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ILT’s Top 10 Films Of 2022!
2023-01-08 20:00
This year, almost all of ILT’s top 10 came direct from the big screen. A friendly reminder that the cinema’s a banger and you should visit more often.Follow ILT on twitter&n&hell…Read More
ILT’s Top 10 Films Of 2021!
2022-01-20 16:32
Another weird year. Remember the best of it with ILT’s top 10…Follow ILT on twitter @iltfilmFollow ILT on Letterboxd 10. Red Rocket Dir: Sean Baker Sean Baker co… Read More
Review: The Power Of The Dog
2021-10-20 20:00
Jane Campion’s western is a beautifully brutal character study and one of the best films of the year…Follow ILT on twitter @iltfilmFollow ILT on Letterboxd In th… Read More
VIFF 2021 – Closing Round-Up
2021-10-08 20:00
With the 2021 Vancouver International Film Festival drawing to a close, the traditional local to global nature of its lineup is on full display…Follow ILT on twitter&nb&hell…Read More
VIFF 2021 – Opening Round-Up
2021-10-01 20:00
If you ever receive an invitation in a purple envelope, you should 100% open it and do exactly what it says…Follow ILT on twitter @iltfilmFollow ILT on Letterboxd As s… Read More
ILT’s Top 10 Films Of 2020!
2021-01-03 19:21
Weird year tbf. As usual, here’s ILT’s 10 favourite reels…Follow ILT on twitter @iltfilm 10. On the Rocks Dir: Sofia Coppola A rare between-lockdown theatr… Read More
VIFF 2020 – Best Of The Rest
2020-10-15 20:00
Drinking, haunting, rapping, electing. Another Round Turning to booze to solve your midlife crisis is not exactly a revolutionary idea. For Martin (Mads Mikkelsen) and his three high school… Read More
Review: The Wolf Of Snow Hollow
2020-10-08 20:01
Following the success of his crowdfunded indie banger Thunder Road, Jim Cummings’ new horror-comedy-drama has plenty of bite… Jim Cummings has been busy. Hot off the succ… Read More
Review: Akilla’s Escape
2020-09-30 20:00
Rising indie filmmaker Charles Officer explores his Toronto-Jamaican roots with a culture-steeped take on the gangster flick… The drug-running gangland drama is hardly a new concept… Read More
Review: There Is No Evil
2020-09-25 20:00
One of the best films at VIFF 2020, There Is No Evil sees Mohammad Rasoulof continue to tackle Iran’s authoritarian regime head on… Most of the outside world has seen little o… Read More
Five Films To Catch At VIFF 2020
2020-09-15 20:00
Despite the pandemic’s attempts to rob local senior citizens of their favourite few weeks of the year, the Vancouver International Film Festival returns for its 39th edition… Read More
2020-01-16 07:10
2019 was comfortably one of the strongest years of the decade for cinema. As close to a traditional list as possible, here’s ILT’s 10 favourite reels of the year…Foll… Read More
VIFF 2019 – Final Round-Up
2019-10-17 20:00
The Vancouver International Film Festival wrapped up with some big names, big experiences, and plenty of charm… The Two Popes If asked in 2002 what sort of projects City of… Read More
VIFF 2019 – Week Two Round-Up
2019-10-14 20:00
The Vancouver International Film Festival continues with a collection of intimate, personal, highly emotional pictures from across the globe…   Sorry We Missed You You… Read More
VIFF 2019 – Week One Round-Up
2019-10-03 20:00
The Vancouver International Film Festival is well underway, with week one throwing up the usual array of weird and wonderful highlights… The Lighthouse “Why’d y… Read More
Five Films To Catch At VIFF 2019
2019-09-25 20:00
The Vancouver International Film Festival returns for its 38th edition this week, and as usual there will be no shortage of friendly, sometimes sleepy senior citizens to mingle and comp… Read More
2019-07-29 23:41
Quentin Tarantino returns to lovingly mock and adore Tinseltown in what is comfortably the film of the year so far…Follow ILT on twitter @iltfilmLike ILT on f… Read More
ILT’s Top 10 Films Of 2018!
