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General Hospital RECAP Friday, July 27: Nelle Confesses To Murder, Jason To Carly’s Rescue

General Hospital RECAP Friday, July 27: Nelle Confesses To Murder, Jason To Carly's RescueGeneral Hospital (GH) recap for Friday, July 27, 2018, Franco (Roger Howarth) and Jason (Steve Burton) meet in an elevator at the hospital.

Franco Gets Jason Into Ferncliff

Jason asks about Franco’s job at Ferncliff. Franco doesn’t want trouble. Franco tells Jason Carly’s (Laura Wright) medication isn’t working. Carly seems to be hallucinating. Jason tells Franco he’s going to help him get into Ferncliff.

Jason and Franco arrive at Ferncliff. Jason tells Franco to prove he’s changed. Jason pulls a gun on Mary Pat and leaves Franco to watch over her. Franco tells Jason he can’t afford to be convicted of multiple felonies. Jason tells Franco he can leave after five minutes. Franco is talking to himself about Jason. Franco leaves after nine minutes.

Dr. Lazarus Prepares To Do Electroshock Therapy On Carly

General Hospital’s Mary Pat (Patricia Bethune) and the orderly take Carly to the treatment room. Carly doesn’t want the treatment and begs to go to her room. Dr. Lazarus (Casey Biggs) orders Carly placed on the treatment table. Dr. Lazarus is preparing Carly for the electroshock treatment. Jason arrives before Dr. Lazarus shocks Carly.

Chase Offer To Talk To The Judge

General Hospital’s Chase (Josh Swickard) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) are watching video footage from Michael’s car in Jordan’s (Vinessa Antoine) office. Chase tells Sonny that Michael will get the confession and this will be over.

Sonny tells Chase he should have listened to Carly. Chase tells Sonny he believed in Nelle (Chloe Lanier) once. Chase tells Sonny no one sees through Nelle until it’s too late. Chase tells Sonny he wants to talk to the judge for Carly.

Nelle Admits To Murder

General Hospital’s Nelle talking to Michael (Chad Duell) about Carly and the Earthquake. Michael starts speeding, Nelle orders him to slow down. Michael tells Nelle he’s going to Sawyer first. Nelle wants Michael to drop her off. Nelle tells Michael she wants to go see the specialist.

Michael tells Nelle he can pull the board card to get her in with the specialist. Nelle demands Michael pull over or they will crash. Michael tells Nelle they aren’t going to crash. Nelle grabs the wheel and tells Michael that Chase rigged the car to crash.

Michael wants to know what is wrong with Nelle. Nelle tells Michael she asked Chase to rig the car to crash. Michael demands Nelle tell him everything before he stops the car. Nelle tells Michael what she heard. Nelle says she had to kill Zack, she didn’t have a choice.

Michael can make his own choices, Nelle demands he pull over. Michael tells Nelle she took everything from him and his family. Michael accuses Nelle of gaslighting Carly. Nelle refuses to answer Michael. Michael and Nelle crash while Sonny watches.

Liesl Goes To Prison

General Hospital’s Maxie (Kirsten Storms) talks to Nina (Michelle Stafford). Maxie questions how Nina could let Liesl (Kathleen Gati) talk her into this. Nina won’t give Maxie any details. Maxie thanks Nina for saving Peter. Nina tells Maxie she isn’t a saint in any of this.

Nina asks if Maxie still cares about Peter. Maxie says no but James doesn’t need to find out Liels killed Peter (Wes Ramsey). Maxie wants Nina to focus on living. Nina tells Maxie that James has a very wise mom. Jordan is upset that Maxie is with Nina.

Maxie steps into the squad room and sees Liesl. Jordan asks Nina where her lawyer is. Nina tells Jordan she doesn’t have one. Nina is going to set there and say nothing. Liesl tells Maxie she did this for her and James. Maxie tells Liesl she did it for herself.

Maxie wants to know if Liesl feels any better. Maxie tells Liesl all she accomplished is taking James, grandmother, away from him and possibly his aunt too. Jordan warns Nina to take this seriously. Jordan says Nina should hire a lawyer.

Jordan wants Liesl to cooperate. Liesl protects Nina. Liesl tells Maxie to make sure James never forgets her or Nathan (Ryan Paevey). Maxie hugs Liesl and she leaves. Jordan tells Nina she’s lucky Liesl backed up her story. Jordan also tells Nina they have not set a date yet. Nina tells Maxie she doesn’t know what is next. Maxie tells Nina the hard part, getting on with their lives.

Finn Protects Peter

General Hospital’s Finn (Michael Easton) talking to Peter. Peter is doing very well. Peter tells Finn anyone else would have let him die instead of running into a burning building. Finn Tells Peter anyone except his mother.

Peter and Finn talk about Anna (Finola Hughes). Finn tells Peter that Anna tried to do right by him. Finn tells Peter he has hated Anna his whole life. Family means pain and betrayal to Peter. Peter says he doubts Finn thinks that way.

Peter asks Finn if he struck a nerve. Finn tells Peter to get over himself and let Anna connect with him. Peter asks where Anna is, she gives out love on her terms. Finn tells Peter he knows nothing about Anna. Finn tells Peter to use his recovery time to give this some thought.

Robert (Tristan Rogers) shows up to arrest Peter. Finn refuses to sign off on Peter’s release. Finn tells Robert that Peter inhaled a near-fatal amount of smoke. Robert figures out that Finn is holding out for Anna. Finn thinks Anna will want to see Peter before he is transferred.

Robert wants Peter now, Anna expects this. Finn tells Robert to take it up with the courts if he has to. Peter says Finn must have it bad for Nina. Finn gets a text to come to Berkley immediately. Robert calls Robin (Kimberly McCullough), Anna hasn’t been there.

Robert And Liesl Talk

General Hospital’s Robert is back. Robert meet Liesl at the PCPD. Jordan talks to Robert. Liesl is ready to be transported immediately. Robert wants to talk to Liesl. Robert brings up his coma and Robin’s kidnapping. Liesl tells Robert she now knows how he and Anna must have felt. Robert tells Liesl he doesn’t want to kill her anymore, she’s paid the ultimate price.

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General Hospital airs weekdays on the ABC network.

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General Hospital RECAP Friday, July 27: Nelle Confesses To Murder, Jason To Carly’s Rescue


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