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House Husbands Season 5 Episode 11 Recap

At the beginning of the 11th episode, we see that Lewis (Gary Sweet) has won the election. He is now a member of the council. During his swearing in ceremony, Justin (Firass Dirani) receives a phone call from his mother. After Lewis gives a speech, he speaks with the mayor directly. She asks Lewis about Tilda (Madison Torres-Davy) attending Nepean South. The mayor urges Lewis to send her to Nepean North, since the South school will soon be closed. He promises to keep the news a secret from everyone else. At the school, Justin informs Mark (Rhys Muldoon) he has to leave town to be with his mother. However, he doesn’t know who will watch them for 10 days. Miss Looby (Louise Siversen) interrupts and learns that Justin will not be able to go to Kokoda with the others.

Looby eventually offers to watch the kids. At the hospital, Abi (Natalie Saleeba) leans that Gemma (Julia Morris) got the San Diego gig. Next, Lewis gets a visit from the mayor. He learns that the city is expected to get smaller over the coming years. Lewis admits he doesn’t like the ideal of closing Nepean South. Nevertheless, the mayor doesn’t negotiate. After the mayor leaves, Lewis tries to book an appointment with Minister Moore. He learns that it’ll take a few weeks and immediately hangs up. Meanwhile, Rachel (Jane Allsop) eats no peanut butter and disgusts Mark. Nick (Hugh Sheridan) interrupts and tells Rachel that Miss Looby wants him to go full time at the school. Rachel isn’t happy, since she can easily make more in a few days than Nick makes in an entire week.

Nick becomes visibly upset and rushes off. Back at home, Justin informs the kids that Looby will be watching over them. They’re not happy in the least. Next, Mark learns that Poppy (Lily Jones) likes the weird peanut butter as well. Mark also learns about Gemma’s job offer. He tells Abi she should go celebrate with her. Rachel surprise Nick with an application for a joint bank account. He doesn’t look too thrilled, but pretends to be happy. Later that night, Gemma tells Lewis about the San Diego opportunity. Lewis is too wrapped up in his work to care. In the morning, Rachel and Nick learn that their refrigerator has malfunctioned. Rachel suggests they use their joint account to pay for the repair. Nick confirms he hasn’t signed it yet. He also suggests they need a little more time to think things through.

At the hospital, Gemma admits to Abi that she is thinking about skipping the San Diego gig for Lewis’s sake. Abi tries to convince her otherwise. At the school, Justin and Mark help the kids bury their time capsule. Looby gives a brief speech and thanks Lewis for all of his hard work. After the celebration ends, Lewis speaks with Looby in private. She gives him a precious item belonging to her mother and grandfather. She asks him to put it on her grandfather’s grave near Kokoda. When Lewis returns to his office, he finds the Minister speaking with Cynthia. The Mayor doesn’t give Lewis a chance to speak with the Minister personally. Back at the school, Angie (Allegra Volange) speaks with Izzy (Delta Goodrem). Angie manages to convince Izzy to babysit for 50 dollars an hour.

Looby learns about the arrangement and becomes angered at Justin. She confronts him outside of the school and gives him a peace of her mind. Justin learns the truth when he speaks with Angie alone. When Gemma returns home, she finds that Tilda is sending time with Atticus (Jagger Serafin) and Lewis is still at work. She calls Lewis and ridicules his actions. Lewis makes a big decision to leak the news of the school’s impending closure to the newspaper. The others read about the story first thing in the morning. The parents hope that it is nothing more than a rumor. They also tell Lewis he needs to stop this. The Mayor speaks with Lewis in private and accuses him of leaking the story. He denies it.

Justin speaks with Looby and apologizes for the earlier mix up. He admits the kids see her as the boss of the school. Then, Justin speaks with Izzy. She admits she doesn’t want to get involved in the politics. Izzy speaks with Looby seconds later. They agree to collect the time capsule together, before the bulldozers come strolling through. Looby also admits she doesn’t care about not getting to watch the kids. At the council, Lewis tries to speak about the school. However, he is cut off by the mayor. Nick, Mark and Justin visit him in his office seconds later. He tries to convince them to get the news out about the school and urge the others to take a stand. He insists the best way to fight is to show the politicians that everyone is against the school’s closure. When Justin is unable to find someone to watch his kids, he is forced to turn to Izzy.

Izzy agrees to watch the kids, but only if Justin takes her to the ball. He quickly agrees to do so. Outside, Mark breaks up a fight between Tilda and another boy. It turns out the others are angry at Lewis, because he is doing nothing to stop the school from being shut down. While the guys exercise, Justin explains he is thinking about moving closer to his family, so the kids will have someone to look after them. When he returns home, he runs into a real estate agent. After receiving her advice, Justin begins considering putting his home on the market. Later that night, Nick speaks with Rachel about the bank account. He admits he isn’t ready for it, until he is sure his job is secure. Lewis confesses to Gemma that he doesn’t want the job to come between them. Seconds later, the ball begins. Abi confronts Lewis and insists he should be encouraging Gemma to take the San Diego offer.

Abi’s comments create an argument. Lewis tells her to stay out of their business. During the ball, Nick finally agrees to sign the bank application. Lewis speak with the mayor and tries to convince her to tell everyone the truth. She takes to the stage and gives a speech. Then, she confirms the school will be closing in the near future. She urges the locals to express their concerns to Lewis. Back at home, Gemma blames Lewis for everything. She also confirms she is going to San Diego and taking Tilda with her. The next day, Looby asks for her grandfather’s handkerchief back.

House Husbands Review

The 11th episode of House Husbands’ 5th series was good. Rachel pushed and pushed until Nick relented and signed the application for the joint bank account. Will Rachel regret that decision in the upcoming episode? Of course, the episode focused heavily on Lewis and his new political position. Despite trying his best, Lewis was unable to stop Nepean South from closing. Due to his failure, the others ended up blaming him for the school’s closure. How will Lewis solve the problem and reclaim his good name?

Also, it appears Justin is on the verge of entering into a relationship with Izzy. This episode scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of House Husbands now.

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House Husbands Season 5 Episode 11 Recap


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