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Home Fires Series 2 Episode 4 Recap

As soon as the episode starts, Steph Farrow (Clare Calbraith) finally convinces Stan (Chris Coghill) to give up his weapons. Immediately afterwards, the bomb sirens sound. Nick (Mark Umbers) speaks with Sara Collingborne (Ruth Gemmell) about Teresa. Nick reveals he is supposed to spend the day with her. David Brindsley (Will Attenborough) returns to the butcher shop with his parents. A painter outside adds “son” to the store’s name. Teresa discusses her date with Alison (Fenella Woolgar). Alison tells her friend to have fun and escape the grasp of her past. Seconds later, Nick arrives and whisks Teresa (Leanne Best) away.

Stan approaches his wife and makes it clear he doesn’t want to return to the war. Steph comforts her husband and tells him to make it back home. Frances (Samantha Bond) goes to work taking over the factory. Frances explains to Sarah that Noah’s 20% in the company doesn’t have a say in the company’s operations. She admits she plans to buy out Mr. Lakin (Philip Lowrie) soon enough anyway. Meanwhile, Teresa and Nick hike to the top of a mountain and watches the parachutes drop to the ground. Nick is forced to end the date early, when he notices that the soldiers cannot get up. Alison watches as Mrs. Taylor (James Quinn) accepts money from one of the Lyons brothers in exchange for his cooperation.

With help from Pat (Claire Rushbrook), Bob (Mark Bazeley) attempts to stand. When he is unable to do so, he calls his wife an idiot. Pat leaves for her shift at the exchange. As soon as she departs, Bob stands up on his own. The Brindsley family visit Doctor Will Campbell (Ed Stoppard). David receives terrible news. Will recommends that he avoid manual labor, since it could reopen the wounds on his back. He also admits the problem will likely linger for the remainder of David’s life. Claire (Daisy Badger) delivers a letter to Pat, once she arrives at the exchange. After the consultation ends, Erica (Frances Grey) gives Will a letter from his doctor. He discovers that his cancer has shrunk by as much as 20 to 30%. Laura (Leila Mimmack) enters and celebrates alongside her family.

Tom (Rob Heaps) arrives at the door. He leaves with Laura. David has difficulty tying his shoes. Miriam (Claire Price) tries to help, but David refuses her offer. Jenny (Jodie Hamblet) arrives at the exchange and announces she has joined the WAAF. When Pat exits, Bob watches her moves from a distance. Will and Erica take a break to celebrate the good news. Pat meets with Marek (Alexandre Willaume). She admits she still wants to see him. Bob watches the encounter from a nearby bridge. DS Reynolds (Nigel Boyle) meets with Alison. He learns about the exchange between Lyons and Mr. Taylor. However, he admits he wants it to go further. Alison seems hesitant to do so, since she doesn’t want to harm Frances and her business.

Bob returns home and swings his cane around. Joyce (Francesca Annis) arrives at Will’s place. She speaks with Erica and resigns with Will. She also makes it clear she wants the women to learn first aid. Pat returns home. Bob says nothing about his trip. However, he admits his writing is some of his best work ever. He also attempts to portray the Czech soldiers as cowards. Stan embraces Little Stan (Brian Fletcher) and says goodbye to his wife, before departing. Tom and Laura walk through the woods. Alison returns home and learns about the parachutes from Teresa. She also tries to urge Teresa to get back in touch with Nick. Laura reveals she wants to join the Observer Corps. She insists the RAF can’t stop her, since it is a civil service.

The duo speak with the man in charge. He admits women aren’t allowed to join. However, he also insists he wouldn’t mind, as long as the rules were more flexible. Tom agrees to speak with his commander. Bryn (Daniel Ryan) and his wife watch as David returns home and heads to the basement. Bryn holds his wife back, as David lifts a piece of meat onto his shoulders and tries to tote it around. He drops after a few steps and is comforted by his mother. Frances and Sarah head to Mr. Lakin’s place. During their conversation, Noah (Oliver Nelson) enters and sees Frances for the first time. Laura spots David, as he goes bird watching. She tells him about joining the Observer Corps and also tries to encourage him to sign up.

Frances doesn’t change her mind after spotting Noah. She leaves the meeting without reaching a conclusion. Nick shares pie with Teresa and Alison. He speaks about the parachutes and admits something was unusual with them. He admits it could’ve been poor manufacturing. Frances and Sarah argue. Sarah insists Frances cannot put Peter’s mistakes off on Noah. Before Nick leaves, he tries to touch Teresa, but she backs away. Meanwhile, the first aid training begins. Everything goes well until they begin the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation training. Miriam makes a comment and Teresa leaves seconds later. Steph follows her out, but Teresa insists she is fine. On her way home, Teresa notices Annie Carter (Jo Herbert). She tries to ignore the woman.

Alison returns to the factory and speaks with Mr. Taylor, who insists the parachutes are perfect. Seconds later, Teresa pays a visit to Nick. She apologizes for being rude earlier and gives Nick a big kiss.

Home Fires Review

The 4th episode of Home Fires’ second season picked things up and pushed the story forward a lot. Bob finally learned about his wife’s affair with Marek. Crazy Bob is terrible, but Mark Bazeley’s portrayal of the character definitely makes him one of the most interesting in the entire series. Hopefully, Pat doesn’t put up with it anymore.

Alison potentially discovered that the parachutes at Frances’ factory have been tampered with intentionally. Will her involvement with the detective ruin her relationship with Frances? Each episode of Home Fires has a lot going on, but everything flows fluidly. This episode was no different. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Home Fires now.

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Home Fires Series 2 Episode 4 Recap


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