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Week 4: September 25, 1995

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In week 3, RAW beat Nitro fairly handily and now the WWF is coming off of their In Your House 3 PPV. This means that RAW will be live for the first time in the Monday Night Wars. How will they adjust to what WCW has been doing? Let’s find out.

(All screen captures are the property of World Wrestling Entertainment)

WWF Monday Night RAW #128

September 25, 1995

Welsh Auditorium

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The show opens with a video package hyping the Undertaker/Bulldog match. Then, they show clips from In Your House 3. Owen Hart was missing for most of the night, so Gorilla Monsoon allowed the British Bulldog to take his place in the Triple Header Match. However, Owen showed up at the end and was pinned by Diesel. Vince says that the match continued the next day in the boardroom and they show us a clip of Jim Cornette and his lawyer, Clarence Mason, pleading their case to Monsoon. They managed to get Gorilla to reverse the decision and return the tag titles to Owen & Yokozuna, but Shawn & Diesel will get another title shot down the line and Owen & Yoko must defend their titles tonight!

After the intro, Vince and Lawler welcome everyone to the show. Skip and Sunny are in the Ring for a match and Vince tells us that he’s back! Who’s back, you ask? Why it’s Marty Jannetty! Marty makes his way to the ring, to the old Rockers theme, as Lawler looks shocked. Before the match, Vince and Jerry talk a little more about In Your House. Lawler says that Clarence Mason did a great job of getting the tag titles back to Owen & Yoko. Then, they talk about the Bulldog/Undertaker match and Lawler says that Bulldog will use Taker as a fire hydrant, which disgusts Vince.

Marty Jannetty vs. Skip (w/ Sunny)

It’s nice to see Jannetty back again. Let’s hope that he’s beaten those personal demons and can actually stick around this time. The fans seem pretty excited to see him.

The match starts off with some criss-cross action, a drop down, a leapfrog, and a couple of hip tosses and dropkicks from Marty, so Skip bails outside for a quick hug with Sunny. The fans start a “Marty” chant, as Skip reenters the ring. Skip whips Marty around, but he keeps getting leapfrogged. Marty hits a back body drop, so Skip rolls out of the ring again. Marty slides out of the ring and decks Skip, before tricking Sunny into hugging him. Sunny realizes it’s Marty and pushes him away. Marty heads back inside and takes Skip down with a hammerlock, but Skip fights to his feet. Sunny then grabs Marty’s leg to distract him, which allows Skip to Hit a gutwrench suplex and a vertical suplex. The camera then pans to show Dean Douglas is in the aisle and he’s taking notes on the match. Vince mentions that Douglas got a controversial win over Razor at In Your House. Meanwhile, Skip hits a leg drop and they go to commercial. They come back to show Skip hitting a clothesline and Marty takes a 360 bump off of it. Skip then hits a sliding leg drop for a 2 count. They fight back and forth on a suplex attempt and Marty hits a back suplex for a 2 count of his own. Skip attempts a hurricanrana, but Marty turns it into a powerbomb. He then hits a flying back elbow, a punch to the gut, and a knee lift for another 2. He hits a cross body and goes for a cover, but Sunny distracts him. Skip charges at Marty, but gets back dropped over the rope. They fight at the ropes and Skip reverses a suplex into the ring for 2, but then he telegraphs a back body drop. Marty hits the Rocker Dropper and goes up to the top rope. He hits a flying fist drop and gets the 3 count.

This was a fun little opener. The stuff with Marty tricking Sunny into hugging him was amusing. You can tell that Marty is motivated, for now. We shall see how long that lasts.

Winner: Marty Jannetty

Lawler says that Skip was robbed and he needs a lawyer. Vince suggests Clarence Mason, which transitions to the next segment.

