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The 2017 Top Best body in Bollywood Actors list .

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While watching a Film have you ever noticed the celebrity’s well shaped Body ?

These  Bollywood Actors do not compromise when it comes to watching their calories to ensure they are not only fit but also absolutely healthy and are able to show off their abs and physic with their six pacs, eight packs or even ten pack abs  sexy muscular body.

Does it really matter and is it important for the film industry ?  These actors who are celebrities have achieved their fitness targets with hard work and a regime that fitness demands  that includes hard practice and workouts. No wonder our Macho Men are crazy and proud of their body.

For B-Town it’s more of a necessity as today endless films that are being made revolved around the actor who need to not only be strong , look strong, fight a dozen villains and protect.

The actors list is endless today who take pride to have one of the best body in the Bollywood Industry.  There are lot more actors with amazing body but we have zeroed down to the Top 15 Actors who have a body that is their trademark for a demanding script for the film.

1.Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn‘s super-toned and chiselled body was a talk of the town a few months back for his film Singham which left the Bollywood Industry and his fans bewildered.

Unlike his role as the lean cop in his film ‘ Gangajal‘ and his recent film of Bajirao Singham, an upright cop with a good number of enemies has to put up his toughest best for which he needed a body with a burly physique for which the actor has worked insanely to achieve it for this film.

He worked on a six-pack abs since 2009 under supervision and his trainer even accompanied him on his shoots.  His trainer quoted once that he wants Ajay Devgn to have a physique like John Travolta . Ajay Devgn focused more on getting solid muscular lean overall and looked his best for the film.  A stricter for discipline with a healthy diet , it wasn’t a difficult task as he already has a great physique. His fans for Singham simply loved him in the action Hero avatar.

2.Ranveer Singh

A 5’10’ standing tall this a new sensation of B-Town with a toned body. With his killer looks he has the girls swooning over him and all due to his new avatar that he achieved with a ripped muscular body , his biceps and a size pack abs. One of the Men’s Health Magazine in India called Ranveer the Steel Man.

From the baby faced hero of Baand Baja baraat to a musular six pack man of Ramleela the journey has been a tough one to transform himself and achieve the level of fitness that he has .   All one needs is a strong determination hard work and a change in the lifestyle.

3.Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff needs no introduction when it comes to one of the best body in Bollywood.  A big fan of Bruce Lee and practices martial arts tae Kwan Do and Wushu.  His regime is focused on different parts of his body so hits the gym all seven days in the week.

He gained his chiselled physique with his foot ball and kickboxing practices that got him a very well toned body for his film Heropanti. His advise to the youngsters who are looking at fulfilling their dream of a body like Tiger Shroff’s, he says Clean up your diet and don’t drink and smoke. Always get trained under a guidance of your trainer and a sound sleep is definitely required for a maintenance of a toned physique.

4.Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood got famous for his villain role in ‘Dabangg‘ as well as for his great body . A physique with a perfect toned which the actor has achieved with continuous workout routine a strict discipline on his body , a perfect diet to maintain the body  .Standing tall at 6’ 2″ a vegetarian who eats only eggs as he needs to include a lot of proteins . Has always been a fitness freak even before he joined the film industry. A visit to the gym is a part of his daily routine  and believes in no shortcuts when it comes to fitness. His funda is Laugh have fun and it will make your body feel happier . Adequate sleep is what he thinks fits in to fill the rest.

5.Hrithik Roshan

1974 born Hrithik Roshan one of the most charismatic Bollywood star is not just popular for his acting and dancing skills but also for his chiselled body that is so perfect for every role that he plays whether he plays a  science superhero in Krrish 3 or an action hero in Bang Bang, he has revealed his spectacular physique which has no doubt mesmerized all his fans . The fascinating looks and his toned body is a result of intense workout routine which is quite tough . It’s no surprise when the actor is so dedicated and highly intense for his roles he is also seen in roles of an athlete.  Hrithik Roshan is said to have been following on the International trends when it comes to workout and fitness routine.

