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November ’15 in Recap

Hey guys, how are you guys doing? I decided to cut back my time a lot and focusing on my preggie condition, as I constantly feel tired. But I still saved the monthly recap and I managed to go to cinema just to see Katniss’ last chapter. But I didn’t managed to see my Blind Spot movie, hopefully in December. Here we go :

Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 2 (2015)


So finally Katniss and the rest of her troops (or Coin’s) at the very end of their battle to fight Snow. Did it live up to my expectation? Well, I didn’t have much expectation because I didn’t read the book but I do know I loved the previous series. I find Katniss and the story in this last chapter were a little bit flat excluding some terrifying and horror moments (with the mutants and bombs). I was hoping to see Katniss’ passion like she showed in the first Mockingjay, but apparently in this last one she’s already numb with the situation. It is understandable considering all the things she faced, but it made this last one a bit numb as well. The twist at the very end was awesome though, but it is a shame the fire inside Katniss did not show much even in the climax. Score : 7


Amy (2015)
 photo amy 2015_zpsvuzxgpzi.png

Seeing Amy Winehouse in rough camcorder documented before she’s famous was both refreshing and terrifying. I remembered a saying that there’s two types of talented genius; the ones that can change the world, and the one that stuck with their world. I saw Amy’s colors and saw how she really had her own solid voice and character. She was a deep contrast with today’s commercial industrial artists who would do anything to be famous. She was famous just be herself and sing, but without a solid foundation and support, one can’t go on. The documentary revealed what made Amy distracted with her own balance life and sanity. What should be her support, like her spouse and family did not do their role properly. Or rather, ruin her. Her death will remain a tragedy for such a talented singer and artist. Score : 7,5


Bessie (2015)
 photo bessie-_zpsxdgox1kf.jpg

This HBO TV movie is about the legendary blues singer, Bessie Smith played by Queen Latifah. I didn’t know Bessie Smith before, but she’s got some attitude and definitely a diva blood. But her fame and wealthy blinded her eyes, as she allow herself to do some cheating and so does her so-called husband, who managed her. Interesting to see just how a famous singer do at 1920s without recording company, just do show per show with her team herself before signing a record. Quite simple times without all the marketing and publicity. The story has its peak but Bessie in the end know more how to manage herself. Score : 6,5


Faults (2014)
 photo Faults_zpsciq4skid.jpg

There’s always mystery in cults and secret groups, but what’s frightening is to look up to their mind. Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Claire was excellent as the missing daughter who joined a cult, gets an intervention by her parents who pointed Ansel (Leland Orser) to ‘treat’ her back. Unfortunately, Ansel has his own money troubles and previously ruined career and image of his famous psychiatrist profession, so he couldn’t treat Claire 100 percent covered. This movie did an excellent job creating the mystery and thrill just from playing the mind, which is the center of all. Some things couldn’t be explained like how Claire can move her body outside the locked room, and some other things left unexplained really give the chills. Score : 7,5


Grudge Match (2013)
 photo grudge-match_zpsh9jiddme.jpg

Someone said that Hollywood has been generous to old actors, it is proven in Grudge Match that stars Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro. Both once famous boxer and rivals yet challenged to fight again for money and personal reasons. Quite hilarious at times and some drama points definitely made the movie better. It is an okay watch. Score : 6


Fool’s Gold (2008)
 photo fools gold_zpsq4ipisr1.jpg

Fun to see Matthew McCounaghey and Kate Hudson again after How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, they have great chemistry. But in Fool’s Gold, they played a bit of smart detective to find treasure. Hilarious and thrilling story as treasure hunting story should, added with romantic comedy. Sure not as legendary as Pirates of Carribean : The Curse of Black Pearl, but quite fun. Score : 7


Star Wars : Episode II – Attack of The Clones (2002)
 photo attack_clones_2384007k_zps9r6ahay1.jpg

I felt ashamed for not seeing Star Wars again after my Blind Spot pick last year, but thankfully Fox channel provide all Star Wars episode starting this month. They also showed some extras which was knowledgeable. Attack of the Clones surely not as dull as Phantom Menace, and I loved seeing the romance between Padme and Anakin. I think if Anakin isn’t in the story (which would be impossible), the film would’ve feel flat. Padme’s costumes were gorgeous. I saw just a bit how Star Wars’ variety elements could attract large audience and even effect the pop culture. Score : 7,5


Two Weeks Notice (2002)
 photo two_weeks_notice_004_zpsj6vg8gqp.jpg

Longing for a good romantic comedy, I chose to see Two Weeks Notice, which wasn’t the perfect choice. Hugh Grant was funny and so right in his own Hugh Grant way, and Sandra Bullock was right in Sandra Bullock way. But they just didn’t have the best chemistry together. They did felt like an old couple with each other. But the movie did have some funny moments, just didn’t surprise or quite readable. Score : 6


Changing Lanes (2002)
 photo changing_lanes__zps7wppjfvw.jpg

This movie showed how simple actions we thought meaningless could effect our whole day and even our whole lives. When an attorney had a car accident with an insurance employee’s car and refuse to give him a ride, it changes his and the other man’s whole day. Suddenly their whole image and reputation is at stake, which somehow makes them both have to be against each other. But in the end, you just have to accept reality and go on. Some dramatization in the movie exhausting to see, but the concept of the story is great. I loved Samuel Jackson’s performance and weird to see Toni Collette played a cold office worker. Score : 7



Looking forward for anything in December? Or, have you seen the movies I’ve reviewed here?

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November ’15 in Recap


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