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Home Fires Series 2 Episode 5 Recap

At the beginning of the 5th episode, the locals watch as a war rages nearby. After the intro, Nick (Mark Umbers) and Teresa (Leanne Best) walk through the town together. It is clear that their relationship is growing stronger. They’re interrupted by Jenny (Jodie Hamblet), who reveals she intends to apply to become a radio operator. At this time, a strange woman exits the local bus. Little Stan Farrow (Brian Fletcher) discovers that the farm’s workers have fled. He quickly informs Steph (Clare Calbraith). Along with Isobel Reilly (Gillian Dean), the group begins harvesting their crops. Miriam (Claire Price) and Bryn (Daniel Ryan) receive a visit from Mrs. Leveson (Wanda Opalinska).

Leveson makes a comment about David (Will Attenborough) being dead. She is stunned by the fact that David is alive and well. During this time, Pat (Claire Rushbrook) spends time with Marek (Alexandre Willaume). Marek insists Pat should marry him. However, she is reluctant to do so, since she understands the harsh realities of war. Marek contemplates warning Bob (Mark Bazeley). Pat insists doing so would only make the situation worse. Leveson speaks with David and his family. It is revealed that David saved several men during the war. While the others are quick to label David a hero, he doesn’t like it. In fact, he tries to downplay his actions. It is revealed that Leveson’s son, Alan, had his face badly injured and is now blinded. Nonetheless, they’re happy that Alan is still alive. Annie Carter (Jo Herbert) speaks with Nick about Teresa. He admits he is uncertain with the future of their relationship.

Next, Bob visits Pat at the exchange. He reveals that his book has been accepted. He has also received a substantial money in advance. Bob promises to give Claire Hillman (Daisy Badger) a signed copy, before telling Pat that the book changes everything. Meanwhile, Steph becomes enraged when attempting to harvest the corn. She lashes out at Isobel. While little Stan transports Isobel home, Steph collapses. During this time, Frances (Samantha Bond) and Sarah (Ruth Gemmell) prepare for the arrive of Noah. At it turns out, Frances has agreed to allow Noah (Oliver Nelson) to live at her place for a temporary period of time. Leveson finally finishes her discussion with the Brindsley family. Miriam tells her husband she is going to visit Steph, since the crops have never arrived. Joyce (Francesca Annis) gets a visit from her son, Malcolm Cornell (Richard Laing).

Bob tells Pat she no longer needs to work at the exchange. She admits she likes working there. Nonetheless, Bob insists he will need her at home from now on. Noah arrives at Frances’ place. Frances tries her best to remain standoffish with the boy. Miriam finds Steph and helps her home. She also calls Will (Ed Stoppard) and informs him about Steph’s collapse. Alison (Fenella Woolgar) receives a visit from Tom (Rob Heaps), who has a message from Nick. He tells Alison to tell Teresa that Nick wants to see her later that night. Tom also confirms that the army suspects the parachute problem was related to their manufacturing. Frances tells Sarah she reexamined her past and still hasn’t be able to find a clue pointing to Peter’s betrayal. Steph is examined by Will, before being told to get rest. She insists she cannot, because she needs to ensure the farm meets its quota. Little Stan manages to convince her to remain in bed.

Joyce speaks with his son about his true motive for returning. They both admit their letters have been cold and formal. The conversation is interrupted when Miriam calls. Joyce agrees to help Steph at the farm. After the call ends, Malcolm inquires about his mother’s duties at the WI. She admits she is currently president, but only temporarily. Joyce learns that she is a grandmother. Laura (Leila Mimmack) and several other local women learn about David’s bravery from his father. Sarah and Claire arrives at the farm and speak with Stan. Seconds later, a large group shows up ready to help. Before the work begins, Erica (Frances Grey) informs Pat that the Czech soldiers have been ordered to return to the war. Laura speaks with David. He tells her she is an idiot for not noticing Tom’s true feelings. Moments later, Joyce arrives and introduces the women to her son. Alison speaks with Mr. Taylor (James Quinn) at the factory.

Alison requests to know more about the parachutes. Mr. Taylor admits he personally oversees the operation of the quality control machine. She then asks Taylor about the parachute accidents. Pat tracks down Marek. He admits they only have a few hours warning, before they’re sent back. Pat agrees to wait for Marek as long as it takes. Marek gives Pat his necklace and tells her that it will keep her safe. Alison gives Teresa the message, as soon as she arrives home. Teresa seems perplexed by the invitation. Bob ridicules Pat at home. He tells her to stop buying the cheap steaks. Bob also reveals he has been able to walk up the stairs. While Bob intends to celebrate with his wife, the locals help Little Stan harvest the crops. They work throughout the night. Erica enters the house and relieves Sarah of her duties. Before Sarah can return home, she enters the nearby chicken coop and is held at gunpoint by an unknown man. She agrees to escort the man to the vicarage. Sarah tells the man about her husband, before agreeing to make supper.

Teresa makes it to Nick’s. Nick professes his love for Teresa, before asking for her hand in marriage. Teresa accepts the proposal. When Steph heads outside in the morning, she discovers that all of the crops have been harvested. She apologizes to Isobel. Sarah returns and tells the man she didn’t tell anyone about him. He makes it clear he doesn’t want to return to the war. Before Malcolm leaves, he agrees to bring his family with him next time. Laura meets with Tom and gives him a big kiss. At the factory, Mr. Taylor is harassed by the Lyons brothers. Alison asks him about it afterwards. He tells her to remain silent, unless she wants to put her life in danger. At the end of the episode, a detective enters. He tells Frances and Alison that they have a warrant to seize everything on the site. At this time, Frances learns about the defective parachutes.

Home Fires Review

The 5th episode finally forced Frances to rethink her obsession with her husband’s past choices. While she has been wrap up in his infidelity, she has completely ignored the factory and her duties at the WI. Now, with the threat of the factory being shut down, she will need to get things back on track.

Steph Farrow finally hit her breaking point and she took it out on Isobel. Nonetheless, the townsfolk rallied around the Farrows and managed to help them harvest the crops. We also learned more about David’s time in the war. The finale will have a lot to cover in a 45 minute span. What will happen to Marek and Pat?

Will she be able to escape Bob’s grasp once and for all? Will Frances be able to save the factory? Will Teresa actually marry Will? This episode was by far one of the best of the season. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Home Fires now.

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Home Fires Series 2 Episode 5 Recap


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