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House Husbands Series 5 Finale Recap

As the finale begins, we see that Gemma (Julia Morris) remains in a bitter feud with Lewis (Gary Sweet). Lewis tries to walk Tilda (Madison Torres-Davy) to School, but she won’t let him. It is clear she doesn’t want to be seen with the enemy. Mark (Rhys Muldoon) and Rachel (Jane Allsop) help the kids protest the closing of Nepean South. At school, Izzy (Delta Goodrem) learns that Tilda no longer wants to be a part of the upcoming school play. Justin’s kids give Nick (Hugh Sheridan) a letter inviting the Minister to the school play. Nick promises to make sure the Minister gets the letter. In his office, Lewis gets a visit from Mayor Cynthia Rogers (Daniela Farinacci). She gives him the blueprints for the new school and confirms they’ll be released to the public later.

On her way out, the Mayor runs into Sonia Stevens (Emily Taheny). Lewis helps the woman clean up her paperwork, which is now scattered all over the floor. Back at the school, Nick receives a visit from the new school’s principal Scott Michaels (James Saunders). Michaels gives Nick paperwork and is offered a new position with the school. Nick reluctantly agrees to consider the offer. Justin (Firass Dirani) meets with the real estate agent. Mark interrupts and learns about Justin’s plans. After the agent leaves, Mark unveils the group’s t-shirts for the upcoming Kokoda visit. Justin visits with Izzy. Izzy promises she’ll be find with his kids. Lewis arrives at the school and gets dirty looks from pretty much everyone. He speaks with Tilda, who admits she no longer has any friends, due to his involvement in the school’s closure.

Then, Lewis attends the meeting hosted by the Mayor. Once a model of the new school is unveiled, Lewis grabs a fire extinguisher and hoses it down. Unfortunately, this only upsets everyone involved, including Lewis’s old friends. That night, Rachel learns about Nick’s new job offer. She refuses to even consider it. The next day, Justin speaks with his kids about the new school. Justin and Izzy speak to the kids about going to Justin’s old school. Angie (Allegra Volange) admits moving would be a really bad idea. Lewis heads to the hospital and tries to smooth things over with Gemma. He is told to make things right with his friends first. He immediately takes Gemma’s advice and visits Justin. Outside, he notices the sale sign. Lewis makes it clear he doesn’t want Justin to move away. Nick opens up about his new job offer. He tells the others he has little choice, but to accept.

At the school, the kids prepare for the upcoming play. Poppy (Lily Jones) gives Tilda a ribbon and confirms that they’re still friends. Seconds later, the workers arrive and prepare to tear down the friendship tree. Poppy and Atticus (Jagger Serafin) climb into the tree to prevent it from happen. Poppy falls out and crashes to the ground. She is rushed to the hospital seconds later. Abi (Natalie Saleeba) is not allowed to care for her own daughter. Instead, Gemma is forced to take over. At the school, the kids continue protecting their school. Poppy reveals she cannot feel her legs. Back at home, Justin and the real estate agent meet with a potential buyer. Meanwhile, the kids rally at Rachel’s place. Nick returns home and speaks with her privately. He admits he doesn’t want to take the job, but also realizes it would be good for the family.

Lewis speaks with Miss Looby (Louise Siversen). She reveals she has been scouring through paperwork and the school’s enrollment numbers have been rigged by the mayor. After it is revealed that Poppy will be fine, Gemma and Lewis team up to stop the school’s closure. With help from Sonia and Gemma, Lewis breaks in and steals information about the Nepean South enrollment numbers. Back at the hospital, Poppy regains feeling in her legs. Conveniently, the Minister is at the hospital. Lewis comes up with a plan to force him to attend the school play. The Minister and others arrive at the school in the middle of the play. Lewis takes to the stage as the friendship tree and reveals that the numbers were manipulated. He gives the evidence to the minister and tells him to decide for himself.

After looking over the paperwork, the Minister agrees to keep the school open. Back at home, the celebrations begin. Also, Justin speaks with Angie and agrees to stay. Gemma tells Lewis that she has a surprise for him at Kokoda. The guys trek through the wilderness, until they stumble across a yellow ribbon. Then, Kane (Gyton Grantley) emerges from out of nowhere. The House Husbands reunite with their old friend, as the episode comes to an end.

House Husbands Review

The 5th season finale of House Husbands was a little cheesy here and there. Plus, the political correctness is starting to become overwhelming. Nevertheless, this was definitely the best episode of the season. Many of the outcomes were expected. It was highly unlikely that Justin would move back home and it was certain Lewis would find a way to save the school. However, I wasn’t expecting a return by Kane. That was a great way to end the season. This wasn’t the best season of the show and it is clear bringing Kane back would help significantly.

Despite a fairly underwhelming season, the finale was spot on. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of House Husbands immediately!

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House Husbands Series 5 Finale Recap


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