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11 amazing uses for pickle juice

11 amazing uses for pickle juice

Everyone has done it: after finishing the pickles, pour the Juice from a jar into the sink or the toilet.

Stop! It turns out that Pickle Juice has many uses, so when you’re done with the pickles, put the jar back in the fridge. Once you see this list, you will find out some more uses for this green juice. This pickle juice has many benefits.

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Here are 11 great things you can do with your pickle juice.

1. Use to soothe sunburn


Pickle juice vinegar soothes sunburned skin. Dip a cotton ball in the juice of the pickles and apply pressure against the sunburn. This liquid’s vinegar helps relieve the burning sensation.

2. Cure a hangover

After a party with a lot of alcohol, you are probably dehydrated and a painful hangover is coming. So before you sleep, have a little pickle juice and you will see and feel everything is much nicer next day.

3. As fertilizer and herbicide

Although it may be a little strange, pickle juice works for both. Certain plants such as lilies, primroses or lupins are lovers of acidic soil, so the pickle juice is very good as a fertilizer. You can also use the juice of the gherkins to water the weeds in your garden (thistles or nettles) and they will disappear.

4. Re-establish electrolytes

Pickle juice is helpful in restoring electrolytes in the body, allowing you to feel more hydrated.

5. Clean copper pans

The copper pans and skillets turn green because of a process called oxidation. Simply pour some of the pickle juice into a sponge and rub the copper items to restore their shine.

6. Relieve muscle cramps

Try drinking pickle juice for sore muscles – this is full of potassium for relaxing your muscles and electrolytes to rehydrate you – in addition, the calcium chloride and vinegar in pickle juice allow your body to absorb potassium and sodium better. You also need salt to help your cells retain water, this is precisely what the sodium in pickle juice does – it’s basically a sports drink!

7. Against colds and sore throats

When the first symptoms appear, drink a spoonful of pickle juice. This vinegar is as effective as cough syrup and much more natural.

8. Calm the acid reflux

Pickle juice has plenty of vinegar, which is great for the stomach. The acid reflux is often a result of not enough normal acid present in a stomach, and vinegar helps by introducing more acetic acid into the digestive tract.

Acetic acid is also effective against some bacteria and microbes. Just a small drink of acetic acid before eating can help prevent stomachaches.

9. For cooking

You can use the juice from the pickles to dress your salad instead of vinegar, or mix it with yogurt. The latter will be a creamy dressing for your green salad, egg, fish or potatoes. The juice from the pickles is also used to marinate the meat and make it more tender. You can also use it to poach fish to make it more delicious.

10. To keep your food fresh

When you eat the whole jar of pickles, place hard boiled eggs, onions or garlic inside with the remaining juice from the pickles. This will make the food taste good and last longer. This also works with canned vegetables, such as tomatoes, green beans or artichokes.

11. Defrost

Did you have a slippery sidewalk? No worries about buying salt. You can simply pour in some pickle juice and see it dissolve instead.

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So next time you eat the last pickle, think again before throwing away the juice! You should also SHARE this article with any friend who loves pickles but has no idea about all the uses of their juice.


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11 amazing uses for pickle juice


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