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Where Do We Draw the Line? – Celebrity Babies and Instagram

Although we do enjoy discussing the lifestyle of the rich and famous, how they live, how they spend their most intimate events, the likes of birthdays and weddings, there’s something we’d like to discuss with you on this note. In particular, babies and Instagram.

Before you go all crazy about it, let us remind you that “Everything is relative” said by the main himself Albert Einstein. In recent years, privacy protection has become a pressing matter. Moreover, Instagram has become the most popular social network, where some people reveal too much. And honestly, we can’t blame them. Everybody’s doing it, right?

If Everybody’s Doing it, It Can’t be Wrong – Instagram, the Privacy Annihilator

Now, there isn’t anything wrong with posting a photo of your little ones in the midst of the excitement. You just want to give a piece of that excitement to your friends and family. They’ll know for sure you’ve had a great Baby shower, and that a lot of people attended. So far so good. There isn’t anything wrong with you posting photos of you and your friends, your family because you’re adults. You’ve consented to this!

I wonder if this is also the case with the photos of Princess Charlotte, taken and posted on her first birthday. Some might say, Charlotte is royalty, it’s OK. In the eyes of Instagram and us, the common folks, she’s just a baby, and that’s why we don’t think she and other “baby royals” should be subject to double standards. I wonder if her Majesty Kate Middleton shares the opinion with us.

As stated by the CTO of, the maternal instinct is passive when it comes to internet security, in general, the threats that come from the internet. It doesn’t identify any threats at all.

Followers, Blindly Following a Trend

Please, don’t take this the wrong way. We’re just shedding some light on the other side of our beloved Instagram and what its implications are in the lives of its youngest users. We’re quite sure you haven’t thought of it this way. For example, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were at one point the most famous and most influential couple on the planet, like literally. The birth of Shiloh was cleverly monetized by Angelina, earning her a whopping £5.3m. And yes, the money was donated to UNICEF, United Nations Children Charity. It’s safe to say, these exclusive photos had a cause.

But, besides putting intimate family photos on the internet, and destroying your baby’s privacy, is there anything else? Could this be just a trend that’s followed by many, blindly, without questioning its morality? Where do we draw the line?

Has Instagram Had a Negative Effect on Any Celebrity Baby?

When it comes to the “public lives” of celebrities, news of this kind is killed before it goes viral. That’s why it would be stupid on our end if we were to believe the data regarding this matter. Although an issue about Baby Instagram Profiles still isn’t raised, there should be one about kids. Predators are lurking around, and we can’t really know where is the real danger coming from.

The main problem with baby Instagram profiles is that we can’t know if the baby is OK with it. You No babies between zero and three on Instagramknow how there’s a label on baby toys, what age is appropriate. In most cases, it says that 0-3-year-olds cannot play with it. Yet, they are already Instagram celebrities with tens of thousands of followers. “But the baby cannot choke on the Instagram profile”? Maybe not now, but most likely you know of a person who likes to stay under the radar, in spite of the benefits of Instagram and how it can have a positive impact on the person’s well-being and social status. This is the punchline!

Of course, there are celebrities that like to keep their babies’ lives private, at least until they’re old enough to decide on their own what they want to do, and how they like to do it.

The 6 Baby Instagram Profiles You Should Follow

Hopefully, by this point, we managed to make you think about what we said, at the very least. We don’t ask you to follow our opinion, we’re not trying to change your mind, we simply wanted to make you think about it, that’s all. Now, we’d like to show you what the community finds adorable. What are the top 6 baby Instagram profiles? They might not be famous, but they sure are popular. We’re not hypocrites. A baby’s smile can make one’s day, fortunate are the ones that see one every day.

6. @ha_sisters_– Prominent Fashion Contributor

These Korean babies look adorable! As the username suggests, this is two sister’s we’re talking about. Whoever is managing this account, sure dedicates a lot of time taking and editing these photos. The end result, spot on, popular Instagram profile.

5. @colsybeth – The Smile that Can Make Your Day

Before you get your pitchforks and start hunting us down, this is not an Instagram profile that’s rather popular, but it was our personal favorite. Colson Mason, a mother of 4 has dedicated her Instagram profile to her beloved children. It’s an example of how you too can set up your profile in case you want to show the world how cute your babies are!

4. @scarletsnowbelo Baby Turned Instagram Celebrity

The definition of who is a celebrity is quite loose. Meet, Scarlet Snow Belo, daughter of Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho. She’s literally the most followed baby in the Philippines, and one of the most followed baby worldwide. The 1,000,000 follower mark is long behind her!

3. @babychanelnicole – A Baby Fashion Icon, Already

We know one thing for sure, IceT & Coco’s little baby girl loves to be in front of the camera! Not only that, but she knows how to handle it.

2. @harlenbodhiwhite – Dubbed the Most Followed Baby on Instagram

At one point in time, Harlen Bodhi White was dubbed the most followed baby on Instagram, and it’s obvious why this was the case. Yes, it “WAS”. Nevertheless, we’re pretty sure you will enjoy the cuteness overload.

1. @asahdkhaled – Like Father, Like Son

With 1.7m followers and the potential to grow larger, Asahd Khaled’s follower base is considered to be the largest one. “If everybody else is doing it” maybe you should do it as well. The son of the popular DJ Khaled is 1 year old, yet he’s rocking Instagram like a few others!

Can I Post Photos of My Baby on Instagram and Stay Safe?

Sure! Just make sure the profile privacy settings are set to private. Also, be careful who you accept or allow to view your or your baby’s profile. It’s not like somebody will come and harm you or your child, it’s difficult to put a finger on the issue because people have a different perspective on this matter inCelebrity Babies and Internet Privacy particular. We’ll avoid the term “common folk” and call ourselves, “people who are not celebrities” usually don’t have thousands of followers. Nevertheless, it takes one individual to ruin one’s life.

And remember, we are not trying to discourage posting baby photos on Instagram, we’re just stressing that you should value your and your baby’s privacy, but you should also know a thing or two about online security.

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Where Do We Draw the Line? – Celebrity Babies and Instagram


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