They show the footage from In Your House again, before heading to the boardroom. Jim Cornette and Clarence Mason are talking with WWF President Gorilla Monsoon. Mason asks Gorilla if the referee’s decision is final and Monsoon says yes. He then asks if Gorilla stated that Bulldog was a tag team champion for the night and Monsoon says yes. Vince then says that since Owen wasn’t recognized as a tag team champion for the match, the title change doesn’t count. Gorilla returns the tag titles to Owen & Yoko but tells Cornette that Shawn & Diesel will get another shot. He also tells him that Owen & Yoko will defend their titles tonight. Cornette freaks out and asks if he can do that.

Owen Hart & Yokozuna are in the ring for their match, but first Dok Hendrix is there to shill some merchandise. He’s with the lovely Tammy (No, not Sunny) and she’s wearing a gaudy In Your House t-shirt. It advertises the Triple Header Match. Dok says that if people call and order now, they will throw in a classic WWF videotape. He demonstrates this by holding up a blank VHS tape. The show then goes to a commercial.

Tag Team Title Match: The Smoking Gunns vs. Owen Hart & Yokozuna (c) (w/ Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji)

After the break, The Smoking Gunns make their entrance. Footage is shown of Owen & Yoko winning the tag titles from the Gunns at WrestleMania XI. Lawler says that the Gunns got lucky tonight and don’t deserve a tag title shot. The show then goes to another commercial.

They come back from break with the match in progress. Owen and Bart do a high-speed criss-cross and both men duck each other’s moves. Bart then hits a drop toe hold on Owen and goes to an armbar. He tags out to Billy, who takes over the arm work, but Owen breaks the hold with a back elbow. Billy reverses a whip and Owen tries a leap over, but Billy puts on the brakes and decks Owen. However, Owen hits his own drop toe hold and tags in Yoko. Billy gets a side headlock, but he gets shoved to the ropes and shoulder blocked to the mat, as we see Shawn and Diesel watching the match backstage. Billy hits a couple of dropkicks and a bulldog. Then, he ducks a clothesline and goes for a crucifix takeover, but Yoko turns it into a Samoan Drop. Billy rolls out of the ring, but Owen attacks him on the floor. He throws him inside, where Yoko stands on him for a moment and tags in Owen. Billy gets a sunset flip for 2, but Owen answers back with an enziguri, as the show goes to commercial. The show comes back to Billy fighting out of a headlock, but Owen gets a swinging neckbreaker and goes up to the top. Owen tries a flying cross body, but it’s reversed for a 2. Owen stops a tag and tags in Yoko. They wishbone Billy’s legs and then use a ref distraction to work him over in their corner. Yoko gets a nerve hold for a while, while Cornette argues with fans and Bart starts a rally clap. Billy fights out and Yoko misses an elbow drop. Owen tags in, but he can’t stop Billy from making the hot tag. Bart clotheslines, back body drops, and press slams Owen for a 2 count, which is broken up by Yoko. Billy comes in to fend off Yoko and the Gunns whip Owen into his partner. The Gunns then hit The Sidewinder, but the ref has to get Billy out of the ring. Yoko uses the opportunity to try and splash Bart, but he moves and Owen gets splashed instead. Billy knocks Yoko out of the ring and Bart makes the cover for a 3 count.

This was a really good match. I guess the WWF watched Nitro and said, “Yeah, we can do a tag title switch too!” It was nice to see the Gunns finally get a measure of revenge on Owen & Yoko. It’s just a shame that the tag division is kind of bleak at this point.

Winners: The Smoking Gunns (New champions)

Shawn and Diesel come to the ring to congratulate the Gunns and then we get a promo video for next week’s RAW. It’s narrated by Todd Pettengill and he talks about the rematch between Bret Hart and Jean-Pierre Lafitte. The video uses the old Peter Gunn theme, which I’m sure was a Jim Cornette idea. He loves that song. Todd says that Jean-Pierre is wanted for robbery and his sentence is facing the excellence of execution, Bret Hart. Todd also says that the 1-2-3 Kid will be facing Razor Ramon one more time to settle the score.