6.John Abrahim

John Abrahim the handsome hunk of Bollywood a model cum actor has always been a fitness icon . What with a hot and a sexier body that has been an inspiration to his fans who have turned to him for fitness tips.    A disciplined fitness regime , functional workout , a strict diet is all that he has besides a strict rigorous regime under his personal trainer.  He has over the years transformed his body from lean to muscular.  . A vegetarian by choice,  he stresses on eating right and burning calories with regular work outs.

The actor has one of the finest work out routines coupled with dedication, discipline, sets his own rules with the right technique, which is derived with lot of patience and variations to keep the interest alive.

7.Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar an inspiring Bollywood actor who completely transformed himself from his lean body to muscular for the film Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. The film on the iconic champion of Olympic runner, he worked on his biopic and achieved an athletic body with sheer hard work , determination and lot of patience.   Achieving an athletic body wasn’t easy and required the actor to undergo rigorous training besides a strict eating schedule for 18 months . The hard core training is a mix of 40% effect of the output the rest of the 60% comes from proper sleep and a good diet.  An 8 hour sleep is a must says the actor.  Farhan continues to inspire and motivates by further improving his physique for his film ‘Wazir’ in which even the guys drooled over him as he played the ATS cop.  For the role he had to get ripped though he doesn’t show much of his body in this film, you can just make out from his clothes he looked better .

8.Arjun Rampal

The actor cum model at 42 is a fitness freak and has a Greek God’s physique . Arjun Rampal has 6 steal worthy fitness secrets for his hot and the glory looks. Though his film Moksha didn’t do too well but one remembers him in this film for his sexy look when he was tied to the wooden log in Janlewa song which became a riot !  The actor is rocking no doubt whether as an hot actor on the big screen as well as on the small screen and still makes women swoon over him.

His fitness regime is just spending an hour regularly in the gym.  Pumps iron but keeps changing the exercises . Ensures he doesn’t overdo it that could affect his body adversely.  Believes in a mantra called exercise no matter what it just comes by indulging in a regular disciplined life.

9.Shah Rukh Khan

The King of Bollywood, King Khan an iconic of the Indian Cinema is not only noted and famous for his prominent films as an actor or a producer but also has earned worldwide fan following for his six pack abs in his films Om Shanti Om and  eight pack abs in Happy New Year which made heads turn to see him in the avatar that mesmerized everyone at the age of 50 pus.    The superstar has achieved his chiselled body which is a result of hard work and the right approach .

The Baadshah of Bollywood believes that nutritious diet helps you remain hale and hearty .  A strict discipline with determination and passion for building a sculpted body is all that takes one to achieve the six or eight pack abs and remain focused.

10.Salman Khan

Bollywood is a male dominated industry when it comes to stripping !!  Salman Khan known to bare his perfectly chiselled physique ,  has been seen in most of his films going topless for a scene.  He is one of the first superstars to have set the trend of getting fitness conscious  . So how does the Sultan of Bollywood even look so good at 51 . His fan following is simply enviable and apart from his incredible acting skills, the superstar is famous for his good looks and for his well sculpted body that has always kept him in the limelight.

Salman Khan has always been a fitness freak and an enthusiast who has been inspiring his fans in the films like ‘ Kick‘  and over the years has worked his life around disciplined with a strong mind .   A weakness for Indian and Italian cuisine this star has completely restructured  his diet plan and believes the kind of food you eat is very important as much as your workout is. Leads a completely healthy lifestyle,  avoids processed and sugary foods.  His most recent fad is cycling that also keeps him fit.!

11.Vidyut Jamwal

One of the most handsome Hulk of Bollywood , a trained martial arts fighter and a gymnast model turned hero , Vidyut Jamwal  the Commando of the Hindi films has a muscular physique along with flexibility that has kept him in a great shape and is one of the most sought after guy in the industry.  The New Age Action Hero of Bollywood  is also trained in Kalaripayattu and Brazilian Jiu, Jitsu and has always concentrated on his stunts and actions in Bollywood with a ripped physique which is a result of him following his own fitness regime and practices his methods while he hits the gym.

A supporter of PETA Jamwal is a strict vegetarian , breaks his diet into 6 meals a day and believes being fit and healthy is very important with the right mix of carbohydrates, protein and fats.  A disciplined life without aerated drinks and stays away from smoking.

