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Title: Outcast
Length: 98min

Outcast, is Non-Rated, but clearly it should be rated R if not PG-13. Though this Irish horror flick differently knows when to use the gore and how much. This isn't a movie for children period. In my personal opinion it's not a gore flick, there are a few scenes of it, along with nudity, swearing, and of course sex. The Story in my opinion was interesting and the air of magic feels very real and very alive in Ireland. I think this is my overall reason why you should consider seeing this movie.

The story takes place poverty stricken complex in Ireland. Mary (Katie Dickie) and her son Fergal (Niall Bruton) are searching for a place to live. It's apparent that Mary and Fergal are hiding something and obviously on the run. The story progresses fast as Fergal meets his neighbors, Petronella (Hannah Stanbridge), her friend Ally, and Patronella's younger disabled brother Jitta. Instantly Fergal and Petronella are attracted to one another but don't exactly communicate well. They also meet the local male thugs of the complex as well. While Fergal is socializing his mother Mary is setting up a warding spells through out the house.

The story progresses and we come to a dark and angry man, Cathal (James Nesbitt) getting some symbolic tattoo work on his back. We soon realize he's after Mary and Fergal and is not afraid to go through any lengths necessary, including delving into the world of magic. He soon meets up with another tracker Liam, who has more experience in using magic and shows him the basics as they team up for the hunt for Mary and Fergal. Meanwhile Fergal hangs around outside getting even closer to Petronella and are both typical teenagers with hormonal needs and finds it hard to keep their attraction a secret to his mother.

Mary is upset that Fergal is seeing Petronella and girls in general. She goes through great lengths to protect herself and her son though Fergal is obviously tired of running and tired of being kept hidden. What's even worse there's a strange creature about feeding on the unsuspecting victims of the night. Cathal and Liam grow closer though Mary's spell work has them at dead end. The story shifts as we see Petronella and her family seeing a bitter mother who's tired of who's tired and frustrated with her children and clearly is fed up with taking care of her son Jitta who can't take care of himself. Petronella grows angry and runs to Fergal and give each other comfort. To be honest the romance in the movie is at best puppy love.

As the ending of the story nears, Cathal breaks the rules and uses magic that he wasn't allowed to use and finds Mary and her son Fergal. Cathal and Mary get in battle of fists and magic which is very subtle but intense. Petronella runs away from home with Fergal though teenage hormones gets the best of them while they get down and dirty on the play set. That's not the ending but I really don't have the means to ruin it for you. All I can say it's dark horror thriller and it's worth checking out. The movie is suspenseful and magic you feel is dark and real feeling. I don't think the story will please all viewers, may it not be scary enough- to wondering about the plot itself. It's an entertaining movie and over all refreshing.

Title: Outcast
Length: 98 min
Rated: NR/R
Director: Colm McCarthy
Starring: Katie Dickie, Niall Bruton, Hannah Stanbridge, James Nesbitt
Over All Score: A-
Entertaining: A-, Good story and unique plot, not much on the horror department. A very real and different look on magic. The language barrier sometimes had me wondering about the dialogue.
Storyline: B+, The story is complete but there is some parts where the viewer might be unclear. Questions might be unanswered.
Cinematography: The picture quality is good, there's obviously a budget to the film. It's urban views are crisp and color filtering isn't overdone. 
Acting: A, Didn't see anything bad/cheesy/ nor corny.
Music: C+, not much on the music or score, to be honest didn't quite here it much at all, which in this movie was a plus, wasn't distracting at all.

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