Shawn, Diesel, and The Gunns leave the ringside area, as Dok Hendrix comes out with Gorilla Monsoon. They talk a little about the upcoming In Your House 4 on October 22nd. Dok says that the Undertaker will face Mabel and he calls it a train wreck. Wow, way to put over the match. I know it’s Undertaker/Mabel, but at least try to sound excited about it. He also says that Goldust will make his debut. Gorilla then says that The British Bulldog will get a WWF Title match against Diesel. Bulldog then makes his entrance for his match, as the two men continue talking about the PPV. Gorilla goes on to say that Bret Hart will be there to sign a contract to face the WWF Champion at Survivor Series. Also, Shawn Michaels will defend his Intercontinental Title against Dean Douglas. Hmm, that sounds interesting. Let’s hope nothing happens between now and then to prevent that match from happening. They go to commercial, as Bulldog prepares for his match.

The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) vs. The British Bulldog (w/ Jim Cornette)

They come back from break and the Undertaker makes his entrance. Lawler jokes that Taker wants to put Bulldog in a pet cemetery. Then, they go to another commercial. Geez, I know Undertaker’s entrance is slow, but not that much time has passed. Why take another break?

The show comes back to show us Bulldog on the outside of the ring. Undertaker comes out to get him and Bulldog lures him back inside, where he attacks. Taker fights back and slams him, before whipping him hard into the corner and choking him. The ref counts and Taker glares at him. He then hits a jumping clothesline and goes for his tight-rope walk. Cornette starts shaking the ropes, which allows Bulldog to arm drag Taker down to the mat. Taker does his sit-up before Bulldog can cover and reverses an Irish whip. He hits a big boot and a slam, but he misses an elbow drop. Bulldog clotheslines Taker over the top rope, but he lands on his feet and goes after Cornette. Bulldog hits a chop block to stop the attack and then whips Taker knee-first into the steps. Undertaker and Mick Foley were both known for doing that knee bump into the steps. It always makes me wince because it has to be hell on your knees. Bulldog gets back into the ring and taunts Taker, as we see Mabel and Mo arrive to watch the match and the show goes to another commercial. The show comes back to Bulldog dropping knees onto Taker’s leg and we see that Waylon Mercy is also watching the match from the crowd. Bulldog tries to whip Taker across the ring, but Taker’s knee buckles. Bulldog opts to do a single-leg crab instead, as “rest in peace” chants start. Undertaker fights back but gets whipped into the corner. Bulldog goes for the running powerslam, but Taker turns it into a back suplex. They slug it out and Taker is limping, but he still goes for the tight-rope walk again. He motions for Bearer to watch Cornette and then hits Old School. Wait, can I really call it Old School at this point? Um…new school? Elementary school? Oh, I don’t know. Taker sells his knee after hitting the move and this allows Bulldog to recover. Taker telegraphs a back drop, so Bulldog hits a piledriver for a 2 count. Taker sits up, so Bulldog hits a suplex. However, Taker sits up again. He hits another suplex and gets the same result. Taker then hits the chokeslam, but his knee is giving him fits. Mabel approaches the ring and climbs inside, so Bulldog hits a running high knee, which knocks Taker into Mabel’s arms. Mabel hits the belly-to-belly suplex, so the ref calls for the bell.

This was a pretty decent main event. It’s not often that you see these two work together and I thought they did well. This is the first time you really saw Taker sell that much for a non-monster heel, so it was different. I don’t usually like DQ finishes, but it was a good way to keep both men looking strong.

Winner: Undertaker (by DQ)

The attack continues, as Bulldog hits the running powerslam on Taker and Mabel hits a leg drop. Shawn and Diesel run out to stop the attack, but Owen & Yoko arrive, as well. The Smoking Gunns join next and it appears that they came from the showers. They’re in their jeans, but they’re barefoot and covered in soap. They run the heels out of the ring, as the show goes to commercial.

