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Dole Smoothie Shakers Review

Yo Yo Yo!!!! What up Trump/Hillary/We're [email protected]#$ed Supporters! How y'all living pimps and Heidi Fleisses? So I was on the way to work, eating my fat ass Costco bagel and looking and my drank to wash it down and thought, maybe somebody might be on the fence about buying one of these lil jokers right cheah. So I thought I'd snap a few pics and give y'all a quick lil two cents about these Dole Smoothie Shakers.

So you might be asking yourself, "How did Dole Smoothie Shakers, make it the way to Lost Hood?" Well, my wife tends to find all the booshie snacks at the middle class Wal-mart we call Target (Tar-jeɪ). The only reason this lil shitz even made it to my freezer was because her couponing self got like ten of them for 25 cents each. 

So what are these? Basically it is a canister of nastiness that you mix Juice in to make homemade Jamba Juice. Ok maybe more like melted Mickey Dees smoothie but you catch my drift.This is for all the fat asses like me with dusty Ninja Blenders under the cabinet for when we swore we were gonna get skinny again. Well guess what fatty!!! Now all you gotta do is pull this biznatch out the freezer and add Juice. We used some berry Juicy Juice that my wife also jam-packed our cabinets with while couponing. 

Now this strawberry banana joint right here! Off the chain. It's almost as good as that fake ass Jamba Juice you get at Target. (Side note: Target think they slick! They got Jamba Juice, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut. They got all the booshie snacks. That shxt is like Wal-mart having, a 7-11 Slurpees and coffee, and a Little Ceasars inside) The best part was the price, but no joke this flavor is good. The only nasty part is the left over residue at the end of the shake. Them little nasty seeds are them thangs that get all stuck between your teeth. You gotta fold up the old Arco receipt to poke that sucker out of your gums. By the way, please stop putting that Arco water in your tank! That's why yo ass be at Jiffylube every 1000 miles. But for real. If you looking for a quick shake in the AM. cop that! 4.25/5

Now this mixed berry shxt. Forget everything I said. This one is flat out disgusting. Do yourself a favor and get all five of these grossies out that little red basket and put them back in the cooler. Slide them hoes to the left, to the left, and grab 5 more strawberry bananas. Mind you, I even used berry juice to mix it and still. No bueno. Yuk mouf. If you know the difference between stress and cush, this is stress. This ain't nothing but sticks and seeds made to give you a headache. Well, Lost looking out for you. Do like I did. Pass that stress your wife and take a sip of that Strawberry Banana Cush! 2/5 (only because it was 25 cents lol)

Anyways Y'all! Until next time!


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Dole Smoothie Shakers Review


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