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Maeesha's Review: Jurassic Park (1993)

Jurassic Park 1993


I'll be reviewing a classic Movie, perhaps one of the greatest movies ever made. Jurassic Park, yes, the classic one that was released over two decades ago. As I sit to write this I am sitting in my all black attire today. All black you ask? Well I'm wearing all black because Dr. Ian Malcolm does. ('s totally not weird because everyone lives by that rule… I think)

Moving on to the movie, Jurassic Park is an American sci-fi adventure film directed by the great Steven Spielberg. The film is based on the book with the same name by Michael Crichton. Although it does not accurately follow the book and is not an exact adaptation of the book, it still captures the essence of it. So, if you're looking for a movie that represents the book exactly then it's not the most accurate representation but it's still one of the GREATEST movies ever made (especially considering the time and age it was made in). 

Enough of the boring talk, now moving on to the fun part. JP (Jurassic Park) was released around 23 years ago and at that time it smacked everyone with fantasy, imagination, amazement and all the other reasons why movies are made in the first place.

In the story of the JP this really rich dude A.k.a. a billionaire philanthropist cloned dinosaurs in his Island for the sake of 'oohs’, 'ahhs', 'woahs’ and a pleasant wildlife park. But the other reason he did it is because he could, I mean come to think of it if I could do it I totally would have done it! I know that Ian Malcolm would totally hit me in the face but I would still do it… Who doesn't want to know how to clone dinosaurs??? Then he brings a palaeontologist, a palaeobotanist, a chaotician and a lawyer (to get eaten off a toilet, which is the best use of lawyer in the history of mankind). And of course, things get crazy when the dinosaurs escape from their pens and that's when we have a thriller movie. But calling JP just a thriller would be an understatement. JP, when I saw, was the most astonishing experience ever because CGI (Computer generated imagery) wasn't really used up to this extent in movies back then. It was crazy to see the CGI used to make full-fledged animals being the star of your movie, I mean Spielberg changed the entire game of film-making forever by making CGI dinosaurs that are still holding 20 years from now. When you see it even now you can say I have seen shittier CGI made in 2013. For me, if it doesn't live up to JP, it doesn't live up to the standard. JP set the bar high in a lot of areas and that bar is still there today. 

Funny thing is I didn't notice this when I was a kid but when I watched it recently I noticed that the dinosaurs don't break out of their pens and the things don't get crazy till like halfway through the movie, maybe like two thirds of the way through the movie. However, the movie does such an incredible job at captivating you into this world that you don't care! You like the character interaction, the dialogue, you LOVE the fact that you're on this island in which dinosaurs exist now. When they get to the island there’s this intro where everyone is just awestruck seeing the Brachiosaurus just stomp around and the music kickin' on and you're like 'Welcome to Jurassic Park'. And YOU were there, this movie engrossed you into the world of JP more than any movie will suck you into its world. Ever. JP nails it. This movie made Velociraptors the dinosaurs to be feared. Before that everyone just knew the T-rex as the biggest, the baddest. But JP was like no, Velociraptors, they're smaller, the quicker, wayy more vicious and intelligent! So, you can say in a way that this movie educated us in palaeontology as well.

This movie has something for everyone. You want a cool supporting character? You have it. Impressive CGI? You have it. Awe/ wonder/ danger? You have it. Thriller? It's a thriller. Do you want to feel like a kid again with dinosaurs? You have that too. Even the soundtrack is uhh-mazingg! If you haven't watched The Jurassic Park then what are you even doing with your life? Taste in movies are subjective but when it comes to this there is no equivalent. Jurassic Park changed entertainment at an unfathomable level. Basically, it's AWESOME!

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Maeesha's Review: Jurassic Park (1993)


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