After the break, Diesel, Shawn, The Gunns, and Undertaker are all in the ring. Diesel’s music is playing, as Taker reaches his feet. Undertaker reaches out and shakes hands with Diesel, as well as everyone else, and they go to yet another commercial.

They come back to show Shawn dancing in the ring, while his music plays. They show Vince dancing to the music and Lawler asks if he got fries with that shake. Vince stops dancing and talks about Razor/Douglas from the PPV. They show clips from the match. Razor hit a Razor’s Edge, but the ref was out cold. The 1-2-3 Kid ran in and made the count himself, which Razor thought was the ref. Razor gets angry with the Kid and pushes him out of the ring, but Douglas seizes the opportunity to roll up Razor for a 3 count. Razor and the Kid get into a fight after the match and have to be separated. Vince says that Kid and Razor will have another match next week and he also talks about the Bret/Jean-Pierre match. Shawn Michaels tosses his t-shirt at the commentators, but Lawler throws it away and it lands on the camera. The show ends with Shawn continuing to dance and some highlights from the tag title match.

(That will do it for RAW, so let’s see what’s happening over on Nitro.)

WCW Monday Nitro #4

September 25, 1995

Florence Civic Center

Florence, South Carolina

The show opens with the usual intro, but I notice that Vader has been removed from the footage. I guess he had been officially fired by WCW for his fight with Orndorff. A lot of fireworks go off over and inside the ring, as they go to the commentary desk. Bischoff, Mongo, and Heenan welcome everyone to the show, which brings us to our “Pepe Watch” of the week.

Pepe is wearing a saddle because Mongo says it’s going to be a wild ride. Heenan mocks the dog, which starts an argument between them. Bischoff brings it to a halt by saying, “Enough of this!” He starts talking about Hogan and says that hopefully, they will find out what will happen between Savage and Luger. He says that, over the weekend, Luger was looking for the thing they used to sing about and Heenan replies, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.”

Alex Wright vs. Disco Inferno

The Dancing Fools/Boogie Knights EXPLODE!!! Oh wait, they haven’t tagged together yet. Well, they preemptively explode. Alex Wright comes out and high fives the fans, before backflipping off the top to enter the ring. Bischoff takes the opportunity to say that after the match they will talk about Hulk Hogan. Apparently, it has something to do with monster trucks. Disco is out next and Bischoff says he thought they paid off someone in the truck to lose Disco’s music.

Disco jumps Alex to start the match. He hits a back elbow and an elbow drop, before fixing his hair. Then, he tosses Wright to the floor and does a little dancing. Wright catches him with a shoulder at the ropes and then does a springboard front dropkick. He whips Disco to the ropes and hits a wheel kick for a 2 count. Wright then returns the favor by tossing Disco to the floor and hitting a running cross body over the top rope. They go back inside and Wright cartwheels past a back drop attempt by Disco, but Disco catches him on a charge and tosses him throat-first into the top rope. They fight into a corner and Wright gets an arm drag, but he can’t capitalize. So, Disco hits a running clothesline and dances some more. Disco then climbs very slowly to the top rope, which gives Wright enough time to dropkick him. Wright hits him with some punches, a European uppercut, and a back elbow for a 2 count. However, he telegraphs a back drop and receives an elbow and a back suplex for his mistake. Disco dances again, which causes a fan to scream, for some reason. Disco goes for a neckbreaker, but Wright turns it into a backslide for a 3 count.

This was a fun opener. I’ve always thought that Wright was underrated. He’s a good wrestler. The only thing holding him back is the personality, which he won’t find until he turns heel. Disco is good for a little comedy, and he was alright in this match.

Winner: Alex Wright

Disco complains to the ref that Wright pulled his tights, but the ref pretty much ignores him.

