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Hyde And Seek Episode 6 Recap

At the beginning of the 6th episode, Gary (Matt Nable) visits Nick’s grave with Sonya (Zoe Ventoura) and Angela (Stephanie Panozzo). Sonya and Gary head back to headquarters, where they speak with Major Hanley (Damian de Montemas). Hanley thanks Gary for his assistance. Moments later, Gary speaks with Claire McKenzie (Emma Hamilton). Claire admits she isn’t sure they’ve solved the case. Nonetheless, Claire tells Gary to go and enjoy his holiday with his wife. Seconds later, Claire confronts Jackie Walters (Mandy McElhinney) with evidence that Ali had a air ticket to Jakarta. Meanwhile, Gary returns home and grills out, while watching his kids play soccer. Eventually, he makes an excuse to leave the house.

Gary visits Claire. They speak about Ali and contemplate whether or not someone else was involved. Claire admits she believes Ali might’ve been pressured somehow. Gary sympathizes with Jackie and admits she might be right. Nonetheless, Claire decides to head to Indonesia to investigate. Gary returns home and argues with Sonya about his decision. Seconds later, Gary and Claire arrives in Indonesia. They travel to an immigration camp and speak with a local official. The man refuses to provide them with any assistance. Moments later, Andrew Mills (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) visits Jackie and asks why Claire would be in Indonesia. Claire receives and ignores a call from Jackie.

Gary eventually becomes fed up with waiting and begins to demand answers. Moments later, Claire’s former boss, Maru Salesi (Aaron Fa’aoso) arrives. Maru introduces himself to Gary and the others. Then, he speaks with Claire in private. Maru reveals he has gotten a promotion, while Claire unveils the truth about her investigation. Gary arrives moments later with a new lead. Gary and Claire head deeper into the camp, where they speak with Ali’s wife, Parisa Ruhani (Victoria Haralabidou). Parisa seems to believe Claire is there to give her a New Zealand passport. During this time, Tanya (Claire Lovering) and Kevin (Tai Hara) pay a visit to one of Hanley’s former soldiers, Ryan (Johnny Brady). At first the man refuses to give up anything helpful.

Before they leave, Ryan speaks with Tanya. He flirts with her and takes her business card. Once they return to headquarters, Kevin hassles Tanya over her new friend. Jackie interrupts and asks about Gary and Claire’s whereabouts. They admit they do not know anything. Back at home, Sonya complains to Angela about Gary’s relationship with Claire. She admits she is uncomfortable with it, before revealing she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Gary and Claire continue speaking with Parisa. They learn that Ali was working with an Australian, who had promised to provide his family with New Zealand passports. Eventually, the couple is forced to tell Parisa the truth about Ali and his death. That night, Tanya visits Ryan for dinner. They speak about her decision to join the force briefly.

Ryan eventually reveals that Ali was trained by Hanley. He also refers to Ali as a killing machine. During this time, guards rush in and take Parisa out. While Ryan heads to the bathroom, Tanya contacts Kevin and tells him about Ryan’s claim. Gary speaks with Parisa’s son, before Claire arrives and reveals authorities plan to send her back to Afghanistan. Claire speaks with her old boss, Maru. She accuses him of being involved with Parisa’s potential deportation. During this time, Gary speaks with his wife. She complains about his behavior, while Gary tries to tell her about Parisa and her son. Sonya continues to argue, until Gary eventually shuts off the video transmission. Gary heads downstairs and drinks with Claire. They head back to their room and Gary tries to kiss Claire. She turns her head and insists that would be bad for both of them.

The next day, Claire receives a call from Maru. He agrees to get the couple access to Parisa. Before they’re allowed inside, Maru explains to Claire that he is not the enemy. During their conversation with Parisa, Claire reveals she will work to get her family refugee status in New Zealand. She provides them with a date for Ali’s meeting with the Australian. Tanya receives a call and is told to investigate the date. Jackie is told about Hanley’s involvement with Ali, but she refuses to believe it and insists that information should be classified. She reveals the major wants to start a political career and believes they shouldn’t get involved. Gary plays with Parisa’s son, before learning that Claire has managed to get the family added to New Zealand’s refugee quote. Claire and Gary agree they’re dealing with someone on the inside.

Once they return home, Claire receives a call from Tanya. She is informed that Jackie is the one, who was meeting with Ali. Gary returns home and tries to make things right with Sonya. He also learns about his wife’s pregnancy. Nonetheless, their relationship doesn’t seem to be on the mend. During this time, Claire confronts Hanley. He agrees to tell her about Jackie’s time in the military. He admits she was a good soldier and trained the local women. Claire finally returns to work and is scolded by Jackie. She denies that Gary was involved in her Indonesian hunt.

Hyde And Seek Review

As bad as I want to like Hyde & Seek, I just find it nearly impossible to do so. I really like Matt Nable and the addition of Victoria Haralabidou was great this episode. I also appreciate the chemistry between Emma Hamilton and Nable. The couple is definitely good together. Nonetheless, it was fairly obvious from the beginning that Jackie was up to no good. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Andrew involved.

The episode scores a 6 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Hyde & Seek right now!

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Hyde And Seek Episode 6 Recap


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