2019-01-03 07:55
Bold, reflective, and steeped in dark wit: 2018 was an astonishing year for cinema. As close to a traditional list as possible, here’s ILT’s 10 favourite reels of the&n&hell…Read More
2018-12-19 04:13
As 2019 approaches ILT looks forward to Quentin Tarantino’s hotly anticipated, Manson Family-tinged return to modern-ish times, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, starring Leonardo Di… Read More
Throwback: Rocky IV (1985)
2018-11-26 20:00
“If he dies, he dies.” With Creed II out now in North America and ready to swing at UK audiences, it made sense to go back to its direct prequel, and by far the Rocky&n&hell…Read More
Review: Shadow – VIFF 2018
2018-10-10 20:00
Legendary Chinese director Zhang Yimou is known for his richly crafted period pieces, and Shadow is no different; a beautifully shot historical drama complete with Zhang’s tr… Read More
Review: Boy Erased – VIFF 2018
2018-10-08 20:00
Writer-director (and co-star) Joel Edgerton’s emotionally challenging deep dive into the murky world of gay conversion therapy is one of the best, and most important films of the year… Read More
2018-09-20 20:00
With the 2018 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) set to get underway this week, ILT has teamed up with Set The Tape to bring you coverage of the festival’s best, worst… Read More
Review – Lady Bird
2018-02-20 20:00
Are you one of those people who believe Greta Gerwig only received an Academy Award nomination for Best Director because she’s female? Then I reckon you haven’t actually watched… Read More
Looking Back At… Boogie Nights
2018-02-08 20:00
20 years prior to his latest masterpiece – Phantom Thread – Paul Thomas Anderson was a rookie director making films about usually well-endowed porn stars… Check out I… Read More
Throwback: Jackie Brown
2017-12-20 20:00
It’s been 20 years since the release of Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown. Feeling old yet? Me too… Read the full throwback to QT’s 90s classic now at Set T… Read More
ILT’s Top 10 Films Of 2017!
2017-12-20 02:32
Following a weak start to the cinematic year, 2017 came roaring back with a number of memorable flicks. As close to a traditional list as I could get, here’s ILT’s 10 favourite r… Read More
Review – Star Wars: The Last Jedi
2017-12-18 06:53
I can’t be the only one who hated The Last Jedi? Right? Check out my full review now at Set The TapeClick here for more of ILT’s reviews and retrospect f… Read More
2018 Preview: Isle Of Dogs
2017-12-06 06:14
The prince of whimsical pictures, writer-director Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Grand Budapest Hotel), returns next year with a new star-studded, Japan-themed st… Read More
Review: Jim & Andy – The Great Beyond
2017-11-27 20:00
Exploring Jim Carrey’s full method approach to playing Andy Kaufman for 1999’s Man on the Moon, Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond is one of the finest docs you’ll see this y… Read More
2018 Preview – Mission Impossible 6
2017-11-27 19:59
The Mission: Impossible series somehow manages to keep audiences coming back for me. We 2018 fast approaching, ILT looks forward to Ethan Hunt and Co.’s latest chapter… Check ou… Read More
Review: The Florida Project
2017-11-14 20:00
Depressing, funny, vital; Sean Baker’s The Florida Project is one of the films of the year. As usual, ILT has teamed up with Set The Tape to tell you why… Ch… Read More
2017-10-30 20:00
With halloween comes horror; and where better to start than Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining? Courtesy of Set The Tape, ILT looks back at a classic of the genre, and discusses whethe… Read More
Review: Lucky (VIFF 2017)
2017-10-18 20:00
With the 2017 Vancouver International Film Festival in full swing, ILT is teaming up with Set The Tape to bring you coverage of the weirdest and best releases. ILT’s final re… Read More
Review: Borg Vs. McEnroe (VIFF 2017)
2017-10-17 20:00
With the 2017 Vancouver International Film Festival in full swing, ILT is teaming up with Set The Tape to bring you coverage of the weirdest and best releases. Next up, Janus Metz… Read More
Review: Blade Runner 2049
2017-10-09 20:00
Blade Runner 2049 is finally here. As always, ILT and Set The Tape have got you covered… Check out the spoiler free review here.Click here for more of ILT&rsq&hell…Read More
