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Tin Star Series 1 Finale Recap

As the episode begins, Whitey (Oliver Coopersmith) calls Helen (Leanne Best), who is now in a nursing home. He forces Anna (Abigail Lawrie) to speak with her. Whitey loses his patience with Anna and points his gun at her. Of course, he does not pull the trigger. Anna pleads with Whitey to let her go. After the short intro, Angela (Genevieve O’Reilly) cleans up the blood at home. Jaclyn (Michelle Thrush) and Elizabeth (Christina Hendricks) work diligently to get rid of Gagnon’s body. Angela receives a call from Denise (Sarah Podemski). Angela promises that everything is fine, despite the cameras being shut off. Angela sets up the house, so it is explodes and burns. Denise learns about the explosion.

Nick (Ryan Kennedy) learns about the explosion. He continues to blame Jim (Tim Roth). Next, Angela meets up with Jim. Together, they interrogate Frank (Ian Puleston-Davies) and Randy (Lynda Boyd). The couple is tied up to chairs. Jim and Angela stop to make out, before continuing the torture. Whitey pleads with Anna to kill him. He admits he should be punished for shooting the boy. Anna cannot pull the trigger. Frank is eventually forced to come clean. He tells Jim that the boy with the special, all white dog is to blame for the shooting.

Angela becomes worried, since Anna is with Whitey. They rush out and attempt to get in touch with Anna right away. Jim shoots Nick in the leg, before he flees. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Jaclyn head to the offices for North Stream Oil. They discuss what they need to do to protect themselves. Jaclyn wants to know how Gagnon managed to track them down. She becomes concerned that Elizabeth set them up. When Jaclyn learns the truth, she slaps Elizabeth across the face. Denise finds Nick. She agrees to bring Jim down. Elizabeth speaks with the executives of the oil company. She uses her information against Gagnon to get herself a good job as president or something another.

Whitey and Anna continue hanging out. Anna receives a call from her mom. This gives Jim and Angela information about her location. Anna tells Whitey that they cannot stay there. Elizabeth eats with Jaclyn. Jaclyn asks Elizabeth what happens if she speaks up. Elizabeth responds that she would get them both arrested. Jaclyn demands that Elizabeth pay her community for the rest of her life. She agrees in a rude manner. Angela locks Jim in the vehicle and heads into the cabin. Jim fiddles with the electronics, until he manages to set himself free. Angela hunts through the woods for Anna and Whitey. Angela speaks with Anna and Whitey. She admits she knows who he is and that she is there to help.

She eventually shoots Whitey in the leg. Anna carries him into the wilderness. They continue until Whitey is no longer able to do so. Anna contemplates shooting her own father. Eventually, Whitey tells Jack that he doesn’t hate him. Then, Jack shoots him several times. Anna is not happy. And, the episode ends.

Tin Star Review

I don’t like Tin Star. If you do, you should probably stop here. This is not a personal attack on those that enjoy the show. Everyone is different. Now, I skipped forward through the finale, because it was anti-climatic and painfully slow. There was very little substance here. Jim tortured Frank and killed Whitey. Elizabeth used the information against Gagnon to quickly climb up the career ladder with North Stream.

With most of the main characters dead and Jim with no real nemesis, I am not sure why this series would be continued. There is really no story left to tell. It isn’t my cup of tea. I could go on and on as to why, but I won’t waste my time or yours. It scores a 4.5 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of Tin Star now!

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Tin Star Series 1 Finale Recap


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