12.Arjun Kapoor

One of the most popular actors of the Hindi Cinema who has become a heartthrob ever since he made his debut in the romantic film Ishaaqzaade in 2012 the 32 year old actor has also received much acclamation not just for his performance and acting skills but also for his flamboyant looks and six pack abs with a chiselled physique.

Before entering the world of Bollywood, Arjun was a plump overweight youngster an asthmatic sluggish boy .  However to bring about a change to his life and achieve what he wanted he needed a source of inspiration and it was none other than Salman Khan who had spotted the actor’s talent and advised him to get into shape !   Salman Khan was his biggest influence and they trained together.

Arjun Kapoor transformed himself miraculously by shedding 53 kilos in 2 years with sheer hard work, dedication and perseverance with a state of the art fitness regime the actor has managed to give his body a sculpted look.

13.Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar at 48 is by far one of the fittest man in the Bollywood Industry.  For the past 32 years the actor admits he does not have more than 4 to 6 abs and that is because he has believed in building a strong healthy long term body.  Akshay known for his dancing skills ever since he joined the film industry has had an illustrious career . The Khiladi of the film industry has always been obsessed with workouts and is a fitness freak .At 48 the flamboyant actor is fit and has ripped physique following martial arts such as Taekwondo and Muay Thai and is one of the most famous fitness icons of Bollywood.

While many actors in the film industry love to flaunt their bodies with their 6 pack or even 8 and 10 ,  Akshay Kumar for the first time breaks the myths and urges his fans and people to believe in fitness rather than the packs and abs.

Believes in eating natural food prepared at home. One needs to be patient and experience the muscle growth and allow it to grow slowly . Prefers herbs and ayurvedic . He firmly believes that one should avoid artificial means to pump up your hormones which also makes you hot tempered and will reduce your mental balance and further your sex life goes for a toss. The best method to follow is pick up your body with swinging and climbing trees , a natural way like children do .  Don’t mess with God’s Creation. love your body !

14.Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan one of the most promising and the current debonair of the Hindi film industry who has dazzled the world of Bollywood . Son of ace director David Dhawan who grew up dreaming of a career in the film industry made his way to towards success with his flawless dancing and impeccably toned body.  His well crafted and perfect physique has made him an idol . Varun Dhawan has been a die hard fan of Sylvester Stallone and has been inspired by him .  Though he continues to remain flexible and lean his definition of fitness .. Its not just muscles but it is a state of the body says Varun.  Mere muscles need not make you fit or strong. The body should be fit from inside too. Focuses on flexibility more than the muscles and build up a stamina on a day to day activities with ease is his mantra to stay fit.  An actor with a chiselled body as he dances like a dream.

Varun admits that he is obsessed with his fitness and therefore his day begins with a work out at the gym with a simple warm up for about 10 to 15 minutes followed by exercises . Every opportunity he gets during his busy work schedule he devotes it to jogging and running besides swimming daily for a few minutes .

15.Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan one of the few superstars of Bollywood whose name is always synonymous with being Mr. Perfectionist.  Hard work , perseverance and dedication has helped him achieve the best .  Not only as Aamir Khan established himself as one of the most successful actors, director, producer and is also an amazing television anchor . Where does his energy come from ?

The actor has transformed his body as per the need of the hour and the choice of the films he has on hand. The superstar leads a healthy life style with a balanced diet , right exercise and rest.  A simple logic that he believes in is when you diet and starve your body starts to store fat . So eat small meals frequently to increase metabolism.

The actor works out extensively for a muscular look for physique in Ghajini then lost all that weight for giving a performance as a college student in 3 idiots and then had a ripped physique for Dhoom 3 and for his most recent film Dangal he gained back 28 kgs to play the role of Phogat.  Indeed transforming the body the way you want it is all in your hands .  The actor hits the gym quite regularly but  ensures that  diet is number one in life that helps to bring about a  change in your body . It doesn’t matter how much you exercise , only a right diet will show the desired results.

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The 2017 Top Best body in Bollywood Actors list .


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