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October ’15 in Recap

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I’m sure lots of your Movie watching experience would probably dominated with horror films. But I find this month I particularly avoid watching anything creepy, unless the ones I accidentally watched already.

Well, big news! We’re currently expecting a baby as I found out that I am pregnant (yay!), so if you noticed I didn’t write anything between the early date to last week, it’s because I was adapting (trying to hold myself from vomiting) with this new condition. I hope everything goes well

Since it’s now a delicate condition for me, I never really gone out except for visiting families. Lots of rest, so my wish to see The Walk or The Martian just gone away. But thankfully, TV cables offers a lot of horror movies (lots to avoid) but it’s not a bad month.

3 (2015)

Me, Earl and The Dying Girl (2015)

Citizen Kane (1941)

Aloha (2015)

Last time Cameron Crowe made a movie was back in 2011, and now he’s back with Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper. I’ve read the reviews but I had to see it for myself. After I saw Aloha, I still think Say Anything (1989) is the best from Crowe. But unfortunately, I don’t think Aloha belongs in even the top 5 of his best film (he doesn’t have lots of feature films). I even watched Vanilla Sky and rated it higher as I understood it more, previously I hated it.

To me, Aloha felt like neglecting its own background, the real basic of all its ground. Why the characters exist, why this and why that didn’t felt explained enough. So most of the time, I tried to catch up with the situation. I get that to focus on the background could make its own thick chapter, which isn’t the style of Crowe at all. That’s the dilemma.

Emma Stone felt exhausting to see at first, as she should be the high spirited person, which is odd because we always see her as the laid back girl. Bradley Cooper didn’t felt like the veteran or the senior, I think his character should be portrayed by someone older or bolder presence like Christian Bale. In fact, this is maybe the first time I didn’t like Crowe’s actor choice for leading man. But I still loved the romance and a bit of its music. Score : 6

St. Vincent (2014)

Watching St.Vincent felt like founding a prize, as I didn’t expect to love it. Bill Murray does his magic again, being a lazy slack-off that bonded with the neighbor’s kid he got paid to look after. We got reminded that we can’t judge a person by their appearance, as sometimes we all can be damaged by life but that doesn’t mean we have damaged soul. Love the fact that Vincent fill the kid’s space for fatherhood and connect with him, taught him how to fight the bullies. Score : 7,5

The Voices (2014)

The fact that Marjane Satrapi considered to make this movie confuses me. Why?? Obviously, I got fooled by the cast; Ryan Reynolds, Anna Kendrick and others. It’s one quirky/disturbing look on how a psychopath thinks. It looked like a comedy, but don’t get fooled, it also a crime and horror all at once. I didn’t get why someone would make this movie, as it felt like making a murderer look a tad innocent by exploring their misguided mind. We see how he see his world, when he’s not taking his meds and we see when he did take his meds all his world is filled with blood. Score : 6

Tammy (2014)

I was hoping to see Melissa McCarthy would be in the story where she overcomes her failures and setback to be a better person, but Tammy was more about a granddaughter and grandmother relationship and their twisted problems. It didn’t get you laugh as hard as you would in Bridesmaids, nor touched you in the drama parts. So it’s a bit half to nowhere. Nice to see Mark Duplass, though his part felt a bit too dreamy from all the chaotic thing in the story. Score : 6

The Girl (2012)

I’m sure it’s not an easy portrayal of Alfred Hitchcock to see in The Girl, especially if you’re a fan of his work. Despite the controversy, it is a horrifying experience for Tippi Hedren (Sienna Miller) while being feeling like the top of the world as Hitchcock’s choice of leading lady, but also being degraded on set. Being treated as an object rather than human being. She might have strong mentality, but should’ve call it quits for sake of woman everywhere and for humanity. The process of quitting her contract said that taken longer than being said in the movie. It’s a bad note for Hitchcock career. Sienna Miller was gorgeous as Tippi with the classic look. Love the movie’s retro appearance. Score : 7

The Fever (2004)

The Fever is one smart and provocative psychological drama about what happens in the world today. It probably explains the many clash or wars that ever happened in our history. It describes why there’s differences of economy between one country and another, it shows just how human can be selfish and didn’t want to take responsibility from what they have done in order to live well. We live in a world where everything has been set and order without we are realizing it, and there’s certain feelings of anxiety and helpless to see this realization. The ending explains that there’s no solution because in reality, there’s little room to change it. Score : 8

The Quiet (2005)

It’s hard as a woman to see this movie, because there’s particular male domination in the house that control things. Also there’s sexual offense in the family. This is one upsetting and disturbing movie but hard to look away. Let’s hope no one ever deal with the same problem. Score : 6

Meet The Fockers (2004)

Never actually saw this movie in one sitting, but it is quite hilarious especially with Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand making the atmosphere to be kinky and warm. They are a big contrast to the girl’s parents, played by Robert De Niro and Blythe Danner. It’s a far more rich and funny movie about two families colliding and get to know each other. Score : 7

Meet The Parents (2000)

It should be an awkward and such a funny but painful moment for Gaylord (Ben Stiller) to make himself likeable to his girl’s family. But to me, I can’t help but feel sympathy for him. Not as funny as Meet The Fockers. Score : 6,5

That Old Feeling (1997)

It’s actually a typical family comedy in the ’90s, especially with Bette Midler as one of the cast. Maybe because I grow up in the decade, I find the movie so familiar and hilarious.  Some plot was readable but it’s a fun movie to watch. Score : 7

Sabrina (1995)

Funny how I really wanted to see this movie, but to my surprise they played it on cable. I like this ’90s remake rather than the original, because it made more sense and Sabrina’s character felt more real. I didn’t find Audrey Hepburn to be a woman that a guy would forget, looking her beautiful features and lovely presence. But Julia Ormond really lived as the real Sabrina. I constantly thinking who would portray the cast today, but I can’t easily find the right actor for Linus. Score : 7


Seen any of these movies? What is the best movie moment in October for you?

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October ’15 in Recap


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