Hogan and Jimmy Hart are in a locker room set for a pre-taped promo. Hogan is wearing a neck brace, but Hart has the WCW Title belt resting on the back of Hogan’s head, as he does some neck lifts. Hart says “65”, as if Hogan had just finished a long workout. Hart says that the Taskmaster is trying to plant his evil seed. Ewwww!!! He says that he’s stirring things up and trying to destroy the Hulkamaniacs. Hogan says that he hasn’t been licking his wounds and he hasn’t missed a workout yet. He says that he’s gonna get that no good stinky Giant and take him down. He then says that when Giant tried to take his head off, he heard the snap, crackle, and pop. Even he thought it was all over. The poor guy could never eat Rice Krispies again without having flashbacks! He says that he’s back on track and coming after the Giant. Then, he says that he’s building a bigger and better Hulkamania monster truck and challenges Giant to hook up his truck for a machine vs. machine contest. He threatens to drag Giant all around the arena and embarrass him. He tells Giant that if he makes it past that then he will put the WCW Title on the line. He says he will put him in his place and threatens to lay him to rest next to his father in Detroit. I don’t think Andre is buried in Detroit. He then says that the dark cloud over his head will be lifted. It’s machine vs. machine and then the title on the line. WHATCHA GONNA DO!?

The show goes to commercial with a graphic for the upcoming Kurasawa/Pittman match. A Slim Jim ad starring Randy Savage airs. Savage is pressing a dummy over his head and speculating as to which he likes to snap more. Arms? Legs? Uh-uh! Snap into a Slim Jim! OH YEAH!!!

Gene is in the ring when they come back from break. He talks about the Savage/Luger confrontation last week and they show some clips. The clip ends and Savage is in the ring with Gene. He calls out Lex Luger, who wastes no time in joining them. Luger says that he knows what the problem is and it’s a lack of respect. He says that Savage has been giving him the thumbs down from day one and he’s sick of it. He tells him that sometimes you have to go to war against each other to know what you’re all about. He says that he has respect from Sting and Hogan, but anyone who would slap him on TV has no concern for their own well being. Savage mockingly replies that he’s shaking in his boots. Luger then challenges Savage to a match next week and offers to put his title shot, that Hogan promised him, on the line. Luger goes even further to say that if he doesn’t win he will leave WCW. Savage asks if he’s sure about that and Lex says yes. Savage says that Luger is laying it all on the line and he likes that. He agrees to the match and says they have a date with destiny.

Bischoff recaps Hogan’s machine vs. machine challenge and says that the same people who built Bigfoot will build Hogan’s monster truck. They already have match graphics made for the match, despite Hogan just issuing the challenge earlier.

Kurasawa (w/ Col. Parker) vs. Sgt. Craig Pittman

Kurasawa makes his way to the ring with Col. Parker. Why is Parker managing him? This is an odd pairing. I guess Sonny Onoo wasn’t part of the company yet. The commentators continue talking about Hogan, while Kurasawa enters the ring. Mongo says that Hogan will “mall drag” Giant around the arena. Heenan asks what that means and Mongo threatens to show him. Bischoff finally talks about the match, as he mentions that Kurasawa broke Road Warrior Hawk’s arm. Pittman comes out next and Mongo calls these two natural enemies. Why? Is it because of WWII? I’m pretty sure we’re friendly with Japan now.

Pittman starts by headbutting Kurasawa in the chest a couple of times. He takes him down and goes for the arm. He starts powering Kurasawa over by the arm, but Kurasawa fights back with kicks that send Pittman outside. Kurasawa hits a baseball slide and pulls up a portion of the mat to expose the concrete. He then suplexes Pittman onto the exposed floor and Mongo exclaims, “That splatted like Grandma out of the wheelchair!” Oh god, someone needs to do a wellness check on Mongo’s Grandma after the stuff he’s been saying the last two weeks. Kurasawa takes Pittman back inside, stomps him, hits a couple of armbreakers, and goes for an armbar, but Pittman makes it to the ropes. He then charges at Pittman, who back drops him to the outside. Kurasawa gets back to the apron, but Pittman hits a diving headbutt to knock him back down. He slams Kurasawa’s arm into the apron and then arm drags him over into the ring. Pittman then suplexes him and headbutts him down to the mat, before going for the Code Red. Kurasawa gets a rope break and then tries to go for an armbar, but Pittman turns it into a gutwrench suplex. Craig then goes for a German Suplex, but Kurasawa reverses into one of his own for a 3 count.

