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Arrow Season 5 Episode 11 "Second Chances" Review

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The episode begins with a flashback to three years ago, where a women named Tina is tied up and being held captive by some criminals. The S.T.A.R. labs particle accelerator explodes just as one of the criminal shoots and kills her partner and lover Vincent. Tina screams in agony while the dark matter wave hits her, which gives her the power to use a sonic scream. Back to present day, Team Arrow is looking for candidates to replace Laurel's role as The Black Canary. Curtis found a possible candidate who just happens to be Tina who we saw in the opening scene. Oliver and Adrian meet with John who is still locked up in Iron Heights. Adrian comments that there was a case being built against General Walker, the man who framed John. Unfortunately General Walker was able to slow down the investigation. A flashback shows Oliver after Talia al Ghul saved him from Kovar and the group of Bratva men. Talia tells Oliver he wears the hood of one of her students which of course is Yao Fei, who Oliver met on Lian Yu, the island Oliver was shipwrecked on. Felicity is attempting to hack the NSA to find the file on General Walker. Oliver decides to take a trip to Hub City to find Tina. Tina has been a vigilante after she gained her powers. Oliver, Curtis, and Rene attempt to recruit Tina but she declines their offer. Team Arrow learns that Tina is trying to avenge the death of Vincent. Felicity, while hacking the NSA, finds that the file with the dirt on General Walker has been deleted. Green Arrow and Rene attempt to stop Tina from killing one of the men who captured her three years ago, but they are unsuccessful. Tina is waging a vendetta against the men who are responsible for killing her partner. Tina attempts to get away but Green Arrow is able to take her down. Green Arrow again attempts to recruit Tina, but is again unsuccessful. Felicity while still trying to find the file gets a message from someone who wants to meet her in real life. Curtis and Rene are trying to track down Tina. Rene raises the point that the team is all about finding second chances. Tina finds Sean the man who killed her partner Vincent, but he is a meta human with powers and he takes down Tina. Team Arrow attempts to stop him but Sean's power is controlling sonic waves which disorients the team, which allows him to get away. In a flashback Oliver and Talia take down one of the men who is connected to Kovar. Felicity meets with the person who messaged her who says Felicity inspired her to be a hacker. She gives Felicity a flashdrive with the missing file needed to free John from his charges. Team Arrow and Tina get into a battle with Sean and his team of criminals. Oliver attempts to talk Tina out of killing Sean but Tina kills him anyways. John is able to be released from prison after the NSA file on General Walker was received by Adrian from Felicity. A flashback shows Oliver being encouraged by Talia to become the Green Arrow, and she offers to train Oliver. Tina shows up in Oliver's office and decides to take Oliver's deal to become the new Black Canary, and reveals her real name Dinah Drake. This is ironic because Laurels real name is Dinah Laurel Lance.


This episode of Arrow focused on freeing John and recruiting a new Black Canary. The recruiting of a new Black Canary is something that has been in the works for a while now. Oliver promised Laurel right before she died that he would find a new Black Canary. Tina is an interesting character because she is similar to Black Siren from last week's episode. Tina has actual powers and is a meta-human unlike Laurel who used a sonic device on her neck. Black Canary in the comics is a meta human named Dinah Drake Lance who is the mother of Dinah Laurel Lance who is also another Black Canary. In Arrow however we have already met Laurels mother and Dinah Drake looks no older than Laurel so she probably doesn't have a connection to Laurel Lance in the Arrow TV show. I was a bit shocked by the decision of Oliver choosing and forgiving Tina because she straight up murders two men in front of the team. Rene however does raise a good point in saying that the team is all about second chances. It's good to see the conflict with John's war crimes finally cleared up. John plays a pivotal role on Team Arrow and has been around since the first season so it's good to see that he is back. Felicity eyes blew up when she looked at the contents on the flash drive that was given to her. This makes me think Felicity might do some bad things with the flash drive but we'll just have to wait and find out. The flashbacks didn't really provide anything new, but we did learn that Talia is the one who convinces Oliver to become the Green Arrow and use the list to find his targets. Prometheus was absent in this episode and I don't recall him even being mentioned. It's good to see the entire team back in action with the return of John a.k.a. Spartan and the recruitment of Tina/Dinah the new Black Canary. Overall this was another solid episode of Arrow and with the full team back it will be interesting to see how they plan on taking down Prometheus.

Rating: 4.5/5


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Arrow Season 5 Episode 11 "Second Chances" Review


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