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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 10 "The Legion of Doom" Review



The Episode starts with a flashback of Eobard Thawne and Damien Darhk convincing Malcolm Merlyn to join them on the quest to find the Spear of Destiny to rewrite reality. Malcolm attempts to hypnotize Rip Hunter for the location of the Spear of Destiny, but Rip essentially erased his memory. Damien is able to pull out a tooth from Rip which contains account information for Rips security box in Switzerland, which Damien believes contains the rest of the Spear of Destiny. Martin and Jefferson meet up with Martin's daughter who is able open a map from the artifact. Malcolm and Damien have Rip attempt to get the contents in the safety deposit box but they fail as Rip doesn't know what it is because he wiped his mind. Security chases after Damien, Malcolm, and Rip, but they get away. Lily and Ray are able to connect the artifact to Gideon, but Mick tells her she is a time aberration. When Martin interacted with his younger self he inadvertently caused the birth of Lily. Malcolm and Damien decide to work together to take down Thawne because they believe Thawne will screw them over after Thawne is done using them. The legends figure out who the speedster is because Martin Stein dealt with him in the past. They figure out Eobard Thawne who was formerly erased from the existence is trying to get the Spear of Destiny to rewrite reality. Thawne is running away from the Black Flash who is chasing him after the Flash pulled him from the timeline to create Flashpoint. After the Flash let him go to revert to the old timeline Thawne got free but was pursued by the Black Flash, who we know is Zoom, who was eaten by time wraiths in the season 2 finale of The Flash. The Legion of Doom and The Black Flash have an encounter, and the legion is able to lock him the bank vault giving them time to escape. Martin talks to his daughter and is able to patch up the wound between them. The Legion finds that the object inside the bank vault is Rip's memories. In the last shot of the episode, we see Rip Hunter shoot General George Washington. This will obviously cause a time aberration that we will see in next week's episode.


This episode of Legends of Tomorrow focused on the Legion of Doom and their adventures and backstory. This is nice because we haven't seen a Legion of Doom centered episode until now. The reason for why Eobard is running is actually very interesting. The Black Flash is chasing him because Eobard should no longer exist, because of Eddie Thawne, Eobard's great ancestor who killed himself and erased Eobard from existence. The interaction between Malcolm and Damien is interesting because they are initially against each other but later in the episode, they decide to team up and force Eobard to treat them like equals. Another interesting part of this episode is how they touch on Martin Stein and his relationship with his daughter that didn't exist prior to his interaction with his younger self. Lily eventually finds out she is a time aberration and this initially causes some tension between Martin and Lily but this is quickly resolved. It appears Rip Hunter is brainwashed after the Legion implants his memories back into his brain because he inexplicably murders George Washington causing a time aberration. Overall the episode was very good and I really enjoyed this episode. This, in my opinion, is the best Legends of Tomorrow episode. The surprise murder of George Washington sets up an interesting episode for next week.

Rating: 5/5

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 10 "The Legion of Doom" Review


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