Where did this match come from!? I wasn’t expecting much when I saw it on paper but was a pleasant surprise. They showed what you can do to make even a 5-minute match interesting.

Winner: Kurasawa

Bischoff tries to talk about the rest of the show, but Heenan tells him to shush because Kurasawa is meditating. The show then goes to commercial with a match graphic of a cross-eyed Kevin Sullivan and Randy Savage.

After the break, Gene is in the ring with Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman. Brian is showing how stylish he is by wearing a denim shirt and a fanny pack. Gene says he’s not one to be poly-pragmatic, but the two of them have collaborated against Ric Flair. Pillman laughs and says that ever since Arn walked the aisle at Fall Brawl and beat the man, Flair has reached an all-time low. Now Flair is begging on his hands and knees like gutter slime panhandling in Times Square. He says that while Flair continues his pathetic quest for a tag team partner, he and Anderson will exercise their right to bear arms, right to assemble, and right to hospitalize anyone that gets in their path. Gene then turns to Arn and says that he double teamed Flair and he thinks it was premeditated. He asks Arn how he could do that to Flair. Arn says think what you think because he knows that Flair has flipped because the better man won. He tells Flair that if he’s going to exact revenge he needs to remember the formula. If he jumps on him then he jumps on us. Arn says if Flair is going to get into a tag team situation, that’s where Arn excels. He then asks Gene if he knows why Flair can’t get a partner with a stack of fifties. He says it’s because he’s asking guys like Savage and Sting, whom Flair has betrayed in the past. Flair ran over everyone for ten years and what goes around comes around.

Bischoff then hypes WCW Saturday Night. He says that Dusty Rhodes will debut as co-host. Johnny B. Badd will get us U.S. Title shot against Sting. Also, the American Males will be in action and there will be an interview with The Giant and Taskmaster. Next, they show the clip from last week of Savage being attacked on the beach.

Randy Savage vs. Kevin Sullivan

Sullivan makes his entrance, as Mongo tells Heenan that the beach scene has a lot in common with him because it’s as ugly as it gets. Some fans attempt to pull off Sullivan’s robe as he walks to the ring and he looks annoyed. The show then goes to commercial and comes back for Savage’s entrance. He points at the entryway, as his pyro explodes. Savage poses on the turnbuckles and they show Zodiac making his way to ringside. He talks to Sullivan. Well, it’s more accurate to say that he says “yes” and “no” to him.

Savage slingshots over the ropes, but Zodiac and Sullivan scurry away. Kevin gets back into the ring and distracts the ref, while Zodiac rams Savage into the post. Sullivan chops and headbutts Savage, when he gets back into the ring, and then throws him outside again. He then crotches Savage on the guardrail and clotheslines him. Savage attempts to reenter the ring, but Sullivan hits a baseball slide and kicks him. Savage manages to get back into the ring but gets punched, chopped, and thrown to the floor again. However, he catches Sullivan when he joins him and back drops him onto the floor. He then slams him into the guardrail and throws him into the ring. He hits a flying axehandle and Zodiac gets up on the apron. Randy throws Sullivan into Zodiac and pulls him into the ring. The ref tries to stop him, but Savage shoves him to the mat, so the ref calls for the bell.

This wasn’t much of a match. It was done just to set up what happens next. Most of this consisted of the two of them throwing each other out of the ring.

