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Overwatch’s Halloween Terror 2017 & Legendary Skins

Halloween Terror 2017 is upon us! And with it, we have event specific gear that awaits us in those spooky loot boxes! Some old, some new, all it is amazing. And only available for a few short weeks.

I’ve been looking forward to this event for a while. I had just started playing during the Summer Games, so I didn’t really get a good grasp of what was going on, despite playing WoW for years.

Being an MMO player for a long time, I am quite versed with in-game events. Which is exactly why I was so excited. I prepped for quite a while, saving up my credits to buy all of the last years skins that I really wanted, and constantly searching for the announcements of the new skins for this year.

As I mentioned, all of them are pretty awesome. Zenyatta got another cool skin this year, even if this skull skin is a little bland. (Heck, I’ll take it for 250 credits!) I also snagged McCree’s Van Helsing skin, which is awesome because I’ve been playing quite a bit of him in Team Death Match. Ana got a new skin, although that one is at the bottom of my list, especially since her last year skin was another cheap one that I grabbed. There are still a few skins I want to grab, but I was able to get pretty much everything I wanted…. in one day. One day?! Really?! I thought these things were supposed to be Legendary, not common…

Coming from World of Warcraft, Legendary meant LEGENDARY. In the early days, there was one legendary item on your entire server. One. That was it. Afer that, you’d need to take your ass to another server and reroll a whole new character, not to mention the long ass grind it took to get whatever the item was. (I’m looking at you, Ahn’Qiraj Battle Tank mount …)

I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. And this might speak to a larger problem with gaming addiction that I’m probably ignoring but legendary doesn’t feel really quite legendary anymore.

Even as WoW went on, the legendary items became more and more commonplace. They went from one on each server, to one of each class on each server. Then after a while, you saw quite a few people with them. By no means would you see them every day, but you’d seem them around. Once they implemented cross server play, they became even more common. That still didn’t take away from the awe of seeing that Thunderfury light up as the warrior/rogue had it swung it.

Okay, okay. I get. While people play a lot of Overwatch, mechanically, it just isn’t the same thing. First off, OW isn’t nearly as immersive as something like WoW is, so people are a lot less likely to put in as much effort. But if adding things like epic and legendary items to FPS style games have taught us anything, its that a ranked loot system works to keep us engaged.  I’m not saying I want one per server style items, but can’t get something a little rarer? Perhaps skins that you can only get via loot boxes? No buying? Even if it’s just one or two, or maybe a way to color/glow your weapon? Maybe make a skin for whatever hero is the star of whatever event. Example: Lucio’s frog skin could be a reward during the summer games. Tracer’s pilot skin could be available during the Uprising event. Junkenstein or his monster skin during Halloween terror. You get the idea.

They’ve done something similar with the Blizzcon skins. Bastion has one for 2016, and Winston got one for 2017. Those are only available for people who go to Blizzcon. So they’ve already done it, I’m just asking for maybe one or two more…

(PS – best believe I’m getting that Winston skin. I was already planning on snagging the Blizzcon virtual ticket but this is just a bonus!!)

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Overwatch’s Halloween Terror 2017 & Legendary Skins


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