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Wentworth Series 5 Episode 3 Recap

As the 3rd episode of Wentworth begins, Sonia Stevens (Sigrid Thornton) sneaks into Liz’s cell. She climbs on top of Liz (Celia Ireland) and begins shaving off her hair. Liz wakes up from her nightmare seconds later. She peeks out of cell and receive a friendly good morning from Sonia. In the cafeteria, Kaz (Tammy Macintosh) speaks with Sonia about the upcoming trial. She admits she isn’t worried, since the prosecution has no evidence. Sonia thanks Liz for being her rock and support. Allie (Kate Jenkinson) notices as the other inmates begin trading drugs. Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) admits there is some good stuff going around. Kaz is told she needs to do something or things will continue to deteriorate. Sonia is escorted out seconds later.

Meanwhile, Jake (Bernard Curry) tells Vera (Kate Atkinson) about his microbrewery deal falling through. He agrees to return Vera’s money promptly. Once Vera disappears, Jake informs Kim Chang (Ra Chapman) that another shipment will be coming in soon. Kim agrees to tell Tina (Charli Tjoe). Franky (Nicole da Silva) speaks with Bridget (Libby Tanner) about her suspicions and Joan (Pamela Rabe). Kim gets attacked in the showers. Allie tries to step in and break it up. She is cut in the process. The guards eventually rush in and stop further bloodshed. Stella (Bessie Holland) and Chang are slotted, while Allie is transported to the clinic. Kaz pays her a visit and reveals she made a deal with Tina to get her on her side. She admits she let the drugs slip through the cracks. Allie encourages Kaz to protect the women.

Seconds later, Ferguson speaks with Bridget. Ferguson uses the opportunity to harass Bridget about her relationship with Franky. Joan promises that the secret will be safe with her. Bridget immediately confronts Franky and admits she doesn’t believe Ferguson is responsible. They also discuss the potential repercussions of their relationship coming to light. Bridget insists she will hire a private investigator to look into Pennisi. Franky doesn’t think it is a good idea. She urges Bridget to stay away from her, until she is released. Out in the yard, Doreen (Shareena Clanton) speaks with Liz about her ambitions after her release. Doreen encourages her friend to tell the truth and she’ll be fine. Liz is hauled off for a visit with Don Kaplan (Steve Bastoni). Don reveals that Liz’s testimony has been moved up. He gives her a kiss and tries to give her reassurance that everything will be okay.

Franky speaks with a visitor about Shayne (Hunter Page-Lochard), Ferguson and the gun. Franky is told Shayne may be the only hope she has left. Back in the cafeteria, Boomer complains about Franky’s behavior since she has returned. Seconds later, Sonia comes charging in complaining about Witness X. She calls out the unknown individual, but nobody answers the call. A joke is made about Liz being the culprit, but it doesn’t go any further. That night, Doreen learns the truth about Liz lying about her testimony. Liz admits she just wants to get out of Wentworth. Afterwards, Liz is confronted by Sonia. Sonia reveals she has uncovered the witness’s identity. She admits she believes it is Maxine. Liz goes along with it. In the morning, Liz speaks with Don and learns that Sonia will be out of the courtroom during her testimony. She is also told she will not be able to say any goodbyes. However, Juice spots Liz as she leaves the prison.

Shayne meets with Franky. She manages to convince him to go to the police with his story. Liz gives Vera a hug, before she is shipped off to the courthouse. Franky meets up with the others in the cafeteria. They speak about Liz and her pretend indigestion. An inmate overdoses. Vera orders the guards to check the cells. Bridget confronts Franky and offers to help her. Franky remains convinced that Ferguson will squeal to the board, if she spots them together. Meanwhile, Ferguson notices Kaz having a private conversation with Tina. Kaz tries to convince Tina that the drugs need to stop, at least briefly. Tina doesn’t agree. Ferguson smiles, as she plots to use this to her advantage. Liz nearly gets spotted by Sonia. Then, Liz takes the stand. She follows the detective’s instructions and insists Sonia confessed to her.

Bridget visits Franky in her cell. They wind up getting into an argument. Franky once again tells Bridget to leave her alone. Vera speaks with Bridget and confirms Ferguson submitted a letter to the board about her relationship. Bridget agrees to resign to stop things from hurting Vera. Liz is questioned by the defense. She is caught in multiple lies and eventually breaks down. She confirms she has been lying all along. Vera speaks with Ferguson and confirms that Bridget will be staying on. It is clear she refuses to let Ferguson get a win. Liz is finally let off of the stand. Back in the yard, Ferguson tries to speak with Kaz. The Freak is ignored. Boomer and Kaz raid the kitchen and take the drugs.

Afterwards, Ferguson spots Tina in the hallway. She tells Tina she knows the prison better than anyone else and could help her sneak in the drugs. Tina neither accepts or refuses the help. Franky gets a visit from Kaz. Franky receives a letter containing a drawing of her freedom necklace. She admits she only told Mike about it. This convinces her that Ferguson wasn’t involved. She rushes to the phone and stops Shayne. Now, she is convinced a cop could’ve been involved in Mike’s murder. Then, she rushes outside and tells Vera that Ferguson wasn’t involved. Franky gets no help, but she does get a promise for another meeting with Bridget. Back at the prison, Don agrees to help Liz with the perjury charge. She is now looking at 15 years. Outside, Sonia basks in the glory of beating the system. Liz is returned to the prison at the end of the episode.

Wentworth Review

The 3rd episode of Wentworth Prison’s 5th season was pretty good. Franky continued her investigation and her fight for freedom. With help from Allie, she realized that Joan Ferguson wasn’t responsible for her downfall. Nevertheless, Bennett refuses to listen. Vera is deadest on keeping Ferguson in prison and out of her way. Despite trying to keep Bridget out of harm’s way, Franky has been unsuccessful this far. Vera and Bridget herself remain adamant that Franky needs her help.

Meanwhile, Kaz has already been caught up by a major mistake. She cut a deal with Tina to let drugs into the prison. That has backfired. Now, there is the potential that Ferguson could use Tina to remove Kaz from the role of Top Dog. Finally, Liz is in serious trouble. She failed horribly on the stand and is now headed back to prison. Plus, her sentence could be extended significantly. Does Sonia know and will she retaliate? The episode covered a great deal. A 7 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Wentworth now!

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Wentworth Series 5 Episode 3 Recap


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