Winner: Kevin Sullivan (by DQ)

After the match, Savage stacks Sullivan on top of Zodiac and goes for the flying elbow. Sullivan moves, so only Zodiac gets hit. The Giant walks to the ring and chokeslams Savage. He goes to pick him up again, but some jobber named Ricky Lancaster runs into the ring to help. The Giant deals with him easily and Mark Starr is the next person to run to the ring. Does Savage not have any friends?? Why are the jobbers coming to his aid? He gets chokeslammed, as well. Alex Wright comes out next and Bischoff almost mistakenly says it’s Luger, but he catches himself. Wright jumps off the top rope, but Giant catches him in a bear hug and slams him. Finally, Luger arrives, as Giant hits another chokeslam on Savage. Luger stands over Savage, but Giant grabs him. Luger and Giant get into a fight and Giant hits a chokeslam, but Sullivan shoves the Giant and tells him no. He then tells Giant to leave the ring.

The show goes to commercial with a match graphic for Luger/Meng. Apparently, WCW hasn’t taken any new photos of Luger since he returned. They’re still using a shot of him from 1992. They show an ad for Halloween Havoc, which promotes the Hogan/Giant monster truck challenge and WCW Title match.

Lex Luger vs. Meng

Luger is still down when they return from break. Meng makes his entrance and immediately runs to the ring to attack.

Meng slams Luger’s head into the turnbuckle and chokes him on the ropes, as Bischoff points out that Sullivan isn’t at ringside. Meng then hits a piledriver, but Luger kicks out at 2. He chokes Luger some more and kicks him into the corner, where he chops him and chokes him with his foot. Meng then hits a suplex and gets another 2 count. He then goes to the dreaded double nerve hold. The ref starts checking Luger’s arm, but he keeps it up on the 3rd drop. Luger elbows his way out of the hold, but Meng kicks him and hits a gutwrench backbreaker for a couple of 2 counts. Bischoff flubs his lines on commentary by saying that Luger tried to cover Luger. He takes a long pause before continuing. After a leg drop only gets 2, Meng goes to a headlock. Luger fights back again but gets a chop to the throat. Meng hits a Samoan Drop and goes for a splash off the second turnbuckle, but Luger moves and tries a form of a facebuster. Meng somehow reaches his feet first, but he catches a boot from Luger on three straight corner charges. Luger then hits a clothesline but sells it like he got hit. Once Luger realizes that Meng didn’t do a move, he gets back up and attacks Meng in the corner. The ref makes him back away, so Meng takes the opportunity to retrieve his spike. He hits Luger in the throat with it and gets a 3 count.

This was another match that fell flat. It’s a shame because the show started off well. I expected some post-match shenanigans, but there weren’t any, so I’m not sure what they were going for here.

Winner: Meng

The show goes to one last commercial and comes back to the commentary booth. Mongo says that something is rotten in Denmark and stinks worse than what Pepe left on Heenan’s shoe. Heenan talks about how Luger said he will leave WCW if he loses and then says that Hogan and Savage are worried about The Giant. Bischoff then hypes next week’s show. He says Hogan will be there live and The American Males will be in action. He also talks about the Luger/Savage match, as the show comes to a close.

Thoughts and comparisons:

I have to give the edge to RAW this week. Nitro started strong, but it ended with a couple of disappointing matches. They still did a good job of building their storylines and there was some amusingly over the top stuff, but RAW was the better show. RAW had some good matches and a title change, as well as some good storyline building. However, the ratings are a bit surprising this week.

TV Ratings:

RAW: 1.9

Nitro: 2.7

Nitro finally scored its first true victory of the Monday Night Wars and fittingly enough they did it by the same exact margin that RAW won with the week before. It goes to show that show quality doesn’t always mean a rating victory.



Wins: 1


Uncontested: 1


Wins: 2



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Week 4: September 25, 1995


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