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The Flash Season 3 Episode 12 " Untouchable" Review

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The episode starts with Wally and Barry racing to see who is faster and also to train. Barry beats Wally by phasing through a building, which Wally doesn't know how to do yet. The scene transitions to Barry working his day job as a CSI, investigating a crime where the victim's corpse has decayed significantly in the course of eight hours. Julian and Barry move the body to S.T.A.R. labs so they can use the proper equipment to examine what happen to the man who was killed. Barry and Iris look at the board where team Flash wrote down the future, and Iris is concerned that the future is coming true. When Caitlyn and Julian examine the body the body has completely decayed. We see the villain of the episode disintegrate a man by shaking his hand. Wally is attempting to learn how to phase but is unable to do so. Barry and the C.C.P.D. find the body of Julio Mendez, who just happened to be the Captain of the C.C.P.D. in the flashpoint timeline. Barry looks at a picture of the other victim Stuart Holzman and realizes he is also a cop from flashpoint. Team flash realizes the targets are police from flashpoint. The autopsy reveals that the meta-human with the power to disintegrate others contains an element which is present when Alchemy creates his meta-humans, which means Julian created this meta-human, which means the meta is from flashpoint. Joe, Iris, Wally, and Barry meet with Cecil and Joanie. Caitlyn and Julian identify the meta as Clyde Yorkin and call Barry to notify him. Just as Barry gets the information Clyde attacks the coffee shop Barry, Joe, Iris, Wally, Cecil, and Joanie are in. Joe shoots Clyde but the bullets disintegrate when they touch him. Wally knocks down Clyde but he gets away. Iris tells Joe about the future that Barry saw where Iris is murdered. This causes a big tension between everyone. Clyde breaks into Iris's apartment and Iris notifies Team Flash. Wally rushes to save Iris but Clyde touches her. The team brainstorms what to do and decides that freezing Iris's arm is the only way to slow down the spread of disintegration. Caitlyn uses her cold powers to slow down the disintegration. Cisco "vibes" the flashpoint universe to see who Yorkin is targeting. The decay starts to spread while Caitlyn is still trying to slow down the decay by using her freeze powers. Caitlyn loses control and turns into her alter personality Killer Frost. Julian is able to bring back Caitlyn to a normal state and she is able to slow down the decay in Iris. Joe is on a train trying to warn the cop who arrested Clyde in flashpoint. Clyde sets up a barrier on the rails where the train is heading for but Barry is able to phase the train through the blockade. Wally cuts his hand open and phases through Clyde which transfers his blood into Clyde. This neutralizes Clyde's powers because of Wally's regenerative abilities. Julian and Caitlyn were able to find a cure for Iris and she is saved from the disintegration. Jesse Quick enters Earth-1 through a breach from Earth-2 and asks Wally for help because the gorilla Grodd has Earth-2 Harrison Wells.


This episode of The Flash brought an interesting villain Clyde Yorkin. Clyde has the ability to disintegrate anything he touches. This is interesting because I believe that Barry will have an encounter with the Black Flash who was seen on Legends of Tomorrow. The Black Flash chases down speedsters and with one touch can kill them. This episode might foreshadow the appearance of the Black Flash on The Flash TV show. This episode finally brought back another flashpoint villain. The villain was obviously created by Julian while he was brainwashed by Savitar. Joe finally learns about the future where Iris dies. I think the team should've told Joe earlier so a conflict didn't arise. Thankfully this is blown over once Iris almost actually dies after being touched by Clyde. Wally learns more about his power and is finally able to phase at the end of the episode.   
I thought it was cool to see Wally and Barry race at the beginning of the episode and see Barry win because he knows how to use his powers better than Wally. Wally definitely has a lot to learn even though he is almost as fast, if not as fast as Barry. Jesse is back and needs help because Harry has been captured by Grodd. This sets up the next episode which will take place on Earth-2 and in Gorilla City. Overall this was an ok episode of The Flash. I personally thought the episode was a little boring and it could've been more exciting.

Rating: 3.5/5

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 12 " Untouchable" Review


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