Thunderbirds – Top 5 Episodes
2017-10-05 20:00
Following on from ILT and Set The Tape’s look back at Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds, we countdown the show’s top five episodes… Check out our choices… Read More
Review: Wind River
2017-08-26 16:12
Rising screenwriter Taylor Sheridan gets behind the camera for another dose of pain and suffering… *spoiler free*Follow ILT on twitter @iltfilmLike ILT on fac… Read More
Review: Dunkirk (70mm)
2017-07-22 23:22
Nolan’s unique war epic sees the British director revisit the past in more ways than one… *spoiler free*Follow ILT on twitter @laidbaremediaLike ILT on … Read More
Review: Hecatomb (proof-of-concept)
2017-07-17 02:18
British director Edward Andrews’ micro-budget sci-fi/action epic proves to be worth the wait…Follow ILT on twitter @laidbaremediaLike ILT on facebo… Read More
Review: T2 Trainspotting
2017-04-09 01:37
Danny Boyle gets the old crew back together for a depressing, but altogether satisfying foray into the middle-aged minds of our beloved Scottish fuck ups… *spoiler free*Follow IL… Read More
Review: Ghost In The Shell
2017-04-09 01:33
Undoubtedly a surprise to no-one at all, the Ghost in the Shell remake is all style and no substance. *spoiler free*Follow ILT on twitter @laidbaremediaLike ILT on&n&hell…Read More
Preview: IT
2017-03-31 07:35
Do you like clowns? Because this clown likes you. And he wants to eat your face…Follow ILT on twitter @laidbaremediaLike ILT on facebook I don’t write… Read More
Review: Logan
2017-03-05 01:14
My first X-Men flick. Looks like I started at the right time. *spoiler free*Follow ILT on twitter @laidbaremediaLike ILT on facebook Prior to yesterday, I hadn&rsqu&hell…Read More
ILT’s Top Ten Films Of 2016!
2017-01-05 03:41
2016 was an intriguing, if understated year for quality cinema. As close to a traditional list as I could get, here’s ILT’s ten favourite flicks of the year…Follow&nb&hell…Read More
Preview: Blade Runner 2049
2016-12-24 01:55
The sequel to Ridley Scott’s classic already features a fanboy’s cinematic dream team…Follow ILT on twitter @laidbaremediaLike ILT on fa… Read More
Review: Rogue One
2016-12-20 06:24
Would you like to hear the odds of it being good? Don’t worry, they’re favourable… *spoiler free*Follow ILT on twitter @laidbaremediaLike ILT on f… Read More
Review: Arrival
2016-11-18 06:41
As he prepares to deliver the sacred Blade Runner sequel, all eyes are on Denis Villeneuve’s first foray into sci-fi… *spoiler free* Follow ILT on twitter @… Read More
Review: Hell Or High Water
2016-09-25 02:24
The West dusts off its wild side to give us one of the films of the year. *spoiler free*Follow ILT on twitter @laidbaremediaLike ILT on facebook These days, th… Read More
SceneKid#14: The Listening Booth
2016-09-11 20:51
Beautiful. Awkward. The most relatable scene in cinematic history? Before SunriseDir: Richard LinklaterOriginal Release Date: 27 January 1995Follow ILT on twitter @l… Read More
Review: The Nice Guys
2016-05-26 02:57
Probably the easiest review I’ve ever written; I don’t have a bad word to say. *spoiler free*Follow ILT on twitter @laidbaremediaLike ILT on facebook Th… Read More
Review: The Jungle Book
2016-04-28 06:40
It seems Disney missed the point of that certain little ditty; “Bare Necessities”… *spoilers*Follow ILT on twitter @laidbaremediaLike ILT on faceb… Read More
Preview: Rogue One (teaser Trailer)
2016-04-08 17:30
(Don’t) Let the hype flow through you…Follow ILT on twitter @laidbaremediaLike ILT on facebook Aye, here we go again etc. Following my underwhelmi… Read More
PerfAction#3: Hard Boiled 辣手神探
2016-04-07 17:40
PerfAction returns with the greatest action flick you’ve (probably) never heard of… Hard BoiledDir: John WooOriginal Release Date: 16 April 1992Part of ILT’s&nbs&hell…Read More
Preview: Hecatomb
2016-04-04 19:44
Recently, I reviewed British director Edward Andrews’ award-winning short, Red Handed. For his next project, Hecatomb – a dystopian action flick set in the desolate Mex… Read More
Underrated#2: Death Proof
2016-03-29 19:09
Apparently, plenty of people still don’t “get” Death Proof. Probably because there’s nothing to “get”. Death ProofDir: Quentin TarantinoOriginal Rele… Read More

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