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Five Reasons to Use a Travel Blog to Record Your Trip

It’s true that Travel can be hectic and expensive, but it is also true that it is worth it. It is one way that spending money makes you richer. And whether you are traveling domestically or abroad, traveling always creates stories which are fun to share, especially when you are removed from the stresses that created the stories.

There are lots of great reasons to travel: escaping the normalcy of our daily lives, seeking adventure, exploring new and exotic locations, having fun, eating new foods, experiencing different cultures, learning languages, enjoying nice weather, rationalizing day drinking, escaping your Family, and more.

Whatever your reasons for travel, when you go, people want to know what it was like. Because of that, here are five reasons to use a blog to record your trip.

Friends And Family

When we travel, our friends and family enjoy traveling vicariously through us. Posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram is great, but providing the story behind the pictures, allowing people to hear about your incidents with locals and that time that thing happened fleshes out your experience in their minds. It also gives us an opportunity show off or brag a little.

Also, Telling people how much fun, how exciting an experience was or the problems you had can be helpful for your friends and family as they plan their future travels. Each story is a credible insight into what they can expect and if they want to visit the same location.

For Your Personal Memories

Travel can be hectic and filled with events. Those details can be forgotten or blurred due to the density of events. Especially years later when you are reliving or telling stories about your travel, having a blog post to confirm and recreate your memory is helpful. We often forget little details a written account can remind us of and they are often welcomed memories.

Even events which were stressful and negative at the time can become enjoyable once time has passed between the events and the memories. “Remember that time we thought we were going to be arrested?” The moment that at the time was a stressful one is now a humorous anecdote.


Your friends and family are not the only ones who enjoy reading about travel, including reviews, tips and discoveries. Your travels can become a source for people from everywhere wanting insights into particular destinations.

It helps if you have a catchy site name. These are easy to find on sites like Shopify. If you gain enough of a readership, you can make money by placing ads in your posts.

Also, if your blog cultivates enough legitimacy, search engine optimizations companies become interested in paying you to post their relevant articles on your site. This is a great way to have a higher volume of content and fresher material from a wider range of contributors. Even if you don’t get rich, the revenue can be a nice addition and pay for the fees associated with having a site.

Photo Association

Have you ever seen a Photo and then gotten into an argument with another person in the photo over where the picture was taken?

Here we are in Maui…(interrupts) No, honey, that was O’ahu. No, I remember it was Maui because…No, it was O’ahu, because…

These silly arguments are easily settled by simply referring to your blog post. When you blog and include photos, you don’t have to remember where a picture was taken or lose track of details. Argument settled.


By writing down and sharing your travels, it motivates you to seek out interesting activities, sites and locations. Instead of just chilling at the beach, you want to have something interesting to share. If your blog is simply a timeline of you sitting in a chair drinking booze, no one will want to read it and you will also feel like it’s lame.

By blogging and sharing with the world what you are doing it becomes essential for you to fill the pages with details of fun and adventure. You become more inclined to leave the beaten path for exotic experiences and challenges. You might not ever eat a certain food, but when you have a captive audience, sharing your experience with your readers can embolden you. Suddenly, instead of shying away from certain things you exhibit courage and daring.

Traveling is good for refreshing our minds and reinvigorating our souls. There are countless reasons to travel and the people who are left behind want to experience a slice of your experiences. A great way to share is by blogging. When you do, you memorialize your trip in a way that has more value and impact than a mere roll of film or keeping a person diary. Bon voyage.

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Five Reasons to Use a Travel Blog to Record Your Trip


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