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Doctor Doctor Series 2 Episode 10 Recap

As the episode begins, Ajax (Matt Castley) and Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) have food with the family. They discuss Hugh (Rodger Corser), who hasn’t been seen in a while. They all agree to have dinner that night. After the intro, Penny (Hayley McElhinney) helps Floyd (Winta McGrath) make a kite. Floyd admits he wants to attach razorblades to one end, so he can destroy the other kites. At the clinic, Ken (Charles Wu) spies on Hugh and Harriet (Genevieve Hegney). Harriet forces Hugh out of bed. Then, they get back in bed together and get romantic. Betty (Belinda Bromilow) asks Penny how she is doing. Penny insists she is just fine. Ken tells Penny that Gustave wants her to call him about the stent. Ken also complains about Harriet stealing the pudding.

Penny tends to a young patient. They console one another, after learning that the young girl will miss the upcoming competition. Ajax visits Hugh and invites him to dinner. Hugh agrees to come and Harriet invites herself. Hugh continues to tell Ajax that he is making a mistake with the marriage. Charlie (Nicole da Silva) and Meryl (Tina Bursill) help Hayley get prepared. Hayley speaks about future children. She also suggests that her children could play with Charlie’s. Harriet gives Hugh a big surprise, a Mustang. They cruise down the street in their very own Mustangs. Once they arrive at their destination, Ajax fires a gun into the air. Then, he forces both to come to dinner.

During dinner, Harriet manages to get under everyone’s skin. Hugh tells Ajax that he should rethink getting married. Outside, Harriet insists she did Hugh a favor. She explains that they put him into a box for a year. She explains that they’re kicking the lid off. Then, they ride into the night. In the morning, Matt (Ryan Johnson) speaks with Charlie. It becomes clear that the baby talk is getting to Charlie. They agree not to talk about it. At the clinic, Hugh chats with Penny, before the work begins. They’re forced to work on a young boy, who was hit in the mouth. Harriet, who happens to be a dentist, helps. All the while, Harriet does her best to flirt with Mia (Brittany Clark). Ajax shoots, while chatting with Matt about Hugh’s comments.

Next, Penny gets a surprise. She shows Hugh. At it turns out, a company wants to buy their stent for $4.8 million. While Hayley tries on her dress, Charlie tells her that she might be too young for children. Hayley begins to question her decision to get married. Ken confronts Harriet and catches her stealing pudding. She makes up a sob story and he lets her have them. Ajax and Hayley pick up their cake. When they step outside, Ajax drops it on the ground. They agree to postpone the wedding temporarily. Harriet congratulates Penny. She also learns that Penny only funded the venture. Ajax arrives and tells Hugh about the postponement. The others are not happy, but Hugh seems to believe that Ajax made the right choice. A drunk Penny tells Hugh that she is glad he has found love with someone else.

Matt tells Charlie about the postponement. Charlie immediately blames herself. She also admits she doesn’t know whether or not she wants children any time soon. Harriet tries to talk Hugh into ripping Penny off. They get into an argument when Hugh refuses to do so. Harriet rushes off into the night. Hugh tries to call her, but she doesn’t answer. In the morning, Hugh meets with Penny and Floyd for the kites. He tells Penny that he is thinking about getting represented by a firm in LA. Penny figures out that Hugh is trying to stiff her. He admits he doesn’t care. Penny uses Floyd to teach Hugh a lesson about friendship. Matt talks to Charlie about her new book. He finds out that she is talking about having children. Charlie does her best to avoid the subject.

When Hugh returns to his new home, he finds Harriet with a bloody head. She admits she wrecked. Despite it all, Hugh refuses to accept Harriet back into his life. He admits that he is done with her. Meanwhile, Ajax has trouble shooting. A huge from Hayley seems to help. Hugh arrives and tells Ajax that he was wrong. He admits that a man should be able to make his own choices. Ajax decides to wager it all on his shooting. If he can hit 10 out of 10, he’ll marry Hayley. He gets 9 and Hayley gets number 10. Next, the couple gets married. Rod returns to town and tells Meryl about a new business opportunity. Then, Hugh agrees to be friends and partners with Penny. They dance together as the episode ends.

Doctor Doctor Review

Not a lot happened in the Doctor Doctor finale, but it was satisfying nevertheless. Hugh came to his senses and it seems he has ended his relationship with Harriet. However, he hasn’t managed to seal the deal with Penny. Perhaps that will come in the next season? Hayley and Ajax did get married though. Despite all of their worries, they took the leap of faith.

Rod is back and that will keep Meryl on her toes. There is also a good chance that the next season will bring pregnancies and babies. The finale was cheerful and enjoyable. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Doctor today!

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Doctor Doctor Series 2 Episode 10 Recap


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