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Try The Original Essiac Tea Recipe

By Timothy Price

Rene Caisse, the Canadian nurse, made and used this tea for decades, for treating cancer patients. Lately, this amazing herbal tea became popular again, thanks to its unbelievable properties. It seams to be highly effective in treating different types of cancer, used alone or in combination with other cancer-treating protocols.

The original Essiac tea recipe contains four valuable herbs, including Sheep Sorrel and Burdock root, known for their cancer-killing properties. Slippery elm bark and Turkish rhubarb are there to build up your immune system, protect your organs and detox your organism. Some other recipes may contain some other beneficial herbs as well, and some contain eight or more herbs.

It seams like the sheep sorrel is the most efficient in fighting cancer, and its properties are well-known for over a century. In this mixture. All these herbs work together, fighting cancer, boosting up immune system, detoxing and protecting. It's important to use organic, high quality herbs, from some dependable supplier, or to grow your own instead.

According to different studies, this medicine is highly efficient when it comes to newly diagnosed cancers, when they aren't spread yet, and when it is not a fast growing type. It is advisable to use this protocol as a supplemental protocol, combined with other protocols, when other types of cancers should be treated. It is also highly advisable to combine it with anti-cancer diet.

The recipe is following, you need one lb 5 oz burdock root and one lb sheep sorrel in powder. Add four oz powder of slippery elm bark and one oz Turkish rhubarb, also in powder. Prepare large steel pot, the one with matching lid, one stainless steel or wooden spoon and two gallons distilled water. Also prepare some dark glass or amber glass bottles with caps. Do not use aluminum or plastic.

Boil the water in a large stainless steel pot. Pour 8 oz of prepared herbal mixture in, stir, put the lid on and hard boil for ten minutes. Turn the stove off and leave it covered for six hours. Stir, put the lid back and leave for another six hours. After that, bring to boil and strain into another pot, strain again and pour into amber glass bottles while still hot. Put the caps on immediately.

Keep away from sunlight, in some dark cabinet. Never freeze. When you open the bottle, it has to be kept in the refrigerator. During this treatment, it's good to avoid any food that is considered cancer friendly, in the first place carbohydrates and carbonated drinks. White sugar and white flour especially.

You may choose to take this treatment in the morning or in the evening. If you take it in the morning, make sure not to eat anything for two hours after that, and take it on an empty stomach. If you would rather take it in the evening, do not eat for at least two hours, and then take it and go to sleep. In any case, boil two spoons of distilled water, add 4 spoons of medicine and drink.

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Try The Original Essiac Tea Recipe


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