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Strongest Possible Characters In Revolutionary Army With Reasons :Monkey D Dragon Allies

Pffffffff........... It gives me chills creating this post!!!! Hummmm ........ I'm getting damn excited !!!Let's do this!!!!

Let's know about Revolutionary Army first.Revolutionary Army is a powerful military organization led by Monkey D Dragon. In particular, they lead the fight against the World Government. The Revolutionary’s Army main objective is to fight against the World Government’s rule over the world. While their full motives are not known, their leader Monkey D Dragon once showed when the nobles were mistreating those who they rule over. The Revolutionaries also helped slaves from Tequila Wolf.

I created this post just after I saw this picture from the Manga Episode... (Forget, I'm sorry)

I took out two points from this conversation between Koala and Dragon.

1.      Scattered across the world

2.      Koala being scared and says , “All those intense people together”

So, from this conversation between the leader “Monkey D Dragon “ & Revolutionist “Koala”, it is sure that the revolutionist are flourished all over the One Piece World and she also mentions that bringing all those intense people together again, which means they don’t gather all together usually and get scattered most of the times. So, it’s just an assumption from me that may relate these characters to Revolutionary Army.
So, let’s get in to the topic directly. Here are some of the characters to Revolutionary Army.

1. Dracule Mihawk "World's Best Swordsman"

Mihawk, known for being the world's strongest swordsman,due to which government lets him to enjoy his life being a Schichibukai,a group composed of seven world's greatest pirates that work for the World Government. Despite of this,he intends to do what he likes and doesn't do what the Marines or World Government want him to do as well as he doesn't attend the Schichibukai meetings .We can see this when Sengoku gets surprised while he enters in the meeting where Lafitte comes with the proposal of letting his boss "Blackbeard" to be the Schichibukai and when Mihawk doesn't want to fight Shanks which the Marines wanted.

Going to his character, he is a lonely pirate,none of his crew members are shown till now,which means he is a lonely pirate that travels around the oceans in a single seated ship.Hence,he is a pirate who doesn't have any crew members and is alone.Already we know that Kuma being a Schichibukai is/was a revolutionist so it's not shocking that a Schichibukai is a revolutionist.Monkey D Dragon knows most of the moves of world government and nobles so it could be that Mihawk transfers him all the facts,moves and plans of the World Government.

Being a Schichibukai,he could know all the strongest pirates(Schichibukai) plans and could transmit it to Dragon so that he could know all the plans of the strongest pirates all over the One Piece World.

2. Aokiji "Kuzan"

Aokiji, a former Admiral,who hated Akainu's justice policy,fought him for 10 days and got defeated and he left the marines because he didn't want to obey the orders of Akainu. As soon as he left marines, he joined Blackbeard Crew.

It's surprising enough to see a marine joining a pirate crew,right?. So,it's a most possible character that I think could be from the Revolutionary Army.Yeah,few reasons for this though.He had lots of opportunities to kill Luffy but he didn't which we could see when he iced the bodies of Robin and Luffy in the past,he could've killed Luffy easily but he didn't which reminds me of how Bartholomew Kuma let the straw straw hats alive and made them escape from Sabaody Archipelago and also now he doesn't believe in World Government anymore and it's (Akainu) sense of justice.

So,I think that he joined Blackbeard Pirates to know about their plans and communicate it to Monkey D Dragon, this could also be the reasons that Monkey D Dragon left Baltigo knowing that Blackbeard is coming and he has a fixed plan for Reverie and he didn't want to loose his military forces fighting Blackbeard Pirates.

Since,when Aokiji resigned,he told Smoker to warn Akainu about the danger represented by Doflamingo, which means that Aokiji no longer being a Marine member still cares for peace,so this could be another reason to stop Blackbeard from doing war against other Yonkos to maintain peace.So,he could be a main hero from the Revolutionary Army caring for the world despite of what people think of him.

3. Koshiro"Zoro's Teacher"

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! , it's a surprise guest for this post. Koshiro ,who taught Zoro during the East Blue Saga could also be a Revolutionary.He is the Dojo Master of Isshin Dojo in Shimotsuki Village.He is skilled enough with a sword that he can teach others to use it. He showed Zoro how to "cut without cutting" by cutting a piece of paper without slicing it in half which is also mentioned by Zoro during the Alabasta Arc while he was fighting Daz Bones which means Koshiro is surely a strong person or swordsman.It is revealed that, at least once, Isshin Dojo helped the Revolutionaries by providing them food and supplies. A man with a large face (probably Emporio Ivankov) was seen and Dragon said that the army received food from the dojo.Such a strong person like him staying in the East Blue is a surprising fact, so I doubted that he could be the one of the Revolutionist as he even feed Dragon's crew.

4. Dr. Vegapunk "Leading Scientist"

The only main character in the One Piece world whose face is not revealed yet by Eiichiro Oda .So,why is Oda hiding this personality for this long time, wouldn't it be great if Vegapunk is revealed as one of the Revolutionary. Dr. Vegapunk, a very clever scientist who works for the World Government and his knowledge is compared 500 years compared to the rest of the world and he reached really important results during his career.

Dr. Vegapunk hates the World Government as they have inhuman methods and also they don't want him to come back home and live between people who love him which we can see in Franky's flashback before 2years when Kuma sent him to an island.

Why did Kuma agree to Vegapunk or Vegapunk agreed to Kuma????

It's also seen that while Dragon called Ivankov in Den Den Mushi, he told that he knows what happened to Kuma, so doesn't it link that it could have been told by Vegapunk. Dr. Vegapunk has always secretly worked for the World Government and since he is so much talented than the rest of the world that he might even bring back the memories of Kuma and also possible(minor possibility), he could transform all the Pacifistas against the World Government.

Yeah, this much is the list of characters and I think some of them could truly belong to Revolutionary Army, otherwise Monkey D Dragon is not some sort of fool who directly opposes the world government without extreme forces.

Sorry,I forgot this character I don't know who he is but I will research more for him.Have a look!

Thanks for reading do comment your thoughts about this and also if you find some possible strong characters!!!!!!!

Thank You!!!!!!

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Strongest Possible Characters In Revolutionary Army With Reasons :Monkey D Dragon Allies


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