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How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 4: Overpowered Protagonist Balanced Against Real Consequences (With a Healthy Dose of Fan-Service)

The focus on actual plot continued this week, and not the usual kind of plot one expects from a harem fantasy, with Diablo facing the Fallen army and then dealing with the aftermath. All things considered, this was surprisingly solid.

For a good chunk of this Episode, I honestly had the feeling that this show had just tipped all its harem antics into episodes 1 and 2 and had now dived into full on fantasy drama. Then Diablo blew away the army of the Fallen and its leader, in the process blowing the clothes off the leader, as can only happen in anime. In fairness to the show though, it later has Emile more or less stripped of his armour and we later on get a shot of Diablo in bed without a shirt so maybe the show is going for equal opportunity fan-service. The later part of the episode also has some boobs pressed against Diablo and a fairly flat joke where he knocks himself out quite literally on one of the girl’s fairly un-endowed chests.

Despite those moments, or actually even with those moments, this is a fairly solid episode where the only real complaint I have is how fast some of this went by. The characters were placed in real peril and even Diablo ran down his magic reserves by the end of the fight. It leaves the series open to bring our overpowered MC down a few pegs and have him face some real challenges later. Particularly if the individual opponents don’t need to be all that strong but persistent to wear him down.

I also loved that there are real consequences of the Fallen arriving. People have died and this is not glossed over. Admittedly, the very short span of time and the cliche rain filled funeral sequence didn’t really give us much time to ponder mortality, but it is another aspect to the show. Previously, I’d felt this was kind of similar to the Devil is a Part Timer and he literally just uses his magic to undo any damage caused by the various battles leaving no lasting consequences or scars. This episode sets this show apart in its tone and in how it is going to deal with conflict

All and all, while I’d still like some of the fan-service moments to be either briefer or less in my face, there’s a fairly solid plot and a good bit of world building going on in this series at the moment and I hope that continues. At this stage the fan-service isn’t intrusive enough to really put me off, and everything else is working well enough to keep me interested.

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How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 4: Overpowered Protagonist Balanced Against Real Consequences (With a Healthy Dose of Fan-Service)


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