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The Last Kingdom Series 2 Episode 2 Recap

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At the beginning of the second episode, Tekil (Marc Rissmann) arrives at Uhtred’s camp. He quickly manages to convince Guthred (Thure Lindhardt) to allow him and his men to join their army. Halig (Gerard Kearns) tries to have a conversation with Tekil, but he only receives a harsh remark in response. It seems Halig and Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) are suspicious of Tekil. Guthred speaks with Uhtred in private. Guthred expresses his desire to marry a Saxon, so he will have an easier time uniting both groups. Uhtred insists it is time to march on Eoferwic. Guthred admits he needs to talk it over with Abbot Eadred (David Schofield). Uhtred tries to convince his friend that he is king and doesn’t need to listen to an abbot any longer. Uhtred also learns that Guthred plans to use his sister as bargaining power in the future.

Later that night, Uhtred shares a meal with Clapa (Magnus Samuelsson) and the others. Uhtred goes off on his own and speaks with Gisela (Peri Baumeister) in the chapel. Gisela admits Guthred acts like he is her father. Brother Trew (Peter McDonald) notices the couple chatting. Gisela is adamant that she will not become her brother’s gift. After the conversation ends, Uhtred is told his horse is sick. He is separated from the others and attacked by Tekil and the Danes. With help from his friends, Uhtred manages to defeat the Danes. All Danes are killed except for Sihtric (Arnas Fedaravicius). Uhtred orders Halig and Clapa to behead the Danes and store the heads in a bag for later use. Sihtric requests to speak with Uhtred, since he wants to serve him. His request is denied.

Clapa and Halig are hesitant to behead the corpses. Instead, Hild (Eva Birthistle) takes it upon herself to do so. She earns a reward and takes armor from one of the corpses. In the morning, Guthred gathers his men and confirms he is ready to travel to Eoferwic. Earl Ulf (Andre Eriksen) quickly speaks out against the move, since he is concerned about leaving the city unprotected. Abbot Eadred defends Guthred’s decision. He insists they will be safe, as long as they carry the Saint’s body with them. Beocca (Ian Hart) requests to speak with Uhtred in private, since he will be returning to Wessex the following day. During their chat, Beocca warns Uhtred that those around Guthred are against him. He also warns him against doing anything stupid with Gisela. Nevertheless, Uhtred seems reluctant to change his path.

Before the group departs, Hild dresses in the Dane’s armor. On the trail, Trew and the Abbot speak about Uhtred. It is clear they’re planning to remove him from the picture as soon as possible. Back in Wessex, Alfred (David Dawson) and Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth) watch their daughter practice her sword skills. Alfred admits he doesn’t want Aethelflaed (Millie Brady) to get married. Seconds later, Sihtric requests to go into the woods to use the bathroom. Halig and other man are given the duty to watch him. However, Sihtric manages to outsmart them and hold Halig captive. Uhtred rushes over and negotiates with the Dane. He agrees to let Sihtric join the army with Guthred’s approval. The group stops for a break. They chat about religion. The Abbot is reminded that Uhtred is Pagan and doesn’t believe in their god.

The Abbot admits he believes Uhtred could be dangerous. Gisela quickly suggests otherwise. Later that night, Uhtred sneaks into Gisela’s tent. They sleep together. Trew nearly catches them, but he is stopped by Hild. Trew speaks with the Abbot. Trew is given orders to travel to Bebbanburg and strike a deal with Aelfric (Joseph Millson). In the morning, Sihtric, Halig and Hild spot the Danes. After meeting back up with Uhtred and Guthred, Sihtric points out Sigefrid (Bjorn Bengtsson) and Erik (Christian Hillborg). Uhtred quickly informs Guthred that now would be the time to strike. Guthred isn’t sure and admits he wants to think it over. Guthred groups everyone together and discusses their options. He goes against Uhtred and decides to negotiate with the Danes.

Guthred and Uhtred speak with the two Dane leaders moments later. Guthred manages to strike a peace deal with the men. Seconds later, Guthred and Uhtred ride into Eoferwic. Guthred agrees to speak with Uhtred in private later. Before that, he decides to pray with the Abbot. Uhtred grabs the bag full of heads and asks Sihtric about the weakness of Kjartan’s fortress. Sihtric insists there are no weakness. Uhtred doesn’t believe it and rides towards the fortress on his own. During this time, the Abbot tries to convince Guthred that Uhtred will become a problem for him in the near future. He also admits it would be a good idea to team up with Uhtred’s uncle. Trew delivers the letter to Aelfric. He also makes it clear the Uhtred has talked frequently of killing Aelfric.

After a brief chat, Aelfric agrees to help in return for Osbert’s head. Trew learns that Osbert is Uhtred’s other name. Uhtred arrives at the fortress and prepares for a grand entrance. Fiske (Erik Madsen) is sent outside of the fortress in the morning. He is ordered to inspect the heads outside. He makes his way to the last one and confirms it belongs to Tekil. Uhtred, who is dressed up like the headless horseman, rides through and beheads Fiske. Then, he taunts Kjartan (Alexandre Willaume), before riding away. Guthred finally sits down with Uhtred. Uhtred expresses his desire to be placed on the same level as the other lords. He also admits he would like to marry Gisela. Guthred seems to have no trouble accepting Uhtred’s demands.

In the morning, Uhtred is taken captive. Hild quickly learns about it and informs Gisela. She tells Gisela that she may be the only one that can save him. Uhtred and Halig are caged and told they’ll be traded to Aelfric for 200 swords. Hild travels to Winchester and alerts Beocca and Alfred. After a brief chat, Alfred agrees to send Ragnar (Tobias Santelmann) to hunt for Uhtred. Near the end of the episode, Uhtred and Halig try to escape. They fail and are forced onto a slave ship.

The Last Kingdom Review

The second episode of The Last Kingdom’s second series quickly shattered the alliance between Uhtred and Guthred. At first, the pair got along exceptionally well. However, Trew and Abbot Eadred managed to convince Guthred that Uhtred was a threat to his crown. And, perhaps Uhtred’s desire to marry Gisela had something to do with the betrayal? Now, Uhtred and Halig have been sold as slaves. Ragnar has been sent to hunt for them. I knew it was only a matter of time before Alfred and Uhtred teamed up again.

I am interested to see how it all plays out. The episode was much faster paced than the previous. An 8 out of 10 is awarded to the episode. View our older recaps of The Last Kingdom now!

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The Last Kingdom Series 2 Episode 2 Recap


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