears it up and visits Josephine. Josephine tells Anne that she had her own romantic experiences. She tells Anne to try to live without any regrets. Matthew visits the Bank of Carmody. He speaks with a teller there. Meanwhile, Anne rushes over to Gilbert’s house. Nobody is home and it looks like Gilbert might be moving along.

Anne with an E Review

The 6th episode of Anne with an E was good and very dramatic. The episode brought the death of John Blythe. It also proved to be an eye-opening experience for Anne. She managed to prove to Eliza Barry that she is a good and highly intelligent girl. That convinced Eliza that Anne should be allowed to visit Diana. It also introduced Anne to Josephine. It seems that Anne’s mind has changed about romance, but Gilbert might already be gone. Is she too late?

Also, it appears that Matthew has gotten himself into trouble with the sunken ship. That should set up a pretty interesting season finale. The 6th episode scores an 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Anne with an E now!

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Anne with an E Series 1 Episode 6 Recap


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