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Liar Series 1 Episode 1 Recap

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As the episode begins, we see Laura Nielson (Joanne Froggatt) enjoying the outdoors. After she finishes kayaking, Laura runs into a man. He offers assistance, but she turns him down. When Laura returns home, she finds Tom (Warren Brown) packing the rest of his belongings. He leaves a short time later. Meanwhile, Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd) drops his son off at school. When he does, he runs into Laura. He chats her up and manages to score a date with her. During class, Andrew’s son, Luke (Jamie Flatters), jokes with Laura. She doesn’t seem to mind and plays along. Andrew meditates with his colleague at work. Then, Andrew asks Katy Sutcliffe (Zoe Tapper) about her sister, Laura. He asks for advice for the upcoming date. He is told not to mess up or she will kill him. Before too long, Laura gets dressed for the date.

Laura gets a taxi. She tells the driver that she is nervous about her date. Moments later, she meets with Andrew. We jump forward to the morning. Laura gets a text message from Andrew, who tells her how amazing the date was. Laura frantically undresses and showers. Andrew tells his friend about it big date. It insists it was really good, but says little else. Laura rushes over to Katy’s house and reveals that she doesn’t know what Andrew did. She can only remember flashes of it. She can’t remember how much she had to drink either. She admits to kissing Andrew and then being on the bed with him. She insists she didn’t want to sleep with him, but she can’t remember if she tried to fight him off. We jump back in time and see Andrew and Laura after dinner. The couple chats about their younger days. Back in the present, Laura heads to the station. She speaks with a forensic examiner.

Laura is examined. Her underwear and other clothing are taken. Again, we jump back in time. Andrew tells Laura that his phone has died, so he cannot call a taxi. She lets him come in for a bit. In the present, Laura promises to tell the police what happened. However, she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore after that. Katy admits she was supposed to be in the theater with Andrew, but called in. Seconds later, the police officers speak with Laura. Meanwhile, Andrew finishes the operation. He learns that the police are there to see him. Andrew seems dumbfounded by the accusations. Laura is taken to Katy’s house. Liam (Richie Campbell) is there caring for the kids. Laura has a flashback. She remembers Andrew chatting about music. Laura tries to get a taxi. She is told that it’ll be 40 minutes. Andrew tries to walk home, but she won’t let him.

Laura insists they have a drink. Andrew obliges and gets a bottle of wine. Back in the present, Katy gives Laura a good scare. Forensic detectives scour through Laura’s house for evidence. Andrew is questioned by the two detectives. They ask him about the kiss. He admits that he killed Laura and she kissed him back. Then, he is accused of rape. Andrew denies it. He insists that they helped one another undress. Andrew admits he didn’t have a condom and Laura recommended that he get one from her bathroom. He explains that she never said no or got up and walked away. Andrew eventually signs a statement and is allowed to leave. Next, Laura has another quick flashback while getting prepared for work. She remembers putting makeup on in her room. Katy tells Liam about the situation. Liam asks if the police know what happened last time. Katy suggests they shouldn’t know. Laura leaves for work.

Luke asks Andrew if he is fine. He promises that he is. Laura tells a work colleague that she was simply not feeling good. She refuses to talk about her date. Luke makes another joke. This time, Laura isn’t having it. She goes off on him and sends him to the principal’s office. In another flashback, we see Laura showing Andrew pictures of herself and Katy when they were younger. In the present, Andrew confronts Laura at school. He tells her that he didn’t do anything. He also suggests that she never said no or tried to stop him. That night, Laura meets with Tom. She admits he seemed pretty convincing. She suggests that the police will not believe her when they learn about her medication history. Tom says that everything will be fine. Then, Katy meets with Tom. He admits that what happened to Laura was awful. We learn that Katy has been having an affair with Tom. She tries to put an end to it.

Laura gets a visit from the detectives. They admit that Andrew has been released on bond. She insists that she said no and tried to get him to stop. The detectives reveal there were no signs of a struggle. The evidence isn’t going Laura’s way. She confirms that she cannot remember Andrew’s trip to the bathroom. She insists she wasn’t drunk and can remember Andrew pushing her down. She also explains that she clearly told him to stop. She refuses to speak about it anymore. The detectives leave seconds later. Laura remembers two glasses and believes that she was drugged. Tom researches Andrew and learns that his wife was involved in a tragic suicide. Laura returns home and finds the two glasses in the dishwasher. She tells Katy right away. Laura makes it clear that she intends to tell everyone about Andrew. She begins doing just that seconds later. In a flashback, it appears that Laura kisses Andrew.

Liar Review

I am not sure what to think about Liar at this point. The series is a little cliché and feels like a cross between Apple Tree Yard and National Treasure. I thought the acting was okay, but slightly annoying from time to time. At points, Ioan Gruffudd seemed to be smirking during a serious conversation. Joanne Froggatt’s voice sounds like a fairy or something. Very strange. Otherwise, the acting wasn’t bad at all.

I think the series is going to stretch reality pretty soon. Both characters have a history and that may make the series slightly unrealistic. As long as they stick with the rape story, Liar could be good. I just hope it doesn’t turn into a murder suicide or something outlandish. The opener was okay, but nothing great. A 6.5 out of 10 is deserved.

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Liar Series 1 Episode 1 Recap


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