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Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday Movie Review

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday is a 1993 horror movie directed by Adam Marcus and starring  John D. LeMay, Kari Keegan and Steven Williams. It is the ninth movie in the Friday the 13th franchise.

A woman comes to a house in Crystal Lake. The lights go out. Jason is there and he is after her. The cops show up and they shoot him and blow him up. Jason's remains are taken to the hospital. When the autopsy is being performed, it turns out that there is brain activity. The coroner decides to take a bite out of Jason's heart and he becomes possessed by the spirit of Jason Voorhees. The new Jason takes off. A bounty hunter called Creighton Duke(Williams) is looking for Jason. He is being paid to kill him. He finds out that Jason can only be killed by a blood relative. Meanwhile, Jason is killing some teens. He is coming to get his half sister, Diana(Erin Gray) and be reborn through her body.
Diana has a daughter, Jessica(Keegan) and a granddaughter, Stephanie.

Stephanie's father, Steven(LeMay) comes to the house also and tries to stop Jason, but it is no use.
Diana gets killed and Steven gets the blame. He is thrown into jail where Duke has also ended up.
They talk and Duke tells him about Jason's link to Jessica and her daughter. Jessica is the only one who can kill Jason. Steven breaks out of his cell to save Jessica and his daughter from Jason. He goes to the Voorhees house. He looks around and finds a strange book, which Evil Dead fans will recognise as the Necronomicon and a dagger.

There is a news guy there called Robert. He is Jessica's boyfriend. He is there to film a segment about Jason being alive again and he has even stolen Diana's body from the morgue to put in his piece.
Jason is there and he possesses Robert. Jason then goes to get Jessica. Steven comes to her rescue.
He tells her what is happening with Jason. She doesn't believe it and she throws him out of her car.
She goes to the police station and tells them about Steven. Jason goes to the police station and kills everyone he sees. He wants Jessica. Steven shoots him but he can't kill Jason. Duke uses this opportunity to escape from jail. Stephanie is at a diner where she is safe. Duke takes the baby and Jessica wants her back. Duke meets her and he tells her that he needs her help to send Jason back to Hell. He gives her a dagger to kill him with.

Jason has entered a cop and he comes to the Voorhees house. Steven kills him again and the cop dies but some sort of weird creature comes out of his body and crawls away to the basement where Diana's body is. He enters her and he is reborn. Duke is the first to get killed. Jason attacks Steven next. There is a fight and Jessica grabs the dagger and she stabs Jason in the heart. This puts an end to his reign of terror and he is pulled down to Hell by the souls of his victims. Steven ad Jessica take their daughter and walk away. The movie ends with Jason's mask in the dirt. A familiar gloved hand reaches out and takes it, setting up Freddy Vs Jason which would not appear for another ten years!

I have to be honest about this film. I didn't like it. I thought that it was the weakest in the series.
The story wasn't the best and I just didn't find it worth my time. I did enjoy the inclusion of the Necronomicon and Freddy's glove. I thought they were the highlights of this film. Other that those two things, there isn't much to like about it. It's a bit of a mess. I have enjoyed all of the movies in the series up to this point, but this one I could not watch again. I don't like to say anything bad about the Friday the 13th movies as they are mostly great, but this one isn't. So, I will give it a 3/10.

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Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday Movie Review


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