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Step Dave Series 1 Episode 1 Recap

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As the series begins, we’re introduced to Dave Robinson (Jono Kenyon). Dave works at a bar. It appears that he is the life of the party and prefers it that way. Nearby, Cara Gray (Sia Trokenheim) has a date with Michael (Peter Muller). Cara’s date quickly goes wrong. She rushes to the bathroom and finds herself locked inside. Meanwhile, Dave is harassed by Stacey (Kimberley Crossman). It appears Dave has been messing around with another girl. Now, Stacey has found out and she wants the truth. Dave’s boss sends him home early. Cara calls a friend in the bathroom and explains her date. He tries to leave the bathroom, but can’t get the door open. She is forced to climb through the window to escape. As for Dave, he gets covered in a beverage.

As Cara makes her escape, she winds up injured. She meets Dave and is rushed to the hospital on the back of his bike. Dave decides to stick around with Cara at the hospital. Unfortunately, they’ve got a three hour wait. They chat about Cara’s short lived waitressing career and Dave’s messy shirt. Seconds later, they sing along to a song. When Cara’s name is called, she makes it clear that a young baby nearby should been seen first. The receptionist agrees, but Dave does not. Eventually, Cara leaves on crutches. Dave sticks with her all the while. Dave sneaks in a kiss. Cara is invited back to Dave’s place, but she turns it down. She also refuses to give up her phone numbers. The following day, Dave learns his old flame has now hooked up with his roommate. Dave admits he is not upset, but he is worried about Azza, since Stacey is unstable.

Meanwhile, Cara beings to day dream at work. She gets a visit from a friend, who wants to know all about the date. Cara admits it didn’t go well. Michael is still in love with his ex-wife. Meanwhile, Dave learns that Azza (Rawiri Jobe) has gotten a new love interest. Azza finds out that Stacey has announced they’re in a relationship on Facebook. He is forced to cower behind the bar when she strolls through the door. Dave covers for him, until Stacey leaves. Then, Dave goes on a hunt for Cara, so he can return her high heels. He visits numerous shops, before finally tracking down Cara. He is introduced to Cara’s friend. Dave insists his mate could build her website. Cara’s friend tries to push her into having a drink with Dave. Dave and Cara’s friend agree to Friday night. When Dave returns to work, Hugo (Tainui Tukiwaho) tells him no, he cannot have that Friday off.

Meanwhile, Cara hangs out with Julia (Tania Nolan) and Phillip Deering (Will Wallace). They become interested when Cara admits she is going out with a guy. She refuses to give up much information. Seconds later, Dave and Cara stroll the town together. They arrive at an expensive restaurant. They both admit the restaurant is too expensive. Instead, they get takeout and hit the swing set. Cara tries to convince Dave that she isn’t his perfect woman. She confesses she was once married. Before we know it, Cara takes Dave back to her place. They prepare for intercourse, before Dave finds an action figure on the floor. It begins speaking to him in a robotic, menacing tone. Three kids and an older woman surround Dave. They prepare to attack, while the older woman notifies the authorities. Cara is forced to rescue him.

When Dave learns the truth, he is ready to hit the road. Cara chases him down and explains that the woman is her step mother. The kids are hers. It eventually comes out that Cara is much older than Dave initially believed. Cara admits she had her first when she was 24. Dave confesses he is currently 24. Now, both are weirded out. Cara eventually confirms she is 39. Cara thought Dave just wanted a little bit of fun. He suggests otherwise. Dave leaves promptly. The following day, Cara tells her friend about the embarrassment at work. Hugo and Azza ridicule Dave. Julia visits Cara and tells her that Michael is looking forward to another date. She admits she invited him to her upcoming anniversary party. Meanwhile, Azza tells Dave that he cannot see her again, because she is old.

Dave contemplates call Cara, but changes his mind at the last moment. Phillip speaks with Julia about her worried work memo. Julia makes it clear she doesn’t like kids. Dave gets hit on at work, before Cara’s friend strolls through the door. She tells Dave that Cara has already moved on. Michael tries to smooth things over with Cara. Stacey shows up at Dave’s workplace. He is forced to shield her from Azza. She tries to ruin Azza’s new relationship, but it doesn’t seem like there is much of a relationship anyway. Azza explains his feelings to his Betty (J.J. Fong). She refuses his offer. Hugo forces Dave to fix things with Stacey. Dave’s conversation with Stacey opens his own eyes about his true feelings for Cara. He rushes off immediately. He returns and tries to borrow Hugo’s car. Instead, he gets a skateboard.

Michael chats with Cara in his car. Dave makes his way to Cara’s house, but she is nowhere to be found. He returns to the bar empty handed. When he turns around, he finds Cara behind him. He tells her that he skated all the way to her place. They express their feelings for one another. They agree to go for it. We see that Cara has spent the night with Dave. Cara strolls around Dave’s messy house. She gives him advice, so he doesn’t get electrocuted. Then, the episode ends with the couple kissing.

Step Dave Review

This television series was requested by a visitor. I wasn’t even familiar with Step Dave to be honest. The foundation for the series is good. We have the young playboy that falls in love with the mother with multiple children. It isn’t exactly original, but the premise should work well. The relationship between Dave and Azza is interesting and authentic. I am not a big fan of the over-the-top humor, but I could easily see why people would love the series.

To the show’s credit, the episode got much better after things slowed down. A 6.5 out of 10 is awarded to the opener.

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Step Dave Series 1 Episode 1 Recap


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