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What Is A Day Player?
Filmtoolkit · 23:44 21 Feb 2018
If you’re in the process of joining the film industry, you’ll likely hear the term “day player” or “additional” thrown around from time to time. The name… Read More
Aardvark Movie Poster
Teaser Trailer · 22:22 21 Feb 2018
There’s a brand new poster for Aardvark, the upcoming drama movie starring Zachary Quinto,...More details --> Read More
Screen Goblin | Get … · 22:15 21 Feb 2018
If I were to throw around words like “indie”, “coming of age” and “Greta Gerwig”, you’d probably tell me to stop calling, how did you get this numbe… Read More
Battleroyalewithchee… · 19:28 21 Feb 2018
By Johnathan Bonham. Coming into this movie, I had virtually no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew that it was a German film, and I knew that it was considered a psychodrama. T… Read More
Prevuze · 19:23 21 Feb 2018
I can't believe all this Steve-Kayla-Tripp love when a few months ago they were at each others throats and he was trying to kill Kayla then frame her for malpractice. #KumBayUh #DAYS Clair… Read More
Der Filmaffe - Filme… · 09:05 21 Feb 2018
Kurzinhalt: Nach dem Tod ihrer Tante bezieht Colleen (Mylène Farmer) mit ihren Töchtern Beth (Crystal Reed) und Vera (Anastasia Phillips) das alte, leer stehende Haus der Verstor… Read More
Out Now 317: Black Panther
The Code Is Zeek · 08:31 21 Feb 2018
This week’s Out Now with Aaron and Abe returns two podcasting kings to the throne. Aaron and Abe are joined by Markus Robinsonto discuss Black Panther. Even better – the guys are… Read More
Review – Concussion
| Film Geeky : Movie… · 20:56 20 Feb 2018
Will Smith stars in the 2015 sports drama Concussion, based on the true to life events that saw Dr. Bennet Omalu complete ground breaking analysis that would lead to better understanding of… Read More
Art Scene State · 17:24 20 Feb 2018
28% on Rotten Tomatoes. 1.5/4 on the Roger Ebert website. And a box office gross of $10 million following a $25 million budget. This film was made out to be the most offensive thing since Ca… Read More
As Seen On Tv · 16:09 20 Feb 2018
About My Tuggles My Tuggles are stuffed animals that are just like real pets that can actually walk. Just pull on a leash and watch them magically move as they wiggle and waggle everywhere… Read More
Pinoy Big Blogger On… · 09:00 18 Feb 2018
To my readers and followers.. This blog is all about these specific topics: Motherhood Hobbies New found treasures About Cagayan de Oro (what’s in and new) Experiences Reviews of prod… Read More