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Best Music of 2015

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At least according to this Youtube list.

1. Adele- Hello
Goodbye. I get that you were in a relationship and the guy broke your heart. I mean, I really really REALLY get it Adele.

2. Justin Beiber- Sorry
This song is boring yet catchy. How does that even work?

3. Drake- Hotline Bling
The day isn't over until every member of my family sings the chorus at some point. "Ever since I left the city youuuuuuu" :D

4. Justin Beiber- What Do You Mean?
Man, that means that your poor girlfriend is confused because you're a major suck ass boyfriend but she's still in love with you. Question. Answered.

5. Justin Beiber- Love Yourself

6. The Weeknd- The Hills
I hate that I love this song. Especially since that missing E from his name which sounds like it should be for a band and not a person is super irritating to me. But this line: "When I'm fucked up that's the real me" just really speaks to the person I was earlier in my life.

7. Shawn Mendes- Stitches
"When I'm without your kisses, I'll be needing stitches" Go fuck yourself Shawn. That's stupid.

8. Selena Gomez- Same Old Love
Oh shit! This was a Selena Gomez song?! It's a corny pop love song that doesn't go full cornball (see Shawn Mendes). Guilty pleasure for sure.

9. Meghan Trainor- Like I'm Gonna Lose You
Ok, this is less annoying than her other songs, but I'm sure I speak for all of America when I say- Meghan, we're done with you. Please stop.

10. Fetty Wap- 679
Fetty Wap? Is that like a sex thing or something?

11. Elle King- Ex's & Oh's
I've heard this song and never knew who sings it. I love her voice but not a fan of the song.

12. Ellie Goulding- On My Mind

13. Drake- Jumpman
Literally never heard this song before

14. The Weeknd- Can't Feel My Face
Fuck. 2 songs that I like by you man?! Ugh! Fine! "You'll never be A.LO.O.O.ONE! I can't feel my face when I'm with you but I love it!" I love these lyrics.

15. Travis Scott- Antidote
Apparently a lot was happening in rap that I had no clue about. WTF is this?

16. Major Lazer & DJ Snake- Lean On
Annoying song but very happy the video matches the Bollywood feel from the song.

17. Taylor Swift- Wildest Dreams
No. This has nothing to do with wild dreams.

18. The Weeknd- DD/In the Night
Never heard of it

19. Bryson Tiller- Don't
Never heard this song either lol. But this just makes me want to listen to Jewel's Don't. Yes. Jewel. The one that lived in a van down by the river.

20. The Voice Jordan Smith
The Voice? Really?

21. Mariah Carey- All I Want for Christmas is You
Well, I mean, this song is nowhere close to being released in 2015. *shrugs* "Make my wish come truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue. All I want for Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas is yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!" YAS!

22. Post Malone- White Iverson
Ok, this is where I look to see how many songs are on this list and decide to just write about the ones I know. Because as far as I'm concerned 100 songs weren't even released all of 2015. Oh yeah and this song is a joke WTF

27. Silento- Watch me (Whip/NaeNae)
This song is trash that everyone dances to. It's impossible not to. It's the macarena of 2015 and I love watching my daughter do the whip and naenae :)

39. Skrillex & Diplo- Where Are U Now
I can't even explain why I like this song. Maybe it's the clapping sound because it's makes you wanna clap along and then you think it's good.

41. Selena Gomez- Good For You
Ok, so she has an actual good voice. I love listening to her even though her songs have no meat to it. Also, I don't love the message to this song even though I know every women is like this. Still....

42. Wiz Khalifa- See You Again
I didn't know this song existed until it was reviewed by Todd in the Shadows. Then I started hearing it on the radio and I hated it. I mean, it's just a bullshit song that I feel is meant to emotionally manipulate you into watching that stupid movie. But then, my daughter started missing my husband when he'd go to work and she'd sing this song to him. Heart. Breaking. So that's what I associate with this song. It's sweet and sad at the same time. And now, I kinda love it.

44. OMI- Cheerleader
I FUCKING HATE THIS SONG! It's so annoying. The singing is annoying. The lyrics are sickeningly sweet. It's gross. I hate it.

57. Gwen Stefani- Used to Love You
Ugh. I loved No Doubt. I loved Gwen when she first went solo. I was super sad that her and Gavin were splitting but I can't lie, I was super psyched for the music to come from it. But this? Boring. I feel like she's trying hard to portray that she's being raw but isn't. Kinda like that Beyonce documentary that came out. I mean, I'm pretty sure she's done this song before only without outright saying that she hates Gavin. So I'm just disappointed all around.

58. Missy Elliot- WTF
I really super hope she makes a good song like she used to. Keep trying Missy!

LOL see? I didn't hear that many songs this year. Only like 5 played on the radio and then I heard maybe another 7 online. Virally. I mean like ones that went viral. Am I saying that right? I feel so old right now.


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Best Music of 2015


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