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December ’15 in Recap

Hi, readers. It’s the first post in 2016 and I sincerely hope you’ll have a great year. I hope for me as well. If you’re wondering how am I doing, I’m doing fine and feel less nausea. I am focusing on good food to eat everyday for the baby How was your holiday?

December was almost about Star Wars, except I didn’t get to see The Force Awakens yet. It is almost award season but I’m glad I get to see some new releases before the year ended. Here they are :


The Walk (2015)

The Walk is one of my anticipated movies for 2015. I must say, it totally filled my expectation. It’s a great story of someone pursuing his dreams. While others find his dreams were impossible, his visions were clear and he was lucky to find some people who can support him. I find him sleeping in the rope was a little bit too much and wonder if it actually happen, but others were amazing. It also describe how dreams sometimes can own our life and transform us to be the person we’re not usually are. Thankfully, the romance element in it felt realistic. If it did happen like that, I’m glad that they didn’t change it just for the sake of what they thought better ending. The actress Charlotte Le Bon as Annie seem to always took roles about the girl next to an ambitious man, hopefully she’ll be the next lead in the future. Score : 8


Trainwreck (2015)

I never actually saw Amy Schumer’s other performance and possibly was effected to her crazy humorous image before I watch this movie. The poster also made me think the movie was more of a total comedy than it was. I like how Amy Schumer can show a little bit of vulnerability from her non-commitment dating girl issue. But I also think that it tried to be charming, but I didn’t felt it much that way. I saw a lot of romantic comedy, and this one I can say only good. If I have seen them both separately, I would have think that they would be a couple (it’s a good thing they could make it look natural), but I have seen better chemistry. Schumer really showed herself a great comedy leading woman. Knowing that she also written the script surely added much more value to her as a highly potential person. Score : 7


Burnt (2015)

In 2015, I posted my favorite culinary movies. Burnt is really not about loving the food, but also about the professionalism in culinary world. Bradley Cooper really can perform a sort of an idealistic ambitious chef that screwed his own success, but then got back again. Unfortunately, in the climax part where he could’ve shown his weak side was too few and short that I didn’t get the chance to feel sympathetic to him. It felt that it build a wall too high to make us only see this arrogant sober chef that only wants the best on his work. The performances from others were great, like Omar Sy, Daniel Bruhl (loved seeing him again) and Sienna Miller, even Alicia Vikander. It was an okay movie for me. Score : 7


Kingsman The Secret Service (2014)

This movie is one spy movie I have never seen before, mainly because the level of vulgarism in it was not like I expected to be. I heard that the church scene was quite controversial, and I myself couldn’t see it again. The twists surely made surprises and the fashion element surely interesting. But I don’t think I could see this movie again to avoid some scenes. I recommend for kids and teenagers to not see this movie. Score : 7


Star Wars Episode IV : A New Hope (1977), Star Wars Episode V : Empire Strikes Back (1980), Star Wars Episode VI : Return of The Jedi (1983)

Thankfully, I can catch up Star Wars films I haven’t seen on cable. Week by week, bam, I was very much at awe watching them. It’s completely the great combination of art, science and technique. No wonder Star Wars is a culture or even a ‘religion’ to some people since it’s got all the great elements. To me, the characters and all the essence of their belief really make it stand out. The actors, Harrison Ford surely make it more exciting, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill have all the characteristic to make their characters to shine without overdoing it. To top it all, I think George Lucas make it not just for the big bucks, but really as an artist and filmmaker. It’s amazing how in the ’70s and ’80s can pull such amazing visual techniques without making it look corny or cheap.

I remembered how I was impressed on how they amazingly cast Hayden Christensen as Anakin, despite what people said about his acting, because I see the resemblance in Mark Hamill and Luke Skywalker. I think I saw the copy of the remastered so I can see some upgraded visuals and Anakin (Christensen) in their last scenes. Score : 8,5

Legends of The Fall (1994)

I can feel that this movie was adapted from a novel by feeling the romance and the love triangle. And like reading that novel, I almost shut the TV because they play with your hope and create unused sentimental drama. Because those novels would tell the characters from their early stages of life, and some great romances didn’t last. Also one standing out character ended their life just like that. I was disappointed because they have great character and wondered why they would end their life not in a honored way like they should’ve. The main character was Tristan (Brad Pitt) who was all masculine and pretty, he should be a model (though such profession didn’t exist back at those time). I want to like Legends of The Fall, but I just hated the unnecessary stories. Score : 7



PS I really owe this blog another two Blind Spot films left. I am watchful about seeing films lately afraid that the baby would hear something, since the two films left are about thriller and horror. I can’t promise to watch it soon though :/

So, what’s the best film you saw in December? Do you have any movie you’d like to see before the award season started?

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December ’15 in Recap


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