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The Flash Season 3 Episode 11 "Dead or Alive" Review

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The episode starts with Wally and Barry taking down a group of criminals. Wally is continuing to get more popular around the city as the new superhero Kid Flash. As we all are aware of, Barry traveled four months into the future by accident and saw Iris, his girlfriend, die at the hands of Savitar. Barry is trying to get faster in time to stop Savitar from killing Iris in May. Julian says it is impossible at his current rate of growth to reach the speed necessary to save Iris from dying in the future. HR is wanted in his Earth for interdimensional travel and has been tracked down by Gypsy a meta-human with interdimensional capabilities to collect HR. Gypsy attacks Team Flash and says HR has an hour before she returns him to Earth-19. Iris convinces Wally to help her write a news article for the paper. HR was about to be handed over to Gypsy until Cisco intervenes by challenging Gypsy to a trial by combat. Cisco trains and attempts to get his powers down. Flash and HR thinking Cisco has no chance attempt to take down Gypsy on their own but Gypsy defeats them. Gypsy takes HR as insurance in case Cisco doesn't show up to fight her for HR's freedom. Julian analyzes Gypsy's combat style and it shows a flaw in Gypsy's fighting style. Iris and Wally take down a large weapons dealer, but Joe is not ok with Iris and Wally risking their lives to take down the person the CCPD has been pursuing for months. When Barry talks with Iris she explains she wants to make a difference before she dies. Barry promises that he will prevent her death. Cisco and Gypsy square off and Cisco mainly gets his butt kicked as Gypsy fights him through dimensions, which includes a trip to Earth-2, and Supergirl's Earth. Cisco, however taking the knowledge Julian gave him is able to take down Gypsy as she does a move where she teleports behind him. For a split second Gypsy is unbalanced and Cisco takes advantage of this by using his powers and taking her down. Cisco as the victor is able to spare HR's life. Gypsy says she will lie to her superiors and say that she killed HR because she doesn't want to go back and say she failed. With this predicament HR will be unable to return to his Earth. Barry, seeing how fast Wally is getting in a short amount of time, believes Wally can be the one to save Iris because of his rapid growth.


The episode provided some backstory into HR's character, which is good because we still do not know much about him. We also got to hear some backstory for Earth-19. We learn that Earth-19 was attacked by another Earth, so interdimensional travel is banned. HR obviously breaks this rule when he travels to Earth-1 to join Team Flash. Wally and Iris working together to get Iris a news story is interesting but seems selfish on Iris's part. It is also good to see Julian cementing his place on Team Flash and he actually provides help for Cisco in taking down Gypsy. We finally get to see Cisco use the full scope of his powers as Vibe. I have been waiting a long time to finally see Cisco use all of his powers. Maybe in the future, we will get to see Cisco fighting alongside Barry and Wally. The questionable part of the plot is Barry wanting Wally to save Iris from Savitar. Wally just got his powers so he is very inexperienced and I dislike how the show is sort of shining the spotlight on Wally instead of Barry. Barry has had his powers longer and I do not like how the writers are making Wally just as fast as Barry. Overall the episode was very good and was an upgrade from last week's episode of The Flash.

Rating: 4.5/5

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 11 "Dead or Alive" Review


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